Material | Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has been a popular choice for residential and commercial installations for centuries! It is easy to maintain, sturdy, and available in numerous colors, finishes, and patterns! They're resistant to moisture, fire, fading, and stains - making them a great option for kitchen and bathroom designs!

One of the most classic design solutions is the subway shape. It looks great in any application, including floors, walls, backsplashes, bathtubs, and fireplace surrounds. Shop our selection of ceramic subway tiles for traditional home design. The minimalist design of this product is great for any modern renovation, whether you want to refresh the entire area or add a small focal point. For a glossy finish try a Ceramic Subway Wall Tile.

Ways to Decorate with Ceramic Tiles

If you would like your project to have an opulent sleek look, pick Tile Club’s Ceramic Tile. This hand-crafted crackle tile will bring a unique feel to your light foot traffic residential floors or interior walls. One of the most recent trends in modern tile design is glazed ceramic tile. These artisan products create the look of handcrafted zellige tile! We love to combine corresponding tiles of different shapes, such as Mallorca White 2.5x8 Tile and Mallorca White 4x4. This white subway tile has a slight pearly shimmer for a light, spacious feel and is ideal for small powder room walls, bathroom walls, showers, and steam rooms. Please note that Tile Club offers these tiles by the box. To complete your project, use a matching ceramic edge trim such as Pencil Bullnose Mallorca White.

For homeowners who are in search of detailed and mosaic tile designs, we recommend Tile Club’s Chateau Ceramic Mosaic for a tile backsplash! This gorgeous blue material stands out as a dazzling accent piece for your indoor projects. Use ceramic wall tiles to give character to your fireplace surround, shower niches, backsplash insert, and other focal points. 

There are so many ways to lay out your tiles. Create a traditional subway layout, or in a diamond 45-degree angle style as in our La Riviera Rose bathroom ceramic tile installation.  

How to Care for Ceramic Tile

You can install ceramic tiles in any area you like, including your bathroom, kitchen, dining room, mudroom, entryway, or patio.  If you’re wondering how to clean your floor or backsplash tile, it is extremely easy! Just wash them with regular water and wipe with a cloth. This feature makes a ceramic backsplash a wonderful addition to any kitchen, where food splashes and spots are common. You'll also love the ease of maintenance in a ceramic shower. Ceramic flooring or walls décor brings a timeless look and always stays an excellent choice.

Ceramic Tile FAQs

Q: Is ceramic tile good for flooring?

A: Most ceramic tiles can be used for low-traffic residential floors. Tile Club always specifies the approved Area of Use for each style to make sure you find the best tiles for your project.

Q: What are the pros and cons of ceramic tile?

A: There are many pros to ceramic tile - from the cost-effective price range, the wide variety of colors, and the stylish and creative design options. They’re low-maintenance and can be easily wiped clean after cooking, showering, or other activities. When installed in approved areas and cleaned with ceramic tile cleaners, there are very few cons. 

Q: Is ceramic tile slippery when wet?

A: Glazed ceramic tiles can be slippery underfoot when wet. Always check the Area of Use on every Tile Club product page to make sure you’re using them in an approved location to avoid spills or slips.

Q: What is ceramic tile?

A: Ceramic tile is made of clay and often finished with a glaze to add color and shine! It’s a classic material for tiles, offering both a durable and easy-to-clean surface for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other spaces.

Q: How long will ceramic tile last?

A: Ceramic tiles are a long-lasting option for a beautiful wall design! While the material is more delicate than a twice-fired clay tile like porcelain, designs like our handmade-style tiles in the Mallorca and La Riviera collections, ceramic mosaics, and classic subway tiles can last for years when properly installed. More durable tiles like Tile Club’s ceramic Sospiro collection can offer years of high-traffic use in indoor and outdoor areas as well as high-traffic commercial designs.

Q: Are ceramic tiles good for bathrooms?

A: Ceramic tiles are a great choice for your bathroom! They can be used for a bathroom vanity backsplash, a water-resistant bathtub surround, or a shower enclosure. You can easily wipe down ceramic tiles after 

Q: Can I use ceramic tiles in a shower?

A: Yes! Tile Club’s ceramic subway tiles, mosaics, and decorative ceramic tiles can be used on shower walls! Some styles may also be approved for shower floor use when specified in the Area of Use.