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Porcelain tiles can offer the look of beautiful marble or rustic hardwood. Wood look tile is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to create a modern farmhouse with cozy rustic charm, or to create a DIY shiplap wall. Add the look of natural stone wall or floor tiles with the beautiful organic variation of marble, stone, or slate. Add a modern industrial finish to your kitchen or bathroom with with metallic finishes. Our porcelain collection includes interior and exterior designs for both commercial and residential use, with honed or polished finishes available.

Strong, Durable, Stylish

Porcelain is extremely durable - it's made of dense clay and twice fired. These tiles are capable of withstanding heavy wear, offering a durable and scratch-resistant wall and flooring tile option that's both cost-effective and low maintenance! Porcelain tiles that look like marble is a great choice for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, entryway floors, laundry rooms, or utility rooms! Thanks to the wide range of styles and finishes, they’re also as attractive as they are hard-wearing. Shop our large variety of porcelain kitchen tile and shower tile in the textures, colors, shapes and styles that speak to your style and personality!

Most porcelain tiles are a great price per square foot! They may have an order minimum for free shipping due to their competitive price point and shipping box size.

Where can you install porcelain tile?

Porcelain tiles are one of the most durable building materials, thanks to the material and firing process. Less delicate than similarly made ceramic tiles, most of our porcelain designs can be installed on wall or floor applications, in homes or high-traffic retail, commercial, or business settings, or even in wet or dry environments. 

They’re strong enough for floor installation while light enough for a gorgeous wall covering, making them an incredibly durable design option! The scratch and water-resistant surface is a great hardwood floor tile alternative or rustic wall treatment. They have the beautiful look of wood without worrying about water damage, scratches, or refinishing.

To choose the right tile for your project, check the Area of Use on our product page. As always, check that your selection is the best option for your project, or contact our team to verify the install location!

How to Keep Porcelain Tiles Clean 

Wipe up any spills as soon as possible. While porcelain is non-porous and stain resistant, it's best to avoid letting harsh dyes or chemicals sit on the surface. You can wipe porcelain surfaces clean with a damp cloth. We recommend using cleaning products without strong chemicals or acidic content. While you don't need to seal porcelain tile, we do recommend sealing the more porous grout to ensure the best life for your installation, and the easiest long-term cleaning solution.

Porcelain Kitchen Tile

Whether your kitchen backsplash inspiration includes unique and elegant styles like Brick wall tiles to perfectly pair with your marble countertops, or you’re after a bold and fun tile by shape like Melange Blue, Tile Club has a diverse selection of gorgeous porcelain kitchen tile options for your kitchen backsplash makeover!

Update your kitchen with the classic look of fresh white porcelain tile or the soft texture of a wood grain. Our Vancouver Miel is a more durable alternative to natural wood floors or walls, offering better resistance to scratches and water, a great choice for high traffic floor areas. Contemporary homeowners will find the black and gold Kasai Notte Kintsugi to be an excellent accent wall or floor tile option for both indoor and outdoor settings. 

Bathroom Porcelain Options

The possibilities are endless for porcelain bathroom tiles, with options like mosaics, textured bricks, wood tiles and more. The wood-textured chevron pattern of the Spiga Olson Blanco offers an authentic white oak look with a Scandinavian design to commercial and residential bathrooms for both wall and floor applications. Those looking to make an impression will find the Ionic Decor Code Copper tile a worthy contender with its 3D design and rich, luxurious copper color best suited for your bathroom or shower wall. Large-format porcelain bathroom floor tiles like the Rovere Natural are great for those looking for a modern and easy to clean bathroom with minimal grout lines. No matter what your style, we have an array of bathroom options to freshen up your space.

Outdoor Porcelain Tile

Give your deck, patio, or pool deck a fresh new look with slip-resistant porcelain outdoor tile. The Ionic Herringbone White Porcelain Mosaic Tile will enliven your outdoor space with a refreshing and modern design throughout your backyard oasis. Retro Blanco Hex will make your honeycomb dreams come true, with it’s distressed wood look and long-lasting wear for an excellent low-maintenance outdoor flooring option. Our outdoor porcelain tile makes for a moisture, water, and slip-resistant exterior floor that can handle the elements!

Our large white wall tiles and slip-free bathroom designs are in stock and ready to ship. Explore our exclusive inventory online with free shipping on qualifying orders and 45 day returns for a kitchen, bathroom or flooring makeover!

Frequently Asked Questions about Porcelain Tile:

Q: Is porcelain tile hard to maintain?
A: Porcelain tiles are non-permeable, meaning they don’t absorb water or stains. They are not prone to cracks, chips, mildew, or other damage. You can use warm water and gentle dish soap, or approved cleaners. tile floors are easy to sweep clear of any debris or can be wiped clean if splashed with water, mud, or other messes.

Q: Does porcelain tile crack easily?
A: When properly installed, porcelain tiles are not prone to cracking. They can be installed in areas with heavy foot traffic as well as outdoor locations that freeze and thaw. (Always check the Area of Use before ordering)

Q: Is porcelain floor tile slippery?
A: Polished porcelain tiles have a more slippery finish than honed porcelain. Tiles less than 12” wide on one side provide sufficient grip in wet areas and reduce the risk of slipping.

Q: How do you install porcelain tile?
A: You can install porcelain tiles with a traditional thinset mortar if they are less than 15" wide. Tile Club recommends a medium bed mortar for large format tiles over 15” wide.

Q: Is porcelain good for bathrooms?
A: Yes! This tile is great for wet environments. The non-porous material won't 
absorb water, making it ideal for showers, bathroom floors, or walls behind your vanity. It’s easy to clean and not prone to mildew or mold. Tile Club does recommend applying a penetrating sealer to grout lines.

Q: How long will a porcelain tile floor last?
A: Porcelain floor tiles last for many years! The material is very strong. They can be used for both high traffic floors in commercial settings depending on the approved Area of Use. Outdoor use includes areas prone to temperature fluctuations including freezing.

Q: Is porcelain tile good for shower floors?
A: Narrow porcelain tiles or mosaic tiles - where there are enough grout lines to provide adequate grip underfoot - are approved for shower floors. Always check for Shower Floors in Tile Club’s Area of Use to before installing.

Q: Do porcelain floor tiles chip easily?
A: Porcelain is twice fired, making it extremely strong. When properly installed, it is very difficult to chip, crack, or break. Most are rated for both residential and commercial use and are able to withstand even heavy foot traffic without breakage.