Beachy Keen Coastal Home Decor Inspiration

Make waves at home with a breezy blue and white combo that summons the sea! 

By Iris Benaroia

If coastal decor were an actual person, it would be a friendly host, eager to please with a tray of snacks and a cold drink.  Blue and white — the markers of seaside style — are not sulky wallflowers with issues. They want to be your friends. They’re not like red.  (Too much tomato and you’ve got a shoo-in for Freddy Krueger’s digs).

Modern Coastal Home Decor with a Classic Blue and White Nautical Palette

This modern nautical home by Cory DeFrancisco showcases the welcoming charm of a blue and white palette paired with coastal home decor! As seen on Style at Home

“People have aversions to certain colors for their home decor but I don’t ever really hear people say no to blue,” says Florida-based interior designer Alena Capra, a tile expert and ambassador for Coverings, North America’s largest tile show. “Blue is the most popular choice for homeowners who want to add color to their decor.”

What’s great is that blue plays perfectly in both traditional and contemporary settings. So, if you like the coastal vibe where sand-toned sofas meet rattan pendants (and everything else rattan, wicker, jute el at), you’re in luck. Even if you don't want to go full on beach house with your interior design aesthetic, there are so many ways to infuse coastal design elements into your home!

And on the tile end of things, you’ve got choices! Our blue tiles suit even the pickiest designer — juicy aquamarine, bold navy, the romantic violet-blue in lapis lazuli. 

Here’s our curvy, cloud-shaped Sea Glass Cloud Mosaic Tile ready to transform a backsplash with its blast of blues for stellar seaside style. 

Modern Coastal Bathroom Ideas with Ocean Glass Cloud Blue Mosaic Tile Backsplash

Ocean Glass Cloud Blue Mosaic Tile adds Swirling Sea Blues to a Stunning Bathroom Backsplash


Imagine these honeycombs stippled across your kitchen backsplash to brighten your mornings? Blue and White Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile blends blues and whites for a painterly effect: “Glass tile in blue hues really brings the perfect feel of water and adds to the coastal vibe of a room for sure,” says Capra.

Blue And White Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile Adds Coastal Style to any Room

Both large and small hexagons offer eye-catching geometry on floors and walls — and are so good in blue and white. The glass offers a subtle, sophisticated sheen. Bonus!

Add a fabulously frosted touch with our Fabrique Blue Grey Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile to recreate this serene coastal tub surround in a blend of blues!

Fabrique Blue Grey Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile for a Geometric Bathroom with Coastal Tub Surround

Or how about lighter coastal-colored chevrons to bring the beach home? This herringbone shape will elevate a room with its graphic punch. Think of those Haussmann-style apartments in France with the zigzag hardwood floors everyone goes gaga over on Pinterest. In tile form they have the same effect. 


Blue Pearl Herringbone Mosaic Tile transform a bland bathroom into a beachy retreat

Blue Pearl Herringbone Mosaic is ready to transform your bland bathroom into a beachy retreat. Can’t you just smell the salty air? 

For cohesion, carry your bathroom's tile colors into other elements in the room to bring in that beach house style. Paint the vanity in a muted cerulean blue or a punchy Tiffany teal. Or choose a dark dusky sky hue à la Pantone’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue! We love it paired with our Pearl Wave White Marble & Mother of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile to glam up a bathroom backsplash with its luminous waves. Simply stunning!

Glamorous Bathroom Vanity in Blue with Mosaic Mirrors and our Pearl Wave White Marble & Mother of Pearl Waterjet Tile

 Capra likes Pantone’s pick: “Blue and white really is the most timeless color combo, especially for a coastal look,” says Capra. “It will always resemble the color of the ocean — the caps of the waves are white, and the beautiful water, blue.” 

Let’s be frank here: in these shut-in days, we could all use more of the natural world indoors. A palette that evokes azure skies, golden sand and the sounds of the sea is exactly what you want on an endless staycation. 

Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile adds ocean waves to coastal kitchen or bathroom decor

Here’s our Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile ready to upstage that fancy oven you paid zillions for in the kitchen. The fun lines mimic ocean waves.

The tonal variations in the patterned marble tiles make them especially appealing to the artsy set. They’d look amazing on a bathroom wall, too!

Waterfall Azul Cielo & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile adds Coastal Charm to Bathroom Decor


Another stand-out seaside number: Triangular Hexagon In Bianco Dolomiti Leyte Blue and Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile. The soft, distinctive honeycombs are a pleasant twist to the grout-heavy format we’re used to. Pair these beauties with brass lighting, plumbing and cabinet pulls for a luxurious feel!

Triangular Hexagon in Bianco Dolomiti Leyte Blue and Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile with Bronze Decor for a Modern Coastal Farmhouse Bathroom

Now that your tiles are on their way to coastal perfection, consider your furnishings. Rattan, wicker, cane and sisal (any natural fibers, really) are go-to embellishments in a beach house (and a way to fake it, if your home is a million miles from the ocean).Modern Coastal Home Decor in Neutral Tones from Jett Set Farmhouse

Modern Coastal Home Decor in Neutral Tones from Jett Set Farmhouse

Cozy Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas from Home Stories A-ZCozy Coastal Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas from Home Stories A-Z

So, load up on nubby textures and sea things (think straw storage baskets, pearly seashells, striped pillows in nautical blues and linens and driftwood furniture). The mix is charming and casual and you’ll never tire of. But keep it restrained and airy — which is essentially to coastal style. You want your eye to wander around the room, not stop at every stuffed corner.

Speaking of never getting tired, we can get lost forever in our vivid Diamond Sky Glass Pebble Mosaic Sky tile. 

Diamond Sky Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile

Designed to reflect the natural beauty of gemstones, the tiles glimmer underfoot. They’re mesh-mounted and flexible, so they’re easy to install and look amazing as an accent border, shower-niche tile or border tile on floors. These itsy-bitsy beauties are a perfect way to make a splash in a pool!

We love the vibrant color paired with driftwood accents, white shells, and bold red coral to add a modern nautical touch to the perfect coastal home decor!

Another way to go coastal is with white tile instead of blue. Flip it around and bring in blue through your decorative pieces. If you get bored of your blue accessories (it’ll never happen), you can simply match your white tile to a different hue! Our Fabrique White Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile adds geometric details and a frosted finish for a coastal farmhouse bathroom design!

Fabrique White Hexagon Glass Mosaic Tile adds a Frosted Beach Look for a Coastal Bathroon

Another great thing about coastal home decor is that it’s breezy in every way. It effortlessly jumps between several different styles. “You can take it from modern to transitional to traditional,” says Capra. “In south Florida, the modern take on coastal is very popular — as the water is never too far away here, and everyone wants their home to reflect that. Think tile in tones of pretty soft blues and whites, but in clean lines, geometric shapes or even a 3D-wave pattern.”

Here’s a good example of a tactile tile we’re crushing on that Capra is referring to. Tango Grey Wave reads like an installation in an art gallery and resembles frothy sea waves. The tidal tile is soothing, yet super interesting. Cover an entire wall to get the full effect! 

Tango Grey Wave Tile Adds a Modern Textural Detail to a Coastal Inspired Statement Wall

A wood-look tile with etches of blue is another way to channel coastal calm at home, which is why we’d like to direct you to exhibit Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic in Blue Wood Color

Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Blue Wood Color Is where Beach Style meets Rustic for Coastal Farmhouse Decor

Coastal style celebrates the natural beauty of wood, so this tile works beautifully to complement your shower walls, floors or steam room. Ditto Blue Wooden Glass Subway Mosaic, a classic shape in a nifty timber-effect pattern. We can see this tile used creatively, perhaps trailing up a bedroom wall as a backdrop to a headboard, or as a warm welcome in a foyer. 

Blue Wooden Glass Subway Mosaic Tile adds a Rustic Coastal Farmhouse Detail to your home

Carefree, classic and cool: you’ll never get bored with coastal-inspired decor — unless, of course, you tire easily of inviting, easy-to-live-with interiors. In that case, go red!

Channel Summer Beach Style with these Coastal Home Decor Ideas!

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