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Tile Club has the most unique selection of beautifully crafted marble tile, sourced from the finest quarries around the world! Use the filters to narrow our collection by marble stone type, pattern, color, or other preferences!

Whether you enjoy classic home decor with black and white marble tiles or prefer something a little more edgy like our Arrowhead Pearl design, we have the right look for any interior! Gorgeous natural stones are perfect for a stunning kitchen backsplash or a luxurious shower wall! We have one of the widest selections of marble tiles online. You'll find Calacatta Gold, Bianco Carrara, Thassos, Wooden Grey, Blue Celeste, Azul Cielo, and more!

Between intricate marble mosaic designs, field tiles in either polished or honed finishes, or matching trims to finish off your beautiful installation, you can find your ideal marble tile here! If you're looking for some inspiration, our mosaic and subway tile patterns look stunning as wall designs! Create a classic black and white checkerboard floor for your entryway or kitchen with Thassos and Nero Marquina marble floor tiles. DIY a stunning peel and stick installation with genuine Carrara marble! Our Skinny Chevron Calacatta Gold Mosaic is one of our best-selling farmhouse kitchen backsplash designs. Pearl Chic Mother Of Pearl Waterjet is a favorite for a glamorous bathroom wall or bathtub surround. The Thassos white marble and shells combine for an iridescent finish.

Luxurious Marble Tile Designs

It’s no surprise that marble tile is synonymous with luxury interior design! Our natural stones are sourced from the finest quarries in the world to offer a selection of exquisite marble designs. Find the perfect bathroom design or kitchen backsplash to complement your home!

If you’re looking to create an elegant floor design, our marble field tiles are the perfect option to create a checkerboard entryway floor in contrasting white or black marble, or to layout a single color floor with beautiful honed or polished stone. Create a classic marble tile checkerboard floor pattern by pairing our white Thassos with Bianco Carrara squares like the basement bathroom designed by House of Jade! Recreate a marble slab for a classic kitchen backsplash wall, or resurface a fireplace that will warm up your living room with the veining in natural stone.

If you are looking to add a decorative detail, get creative with marble mosaic tiles! These beautiful designs combine stone with glass, Mother of Pearl, metal, and more. The design opportunities are endless to create a marble mosaic shower wall with Mediterranean-inspired mural designs. Use elegant lantern patterns with classic arabesque shapes, modern penny rounds for anti-slip marble floor tiles, classic basketweave patterns for a marble mosaic shower wall. 

Marble subway tiles are another classic choice to add natural stone veining to a white kitchen design and give dimension to all-white cabinets and countertops. They can be etched to create a unique pattern and provide extra grip and slip resistance for marble subway flooring designs.

Types of Natural Stone Marble Tiles

There are so many beautiful types of marble to choose from! One of the most highly sought-after building materials are Calacatta gold tiles! Characterized by a pure white marble base with dramatic natural veins - they are synonymous with natural luxury. Our selection of Calacatta gold subway tiles creates a beautiful walk-in shower design or elegant kitchen backsplash. Use 12” x 24” large-format tiles for fireplace facing, floor, and wall applications. They're an exquisite choice for marble floor tiles and bathroom walls!

Another elegant white and gray stone tile is made from Bianco Carrara marble! Similar to Calacatta Gold marble, it’s sourced from exclusive quarries in the mountains of Italy and imported to bring beautiful natural stone details to floors, walls, and showers. Some of our most popular marble tile designs include Carrara marble hexagon mosaics for a honeycomb wall tile, marble herringbone backsplash tiles, and even genuine marble peel and stick tiles that have a strong adhesive to DIY a backsplash or Carrara hexagon shower wall tile!

If pure white marble tiles are more your style, Thassos marble is quarried in Greece and has a luminous sheen! It pairs beautifully with the glimmer of Mother of Pearl inlay pieces in some of our favorite white marble and shell mosaic waterjet tiles, or creates a beautiful Thassos white marble wall tile or floor design all on its own!

If you prefer something a little more dramatic, our Nero Marquina tiles have bold true black color and natural white veining to create a moody design for black subway tiles, basketweave designs with white marble pairings, 10-inch marble hexagons that can be alternated in white and black Nero Marquina marble tiles, and beautiful marble pencil tile, trim, and chair rails to provide the perfect finishing detail.

Another deeper tone shade can be found in our Bardiglio tiles! The stormy colors of these high variation marble tile designs are a beautiful way to bring shades of gray to some of our favorite marble mosaic tile patterns with crisp white marble for floral patterns, penny rounds, polished and honed marble subway tile!
Add a softer shade of blue with Azul Cielo tiles. Named for the color of the sky, the delicate blue in this marble tile is a favorite for classic blue and white kitchen tiles! Pair it with Blue Celeste marble for layered shades that will add a beautiful and calming bathroom wall design. 

Marble Tile FAQ

Are marble tiles expensive?

Thanks to the high quality and natural beauty of natural stone, they are on the higher end price-wise. A true investment, however, when cared for they can last a lifetime. Tile Club offers competitive prices on our high-end stone tiles, and if you are looking for a cost-effective tile option, we offer several porcelain tile options that mimic the look of marble.

Can you use marble for floors?

Yes, most marble tiles are approved for floor use in both residential and high-traffic commercial settings. Tile Club always recommends checking the product’s approved Area of Use before purchase and installation or asking our Customer Support team with any questions.  

Does marble tile crack easily?

Although marble is resilient, hard enough force could lead to cracks or chips. Some chipping or cracking is normal, given the nature of the stone. To help keep your tiles looking great for years, avoid excessive wear and tear and harsh or acidic cleaning materials. 

Is marble waterproof?

Marble is water-resistant, but not waterproof. While marble is a porous stone, it is a great choice for floors, showers, and backsplashes with a little care. Tile Club recommends regularly sealing marble with a penetrating stone sealer to protect the stone from absorbing water or product stains. 

Is marble good for your bathroom?

Yes! Combining high-end stone with quality care products makes it easy to clean and maintain floor tiles and showers so you can enjoy them for years. You can read more about White Marble Shower Tiles and How to Create the Marble Bathroom Style of Your Dreams at the Tile Club blog.

 Is marble tile good for shower walls?

Yes, you can use most marble tiles on your shower walls or floors! Always check the Area of Use for each product to verify where it can be used. Always use a stone cleaner without harsh chemicals and sealer to maintain the natural beauty of your marble shower.

 Are marble tile floors high maintenance?

Marble floor tiles can last for generations when properly cared for, but stone does tend to need more care than other tile materials. Because stone is porous, we recommend regularly sealing stone to prevent stains from water, liquids, or ‘rust’ (caused by iron deposits that can surface over time). A little care and cleaning will ensure marbles like Calacatta Gold, Carrara, and white Thassos are beautiful for years.