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At Tile Club, you’ll find an impressive selection of metallic tile in stunning colors, shapes, styles, and finishes. Searching for a unique kitchen backsplash tile for your industrial-style kitchen? Love the combined look of marble and metal mosaic tile? We’re certain you will find the perfect design for any commercial or residential project right here at Tile Club. Subscribe to our newsletter for 5% off your orders!

Metal wall décor has been popular since the late 1800s. At that time, tin ceilings were used to add a sophisticated look to North American home décor. While tin ceilings might not common today, ceiling, wall, and floor tiles can give a nod to our interior design past. With such a versatile style and texture, metallic wall tile can fit harmoniously into various aesthetics.

Metal Mosaic Tiles

We’ve combined the timeless look of marble with bold metal tile accents to create the most beautiful mosaic designs available. For instance, Golden Stars Calacatta & Brass waterjet tile looks incredible as a metal backsplash or kitchen tile. Or, you may prefer the straightforward look of the Arrowhead Brass Marble Mosaic Tile, best suited for shower walls, backsplashes, and residential flooring.

Glass is another excellent tile material used to complement metal wall tiles while matching trim. Styles like Waterfall Bronze come together to create a lively, dynamic look. This style of mosaic tile is available in several combinations like silver, quartz, and earth tones. Or, you may find the classic square glass and metal mosaic suits your needs better, like our Breeze Blue Glass & Metal Mosaic, or the Geological Silver Mosaic, made of glass, stone, and metal.

Metal mosaic tiles aren’t all made of mixed materials either. For instance, the Stainless Steel Metal Penny Mosaic Tile is a stunning metal wall accent for kitchen backsplashes, laundry room, or shower walls. A slightly different variation of this is the Stainless Steel Pebble Mosaic Tile.

Peel & Stick Metal Tile

If you’re going for the modern look, our Silver, Grey, and Black Picket peel and stick tiles are gorgeous options for those who want a metallic kitchen backsplash. Not only is peel and stick tile easy to install, but the brushed metal look is also a great way to enhance a temporary living space, rental apartment, or remodeled RV.

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RECOMMENDED INSTALLATION INFO FOR METAL TILES - Use unsanded grout to avoid scratching the surface.