Terrazzo Tiles for Floors and Walls | Porcelain, Stone

NEW Terrazzo floor and wall tiles are here!
Our best-selling hexagon terrazzo tiles are now available in a large-format 24" x 24" size! We're also offering brand new and stunning terrazzo patterned porcelain hexagon tiles in agave green, rose pink, granite gray, and black and white. These funky retro designs can be used for interior and outdoor designs, floors and walls, and even some swimming pools! 
Our gorgeous terrazzo tiles are made of durable and low-maintenance porcelain. They are a stunning way to add speckled flair to your walls, floors, and more! We sell lightweight porcelain tiles by the box for approximately 9.93 square feet of coverage.
Our Terrazzo Hex Porcelain Tiles are stylish enough for decorative wall use and highly durable for floor design as well. With its luxe and elegant finish, this modern-day terrazzo tile provides layered gray and black tones. They are perfect for adding an accent wall with a patterned touch, a stunning fireplace surround, or a dramatic floor for your mudroom or entryway.
The rich look of terrazzo floor tile is difficult to beat! A trendy trick that’s common among homeowners and design professionals alike is to use large-size hexagon porcelain tiles for the floor in combination with smaller wall tiles. This style combination adds variation and interest. They're ideal for a range of interior settings including vintage, contemporary, mid-century modern, transitional and more.
These beautiful tiles can be used in showers, steam rooms, and pools, aside from more traditional installations like a multicolor floor tile design, a stunning decorative fireplace surround, or a fun kitchen makeover by adding a pattern to your backsplash or floor! They're lightweight, scratch-resistant, and strong — the perfect choice for a kid-friendly home or an interior with pets!