Recycled Glass Tile

If you dream of designing an eco-friendly, sustainable home, recycled glass tile mosaics are a must-have for your interior and exterior design needs. At Tile Club, you’ll find an incredible selection of recycled and new glass tile perfect for a long list of tile projects in any space, from tile backsplashes and bathroom tiles, swimming pools, accent walls, and more. 

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Benefits of Recycled Glass Tile

Our collection of recycled glass floor and wall tiles are as beautiful as they are sustainable, and feature several noteworthy benefits you may consider for your home or commercial remodel. If you're dedicated to eco-friendly living or just trying to incorporate more sustainable materials in your home or office, these are a beautiful blend of ‘green’ home ideas and creative finishes. Whether you're looking to find a new recycled tile backsplash to add an earth-friendly touch to your new kitchen, want to add a tile shower wall with water-saving fixtures to make sure your new-build bathroom is as green as possible or looking to add a recycled wall tile detail to your fireplace surround refresh, there are so many gorgeous places you can use recycled building materials in your home. 

Easily Recyclable Building Materials

You can recycle glass multiple times without losing purity or quality. Not only are you buying recycled material, but your tiles can be reused as bottles, new tiles, or other items! That cuts down on single-use materials and keeps the eco-friendly benefits rolling for generations to come. Not that your new tiles will need to be recycled anytime soonthese recycled tiles are strong and durable!

Recycled Glass is Easy to Clean

Glass tiles are one of the easiest to clean and maintain. It's safe to use Windex on most glass tiles. We recommend using a non-abrasive cleaner and soft cleaning pads to avoid scratching. You’ll love how easily recycled glass bathroom tile walls, floors, and showers clean up and how quickly you can wipe away splatters from your backsplash. 

Water and Moisture Resistant Tiles

Glass tile is resistant to water, moisture, and stains, making it a perfect low-maintenance option for any busy space. As part of our dedication to quality materials, our recycled glass tiles exceed the American Society for Testing and Materials requirements for strength and absorption properties.

Large Variety of Colors, Shapes & Styles

You can find classic tile designs replicated in recycled glass, from classic penny rounds in an iridescent pearl finish or hexagon tile patterns in various tile colors. Replicate a traditional subway pattern with the look of Calacatta marble, or create an easy herringbone design with a mosaic tile sheet! You don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability with these designs that use easily recycled glass to mimic classic designs like Mother of Pearl, natural wood-look tile, and even marble! The variety and versatility of these sustainable tiles make them perfect for a wide range of interior styles and installations.

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Whether you're looking to find a new glass tile backsplash design for the kitchen, want to add a glass tile shower wall with water-saving fixtures, or a reusable wall tile detail to your fireplace surround refresh, Tile Club offers an impressive selection for every space. Shop today!