Tile Club Goes Green

We all want to make the effort to live in a sustainable world. Tile Club is committed to eco-friendly practices to reduce our climate impact. 

At Tile Club, we're proud to align our commitment to sustainability with the mission of Habitat for Humanity. By donating our surplus tiles, we're helping to reduce waste while supporting their affordable housing initiatives. In doing so, we're striving to better both the environment and the communities we're a part of. Together, we're making sustainability a practical part of everyday life.

Sustainability Efforts

Tile Club is committed to making sustainable choices when it comes to our products, shipping, packaging, and company operations. From tiles that use green materials to reusable shipping materials, we're making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint with every tile.  

Recycled Materials

We offer a selection of tiles made of recycled glass. Not only are these products made of repurposed materials, but they can be recycled over and over. Recycled glass is a highly durable material, adding to the longevity of your installation and reducing the amount of new materials needed to cover floors and walls. Shop Recycled Glass Tiles

Reusable and Biodegradable Packing

Although it take a lot of materials to safely ship tiles from our warehouse to your home, we're committed to using environmentally-safe and reusable packaging for your orders. From biodegradable packing peanuts to reusable boxes, we make an effort to reduce the amount of new materials our shipments add to the environment.

Need a lot of tiles? We use reusable pallets for larger orders to cut down on shipping materials. 

Sustainable Products

There are few building materials with the low carbon footprint of porcelain. These clay tiles are energy-efficient to produce, VOC-inert, and help regulate home temperatures. Since they're one of the most durable coverings for floors and walls, there's little need to scrap these tiles, but they're also recyclable!

Carbon Offset

Tile Club plants trees in an effort to offset our carbon footprint. Every Tile Club order contributes to our efforts toward more sustainable building materials, packaging, and delivery.