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Finding the perfect swimming pool tile is key to creating an amazing swimming experience at home or for a hotel, apartment complex, or spa! Pools are not only an amazing place to float, play, or relax waterside with a frosty cocktail, but they also require a lot of maintenance and upkeep to maintain. What if you could minimize the work you need to put into keeping your pool clean, just by choosing the right swimming pool tiles?

Blue Pool Tile

Nothing can beat the classic look of blue pool tiles. Glass pool tile is one of the most popular choices to create a relatively low-maintenance swimming environment! Luckily there are a lot of choices to create the perfect look for your backyard oasis! Blue glass pool tile is one of the most popular, thanks to the way it increases the sense of depth and sparkle in your water, creating a beautiful tropical getaway.

Glass Pool TIle

You can change the tint of your water with glass pool tiles in aqua, retro turquoise, or deep sea blue. Play around with other colors including bold orange, soothing green, or add an iridescent finish that will shimmer like a pearl under water. We offer a number of pool mosaic tiles that can be inlaid to create the perfect design, from glass chip mosaic tiles that will sparkle under the water, pebble tile for a pool floor with grip, traditional square slip-resistant glass pool tiles in polished or frosted finishes, and even recycled glass mosaic tile sheets to add a sustainable factor to your pool tile design!

If you’re thinking a more modern and contemporary pool tile design - porcelain tiles offer a wide range of new design ideas! These sleek looking pool tiles offer a high level of slip-resistance, making them a create choice for wet areas, pool decks, outdoor cabana floors. Create a unique herringbone pool floor and wall design that is both playful and stylish all at once!

Once you’ve found the perfect inlaid tile for your pool base, it’s time to find your pool waterline tile! This is usually a 6” strip of tile where the above and below the fill line of your water. It creates a beautiful transition between your coping and your underwater tiles, and can be used to enhance the overall appearance of your swimming pool! Add a decorative mosaic waterline tile that will sparkle where the sun and water meet and create a stunning design!

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tile Designs

What if you want to go even more creative with your mosaic pool tiles? Our Custom Design team is happy to help you bring your ideal pool vision to life! Start with an inspiration photo, sketch, or concept, and they will create a mock-up of a completely bespoke pool mural that can suit any design! Create a Palm Beach vibe with inlaid mosaic palm trees, float over tropical sea creatures to create a Caribbean vacation in your backyard, or add a monogram to personalize your swimming pool tile design!

Once you’re done with the swimming area, it’s time to think about your pool surround! Source outdoor tiles that are weather and slip-resistant to create a pool tile deck that everyone can enjoy safely while maintaining a low maintenance outdoor area. Opt for a wood look porcelain tile decking that is both rustic looking and stands up to heavy use without the need to reseal or stain! 

Are you designing a community swimming pool? Our selection of commercial tiles can help suit the needs of a day spa, rooftop hotel pool, busy apartment complex or rental home! Your guests will love relaxing in the inviting water play area, and you’ll love the low-maintenance tile installation that requires less upkeep to keep clean and hygienic. A commercial pool is another great chance to add a custom mosaic tile mural - add your company logo and brand design to create an experience that is unforgettable!

Pool Tile FAQs

Q: Is there a difference between pool tile and regular tile?

A: Most pool tiles are versatile enough to be installed in a huge variety of locations! They’re durable enough to withstand cleaning chemicals, changing temperatures, and heavy use. Always check the Area of Use for your tiles, but you can feel confident installing most pool use tiles on your floors, in your showers, and on your backsplash!

Q: What type of tile should be used in a pool?

A: Tile Club has a large selection of tiles approved for swimming pools! You want to pick material that is water-resistant, and is approved for submerged areas, and can withstand temperature changes. Non-porous materials like glass and porcelain are the most popular for pools because they provide a low-maintenance material and an enormous selection of stylish choices. Pool tiles aren't etched or stained by chemicals used to treat your pool water. Their durable surface will keep your swimming area beautiful for years to come.

Q: Can you use shower tile for pools?

A: In most cases, yes, you can use shower tiles in your pool. This applies to non-porous materials like glass or porcelain. However, not all shower tiles are approved for outdoor use. If you’re considering using shower tiles in your swimming pool, make sure to check the Area of Use.

Q: Is it good to tile a pool?

A: We sure think so! Tiled pools are not only a beautiful feature in your backyard, but provide a protective covering for your pool liner. They need less maintenance than concrete pools because they’re easier to clean and less likely to cracks or leak. These reasons make them a worthwhile investment in your backyard entertainment.

Q: Do you need a waterline tile in a pool?

A: Waterline tile is a popular choice to finish off your pool design! While it may not be necessary to tile the area around your pool, tiles are easier to clean than concrete or vinyl pool liners. Many pool installers recommend a waterline design to keep the area where water meets air from discoloring or appearing dirty. They provide a beautiful finishing aesthetic in addition to the practical benefits!

Q: Is pool tile porcelain or ceramic?

A: There are a number of great porcelain pool tile options! Porcelain is an incredibly durable and versatile material - it is one of the sturdiest options for outdoor use, especially for areas that have high-temperature fluctuations and tend to freeze and then thaw. These twice-fired clay tiles can stand up to heavy use, extreme heat or cold, and submergence in water. They come in a variety of looks, allowing you to create an industrial pool design with metallic or concrete-looking tiles, a fun retro design with porcelain button round tiles, or even add a metallic look for your pool or fountain.

Q: Can you put tile around a pool?

A: You can! Outdoor floor tiles are a great option for a slip-resistant pool deck. Not only are there many attractive decking tile options, but they’re also a safe flooring choice for wet areas. Extend your pool tiles out of the water and onto the surrounding deck for a seamless look, or choose a complementing tile design to separate the water from the patio. Wood-look tiles are a popular choice because they provide the look of a hardwood deck but aren’t damaged by water or pool chemicals. 

Q: Can cement tile be used in a pool?

A: While cement tiles are a trendy option, they do have a number of limitations when it comes to pool installation and maintenance. Many cement pool tiles are not able to withstand freeze/thaw conditions, meaning that they can crack easily when used in outdoor applications including in swimming pools. Concrete pool tiles are easily damaged by chlorine and other swimming pool chemicals without proper sealant.