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Calacatta Gold Basket Pattern Mosaic Tile
Regular price $52.90 per sheet
Blue and White Kitchen Backsplash Tile with Blue Shaker Cabinets
Regular price $49.00 per sheet
Calacatta Gold Marble Basket Weave Tile Mosaic
Regular price $33.90 per sheet
Large Basket Weave Calacatta Gold Laundry Room Backsplash
Regular price $49.90 per sheet
Blue and white marble basket weave backsplash for the kitchen wall
Regular price $56.00 per sheet
Calacatta Gold Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash
Regular price $36.00 per sheet
Diagonal Double Weave Crema Marfil Marble Mosaic Tile
Regular price $31.00 per sheet
Nero Marquina Basket Weave With White Dot Marble Mosaic Tile
Regular price $29.90 per sheet
Warm Beige Marble Basket Weave Tile
Regular price $28.90 per sheet
Сriss-cross basket weave thassos marble mosaic bathroom wall
Regular price $38.90 per sheet
Thassos Octagon With Light Blue Glass Marble Mosaic Tile
Regular price $43.00 per sheet
Basket Weave Carrara With Black Dot Polished Marble Tile kitchen backsplash
Regular price $21.90 per sheet
Bardiglio Double Weave With Multicolor Dots Marble Mosaic Tile for a Bathroom Design
Regular price $32.00 per sheet
basket weave mosaic tile
Regular price $31.90 per sheet
TileClub| Curved Basket Weave Asian White Marble Mosaic Tile position: 1
Regular price $29.90 per sheet
Carrara Marble Basketweave Mosaic Tile
Regular price $34.00 per sheet
Textured Carrara Brick Marble Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tile
Regular price $37.90 per sheet
basket weave marble mosaic tile
Regular price $33.90 per sheet
Sand Valley And Thassos Large Basket Weave Mosaic Tile
Regular price $29.00 per sheet
Beige basketweave kitchen backsplash tile
Regular price $33.00 per sheet

Basketweave tile is one of the most classic ways to introduce a catchy geometric pattern into your home decor! Used on its own or alongside other tile patterns, woven tile designs render a timeless recognizable look that will suit any indoor or outdoor project. This unique pattern originated from straw basket ornamentation that also popular in textiles, furniture, and other elements of home décor. Intricately placed mosaic pieces create the look of interwoven materials. They echo fabric, ribbons, straw, or other designs rendered in our beautiful collection of marble and glass.

Whether your project calls more of a masculine or a feminine look, the Tile Club Basketweave mosaics offer a great variety of products to match any interior design style! The straight lines and squares of our black marble Nero Marquina Mosaic Tile strike a balance with soft, muted colors and delicately-scaled furniture - this dramatic tile makes for a stunning patterned floor, tile rug, or backsplash insert. If you are searching for a softer design, have a look at our dogbone tile selection, which features curved designs to create the same woven effect with fewer straight lines. The softer lines of Nero Marquina Curved Basketweave with White Dots create harmony with dark shades and organic textures. Our weaving pattern mosaic tiles will help you create an eclectic modern design in your home or business, that will be comfortable and visually appealing. 

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Tile Club’s basketweave mosaic collection allows you to choose from different designs within one pattern style. For example, the diagonal inlay in our Boulevard Nero Marquina and Carrara Marble Mosaic Tile will add a playful touch as a black and white kitchen backsplash or stunning floor design. If your goal is to maximize the space in a small room, white and grey tiles will be a great match thanks to their muted colors.

Another way of bringing a visual expansion is to use oversized patterns such as in Large Carrara Polished Marble Tile or  our large format Sand Valley and Thassos Mosaic Tile. They are an excellent fit for small powder rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. Most of our basketweave tiles can be used on both walls and floors. If you’re looking for smaller designs that create a sense of movement in your space, try our Mini Thassos Marble Mosaic for a beautiful white marble design. These are great basketweave tiles for walls and backsplashes!

This intricate basketweave tile pattern could grace any space in your house! It can bring charm to your bathroom, kitchen, living room, hallway, patio, and even a steam room. A basketweave tile backsplash will create a captivating focal point beyond your stovetop or as a vanity accent. Check out Tile Club’s Thassos and Azul Cielo Tight Joints for more backsplash tile ideas. The soft blue and white stones add an airy feeling to your master bathroom for a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

For a kitchen backsplash, many Tile Club customers choose glass tiles over natural stone, since they are easier to clean. Another advantage of glass mosaic tiles is that they can be eco-friendly, such as our White Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile. You will find numerous options for a patterned tile fireplace facing, floor, or wall installation. If your budget does not include an entire surface application, you can always spice up your home with a basketweave tile niche, backsplash insert, feature wall, or any other accent!