Commercial Tiles

Tile Club is the best place to buy commercial tiles online for retail, hospitality, office buildings, and more! Perfect for a restaurant renovation, adding on a rooftop bar, building a new retail chain, boutique shop, or office building. Our expert tile team can find the right high-traffic materials for your commercial project! 

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Renovating an office space or designing a brand-new boutique hotel? We have one of the largest and most stylish collections of commercial tiles online. Form meets function with our tiles rated for commercial and high-traffic use, whether you're designing a hotel lobby floor with marble tiles to create an instant wow factor – such as our Thassos and Azul Cielo Double Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile - or giving a new restaurant an inviting atmosphere with wood look floor tiles in porcelain – such as our Spiga Olson Blanco!  They stand up to heavy wear better than hardwood floors while bringing charm and warmth to your interior.

From commercial tiles to create a stunning hotel bathroom that guests will love, wall tiles that mimic natural stone, or unique floor tiles to inspire your employees and create an office atmosphere that drives creativity and productivity, you'll find anything you're looking for in our selection of commercial tile designs! 


Largest Online Selection of Commercial Tiles

You don’t need always carpet or rug to customize your floor design! Use the power of small mosaic tiles on commercial floors to create a carpet-like effect, in office or hospitality design. Create an entryway that withstands lots of foot traffic and greets your guests in the most eye-catching way possible! Use the classic ambiance and monochrome effect of our Nero Marquina Basketweave with White Dot Marble Mosaic Tile or create a multi-hued effect on restaurant floors that your guests will love, using our captivating Sea Dream Slate Tile that can match various design palettes in your commercial design! Add an eye-catching entryway to lure guests into your shop or café with a mosaic tile rug or add a custom design with your company logo and branding!

Trying to make a commercial space look larger? Check out our commercial field tiles to create a clean and spacious look for your wall and floor designs. Large format tiles cover floors and walls with fewer grout lines to break up the flow of your tiled area. Complement an industrial office space design with the seamless look of our Ionic Copper Porcelain Tile.  Love bohemian décor? Use the boho-chic impact of our Antique Circles Etched Marble Tile to grace your walls or floors of your hotel or restaurant – these large format tiles will give the eyes relief from busy grout lines while creating a calming feel for your guests!

Designing a Small Business with Commercial Tiles

Bring farmhouse charm to your brewery or wine cafe, busy retail store, lobby or restaurant with wood-look commercial-use tiles. Create the look of real wood with the low maintenance of our commercial grade porcelain field tiles, such as Retro Blanco Hex or Esagona Intarcio White for a distressed, vintage style appearance on your floors. If you prefer the look of natural hardwood planks, go with our Gems Agata or Tribeca Miel large format tiles  and create durable floors for indoor and outdoor areas that showcase the warm elegance of natural wood with all the performance benefits of porcelain tiles!

Want to pull eyes as soon as guests enter your space? Set the mood in a classy restaurant or in your retail business with a dramatic feature wall. We can create a striking commercial tile design with custom murals displaying the company’s logo or a beautiful decorative design. How about bringing in some bright pops of colors? You can also add in colors with our mosaic tiles that are suited for commercial use, such as our Plum Foil Glossy and frosted Square Mosaic Tile or Blue Foil Glossy and Frosted Hexagon Mosaic Tile -   perfect to create an accent wall that will add excitement to any work space and influence the productivity of an office atmosphere!