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Field Tile

Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile Backsplash
Regular price $10.99 per sq. ft.
3D Porcelain Tile Backsplash
Regular price $4.99 per sheet
Japanese Cherry Blossom Patterned Porcelain Tile in White Wood Look
Regular price $19.87 per sq. ft.
 Kasai Notte Kintsugi Large Format Black and Gold Rectified Porcelain Tile
Regular price $28.10 per sq. ft.
Kasai Notte 10x60" Black Wood Look Rectified Porcelain Tile
Regular price $12.04 per sq. ft.
Ionic Decor Code Copper tile
Regular price $4.99 per sheet
Ionic Steel 12" x 24" Porcelain Tile
Regular price $5.40 per sq. ft.
12" x 24" Ionic Copper Porcelain Tile
Regular price $5.40 per sq. ft.
Spiga Olson Blanco Chevron Flooring with Wood Look Porcelain
Regular price $7.27 per sq. ft.
white porcelain wall tile
Regular price $5.40 per sq. ft.
rectified porcelain tile
Regular price $12.04 per sq. ft.
White Handpoured Glass Subway Tiles in Ocean Glass Platinum
Regular price $54.54 per sq. ft.
Kasai Notte Sakura Wood Look Porcelain Tile with Cherry Blossoms
Regular price $19.87 per sq. ft.
porcelain rectified tile
Regular price $28.10 per sq. ft.
Kasai Fumo Sakura tile
Regular price $19.87 per sq. ft.
melange blue porcelain tiles
Regular price $8.36 per sq. ft.
Ocean Glass Blue 3X9 Tile with Wood and Gold Bathroom Decor for a Modenr Subway Tile Bathroom Backsplash
Regular price $54.54 per sq. ft.
White marble look porcelain tile for a white shower with mnimal grout lines
Regular price $5.88 per sq. ft.
Tango Grey Wave 3D wave patterned wall  tile
Regular price $11.02 per sq. ft.
Spiga Olson Gris Gray Wood-Look Chevron Porcelain Tile
Regular price $7.27 per sq. ft.

If your commercial or residential space requires a large-scale kitchen backsplash tile or bathroom tile, a field tile may be the perfect solution. At Tile Club, you will find dozens of glass, marble, and porcelain tile designs in traditional and unique tile shapes ideal for your intended design style. 

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What is a Field Tile?

Field tiles are intended to cover large surfaces on your walls or floors rather than a trim, border tile, or accent tile. If you have a large wall to cover with a unique look, a field tile backsplash may be a great option to consider. Field tile has several benefits over smaller tiles. For instance, field tile has fewer grout lines, creating a seamless look on your walls and floors. Field tile also requires less cleaning, care, and maintenance, thanks in part to the fewer grout lines. 

This type of building material can include anything from a classic subway tile to a large format tile covering up to 60" with a single piece!

Where Can You Install Field Tiles?

Choosing the right field tile is an essential part of an impactful design since they cover large areas in your home and can add a strong visual presence through color, finish, or tile material. Many of our field tile backsplash and floor options are rated for outdoor use, making them a great option to replace your wood decking with a rustic porcelain field tile that mimics wood grain without the need to stain every few years. They require less maintenance than many outdoor flooring or wall covering options, with a scratch and fade resistant surface that will create a beautiful outdoor living area, backyard patio, pool deck, or porch cladding.

Do you know those gorgeous marble floors that you see in traditional homes, classic kitchens, and glamorous bathrooms? Well, many of them are designed with marble field tile or porcelain field tile that looks like marble for a more cost-effective, low-maintenance field tile option without having to sacrifice the classic look of marble.

You can install a stunning marble entryway floor with Bianco Carrara or black Nero Marquina that will welcome guests to your home with style. Or, if you love the look of a seamless marble slab in your kitchen or bathroom, a field tile backsplash is the right material for the job.

*Always check the Area of Use for the specific tile material you're looking to install to make sure it's rated for the type of use you have in mind! Each size and material will have different ratings for outdoor, flooring, pool, and wet area installation such as shower floors and steam rooms.

Field Tile Materials

Glass Field Tile

Glass field tile is another popular option to create a colorful or dramatic wall covering. With the largest range of colors available, a field glass tile can easily cover a large space with a dazzling design. Vibrant colors, pearlescent finishes, or hand-poured swirls help give your shower wall or bathtub surround a fresh new look. You can also create a tiled fireplace surround with luminous glass to create a beautiful focal point in your living room design.

Porcelain Field Tile

One of the most popular options to cover large areas in your home is porcelain field tile. These designs often come in large format tiles, making them cost-effective to cover large tiled areas. They come in a variety of finishes, whether you’re after a rustic, wood-look tile that can resist scratches or scuffs, a water-resistant tile that looks like natural stone or elegant marble, an industrial brick wall covering to give your home a historical or urban feel, or even a 3D tile to add texture and dimension! 

Porcelain field tiles are extremely long-wearing and can be installed as a high-traffic flooring material or a wall covering that adds beautiful color and detail to your interior or outdoor space. Before purchasing your ideal field tile, always check the area of use to ensure your selection is recommended in your intended installation area.

Marble Field Tile

Looking for a gorgeous field wall tile that works with our home decor style no matter what it may be? A marble field wall tile may be the choice you need! With unique, never-before-seen etched designs like the Antique Circles Etched Marble Tile or a gorgeous hexagon marble field tile for walls or floors, Tile Club has the cream of the crop of marble field wall tile you’ve just got to see for yourself!

Shop Tile Club’s impressive selection of field tile today and discover the styles to kick your residential or commercial space up a notch!