Dress up your Home with Custom Tile Mosaic Artwork

Looking for the perfect accent piece for your home, or a creative keepsake to give as a gift? The world of custom tile mosaic design opens up a wealth of beautiful designs to decorate your home or business - and they’re all completely unique! Our team has been collaborating with our clients to create stunning mosaic art for many years, and as much as we love the wow factor behind each bespoke design, we think the personal story behind each piece makes it even more special!

Moody Black and Mauve Flower Tile Mosaic Statement Wall Art

Mosaic tile murals are one of the oldest known art forms, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia before making their way to Greece and Rome. Traditionally, these intricate works of art were made entirely by hand - this made them a highly desirable status symbol to be displayed in palaces, churches, and mosques over the centuries. Some of them did similar work as tapestries in Medieval Europe, telling stories with inlaid pieces of glass, shells, gems, and metal. This artisan tradition eventually turned into the beautiful pre-set mosaic tile sheets that we love for creative home décor!

These days you don’t have to be royalty to have a custom tile mosaic wall mural, fireplace surround, or tiled carpet in your home - you just have to know who to ask! Our team has created beautiful wall murals and more with company logos, personal photos, and beautiful decorative designs!

The Hearst Castle Swimming Pool Features some of the most Beautiful Artisan Mosaics in the United States

The Hearst Castle indoor swimming pool gets its stunning lapis and gold grotto feeling from the exquisite mosaic artwork that covers the pool floor, the walls, and even the ceiling!

How are tile mosaic murals made?

How To Design Custom Tile Mosaic Murals, Floor Decor, and Gift Ideas

Artisan-made mosaic mural with individual pieces of glass mosaic tile.

  1. We start with a design request! Think about what you would like to see turned into a mosaic - we can accommodate any unique idea! You can start with a photo of a special place or moment, a quick hand drawn sketch, or a moodboard with colors, design elements, and patterns that you would like to see represented in your finished piece. 
  2. Once we receive your initial design idea, our team will work on a mock up so that you can get an idea of how it will look as a tiled mosaic, with lots of little pieces making up the larger design. This is to give you an overview of the finished piece so we can confirm you are happy with it before work begins! Each custom piece is made specifically for you, so we want to ensure that everything is perfect before the bespoke artwork is created! We’ll discuss the best materials, location, and placement for your artwork to ensure that you can treasure this keepsake for years to come!
  3. Once the mock up has been approved, the real work starts. Our team takes around ten weeks to complete a custom piece so this is something to keep in mind if you are thinking about a creative anniversary gift for your next milestone, a beautiful holiday gift for family, friends, or valued colleagues, or a piece that you want to commission for your own personal enjoyment! 

Why mosaic murals instead of traditional artwork? 

One of the biggest advantages of custom mosaic wall art is, quite simply, the exclusivity factor. Each piece is completely unique and can be made to commemorate a treasured moment in your life, like a wedding, family portrait, or vacation photo that you already treasure. Having that moment recreated as a mosaic design creates a special keepsake that can be as small as a picture frame to display on your desk or nightstand, as large as a statement wall, or anything in between!

Custom Tile Mosaic Recreating a Beautiful Moment on the Canals in Venice

This beautiful mosaic mural of the canals in Venice commemorates a special trip with a one-of-a-kind artwork that can be displayed like a traditional photo or installed in a floor or wall!

If you’re looking to give your place of business a makeover, adding a mosaic mural or floor design is an eye-catching way to stand out from the crowd! The hottest hotels, restaurants, and bars are always looking for an ‘it-factor’ that will encourage guests to snap a photo and share on social media - a beautiful tiled accent wall with your logo and branding is sure to make their most favorited images and get your name out to new customers who love your style! Similarly, creative design elements in a boutique hotel or retail shop are effortless ways to create buzz online and keep your guests returning for the beautiful ambiance in store!

Not only are the designs and images completely customizable, but they add a textural element that you don’t find in a flat photograph or even a painting. The textural element added by small pieces of glass gives your tile artwork a different dimension from any angle that you view it, catching the light and your eye in beautiful and unexpected ways. This gives your beautiful design a 3D artwork finish that creates a stunning impression every time you see it.

Dramatic Wall Art with a Custom Tile Mosaic Zebra

It’s amazing the detail and expression you can create with mosaic pieces - this zebra is beautifully rendered for a mixed media art piece! Each tile catches the light in different ways from different angles, giving the impression of movement that you don't get with a 2D photo.

You can create any image, pattern, or design that you choose, and these stunning pieces can be hung in many locations without worrying about damage. Want to hang a gorgeous picture in your kitchen prep area? There’s no need to worry about scrubbing spots or splatters from cooking as glass mosaic tile can be easily wiped clean! Similarly, there’s no need to worry about water damage to your bathtub surround or bathroom floor that will affect your statement design!

Where is the best place to display your mosaic artwork?

Of course, if you ask our team ‘where should I display a mosaic tile mural?’, we’ll tell you, ‘anywhere you want!’ These beautiful works of art can become incredible showpieces that have personal significance over artwork that you buy at a store. That makes them perfect to display front and center in your home, to create a ‘wow moment’ as a feature wall in your entryway that will catch the eye as soon as guests walk in. 

If you want to create a 'wow' moment that sets your shop or café apart, a tiled 'floor mat' where guests walk in is a sure way to catch their attention! Incorporate brand details and your company logo into the design to ensure great brand recognition every time a photo of your mural is shared!

Intricate Glass Tile Mosaic Mural of Flowers to Create a Glamorous Design on your Wall or Floor

If you’re planning a large wall mural and want to make sure it is centrally located, consider a space where hallways intersect. Adding a stunning wall element can elevate your space and lead into rooms where you entertain or gather with friends and family, like the living room, Great Room, or kitchen. 

The bathroom is another popular place to install a custom mosaic design, whether it's on the wall - like this exquisite lily wall art over the bathtub - or as a stunning tile rug on the floor. This beautiful custom flower mural used shades of white and gray that picked up natural veining in the marble walls, while the glittering gold and glossy white tiles echoed the luxurious finishes on the freestanding bathtub. The result is an eye-catching and magnificent work of art that transformed the bathroom into a resort-like spa at home!

Glamorous White and Gold Flower Tile Mosaic Mural to Create a Luxurious Bathtub Surround

 The small glass pieces of a mural naturally catch the light to add a dazzling finish in any room, and adding metallic glass tiles really amps up the glam factor in your home! Since each piece is custom, you can choose colors, designs, and finishes that suit the fixtures and materials you have already selected for your bathroom, including the shower, bathtub, vanity, and floors. 

If your backyard is your personal haven and you love to spend long days outdoors, you can amp up the oasis feeling by giving your pool a tiled makeover! A tile pool mural is a stunning way to give your exterior a glamorous touch. You can recreate the magic of scuba diving in the Bahamas or snorkeling in St. Lucia as you float over the tiled shapes of sea creatures, coral, and tropical shells on the bottom of your pool. This exquisite pattern glitters under the water like a mermaid’s treasure and turns a simple pool into a magical getaway that you can enjoy for years to come!

Mosaic Pool Tile Mural with Tropical Ocean Shells and Fish for a Backyard Upgrade

Want to give guests a preview of your exquisite taste before they step foot in the door? This beautifully detailed tile doormat is a gorgeous addition to your front porch or entryway floor! These tropical palm trees are perfect for a beach house - or to capture the magic of a getaway in a landlocked home.

Ready to start your custom artwork journey? We’d love to hear what you are planning to recreate in mosaic - contact our design team to get started!

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