Epic Entryway and Reception Ideas for Hospitality Design

Looking to make the perfect first impression? It’s just as important for your business as it is for a first date. A well-curated lobby or entryway design offers an opportunity for business, relaxation, and socializing—as well as the potential to attract customers and boost return visits. Seasoned designers know that reimagining commercial spaces is an excellent way to stand out from the pack - and entryway design is a key element. 

Mesmerizing Emporio Pink Onyx Tile can make for a gorgeous, eye-grabbing feature! Bringing the bold beauty of natural stone-inspired designs to an accent wall, this gemstone pattern  is sure to capture everyone’s attention!

Whether designing a boutique hotel, spa, eatery, or any other commercial space, every small detail is part of a greater whole. And because you can’t make the first impression twice, it is worth making a fabulous one the first time around. How a space is designed holds a crucial position in the overall success of any business. 

More recently, contemporary touches and modern finishes are making a bold statement on the established hospitality scene in unexpected and remarkable ways. True to its extraordinary beauty and technical qualities, the use of tile can be the backbone of lasting luxury interiors. It strikes the right balance between functionality and aesthetic quality. Put the two together and you have a refined environment that truly makes guests feel good. 

We’ve pulled some of our favorite creative reception and entryway design ideas for you to explore—hoping to inspire you to create a space that’s uniquely expressive to your brand. There are many elements to tackle: from defining spatial identity to creating an upscale interior for a memorable guest experience to setting the right ambiance.  

The importance of Reception and Entryway Design

A reception area or entryway serves as the centerpiece of the guest experience—the first thing they see upon arrival, where they get assistance, and where they sit back and relax. Every guest that walks through the front door takes in the sights along the way and makes up their mind about how the space makes them feel within the first few seconds. For this reason, this real estate should be tailor-designed to tantalize the senses and deliver a truly indulgent experience.  

The use of durable materials for tough but stylish designs is gaining ground in the commercial space. Because of its contemporary black and white palette and the ever-so-classic hexagon shape, the Nero Marquina and Thassos Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile is sure to intrigue visitors to take a closer look. It’s a long-lasting material perfect for reception desk finishing, flooring, accent wall, and more! Our stone-look Metro Black porcelain floor tiles also strike the perfect note between style and function, thanks to material that will look great even with high foot traffic.

Needless to say, the past few years have proved that hospitality design goes beyond the basics and seeks to create that “home away from home” experience. From sumptuous design details to mood-enhancing lighting to additional concessions like a café, a curated library with a fireplace, or a gift shop that doubles as an art gallery—the entryway of any establishment should be the absolute best it can be. 

Entryway and Reception Ideas

While each establishment has its own distinct characteristics, some hospitality design ideas contribute to a brand’s sense of place and style. It might seem like an impossible task to find durable materials that can stand up to heavy wear, but tile is a versatile option that meets a variety of functional and aesthetic needs. It can endure lots of foot traffic while maintaining its exquisite appeal for many years. 

The Olson Blanco Wood Tile Floor and Wall Tile holds up incredibly well through extensive wear and tear and offers hassle-free upkeep. Not only do you get a timeless and stunning hard finish, but you also get peace of mind. Imagine the maintenance to care for a natural wood floor with this distressed look? 

This is especially true with high-performance porcelain, offering an incredibly hardwearing surface that’s scratch-stain-and-slip-resistant—so beneficial over the long-term. Not to mention it can be engineered to emulate the appearance and texture of many other traditional finishes including natural stone and even hardwood floors. Meanwhile, any manner of tile can be installed to elevate the design of walls. Ahead are a few entryway design ideas to inspire: 

  • Introduce natural warmth to entryway design
  • Material choices that integrate the outdoors encapsulate a spirit of familiarity and comfort that’s appreciated by today’s discerning customers. The use of design elements that bring biophilic details  is a noteworthy trend that has taken over the hospitality scene—from hotel rooms to cocktail bars right down to the hallways themselves. 

    We’re enthralled by the magic of porcelain and the versatility of its capabilities. Our Japandi Natural Slat Wall Tile combines casual sophistication with a natural atmosphere that transforms any space into a welcoming respite. 

    If you’re jumping headfirst into a new project, complete a reception desk or entryway design scheme with a tile that delivers a coherent in/out look. Without a doubt porcelain tile is a wholly unique and high-performing finish that’s sure to stand the test of time. It can be engineered to mimic an impressive range of materials such as traditional wood, marble, terrazzo, terracotta, and concrete—each of which has inherent natural charm and tasteful texture. Lean toward neutral or earthy hues that are consistently warm to create the illusion of an expansive space without sacrificing radiance. 

  • Focus on eco-friendly materials 
  • Demanding an honest and tailored approach to design has been at the forefront and the reason why the theme for longevity appeals to designers, business owners, and customers alike. Eco-friendly materials have become increasingly important in hospitality design. They are known for their longevity and are often incorporated to ensure an interior environment remains a symbol of luxury and refinement for decades.

    Here, Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile bridges the gap between coziness and luxury. It delivers an enriched aesthetic that has brought life to Be Bubbly Napa Valley Champagne Bar

    In the process to transform an ordinary entryway design into an extraordinary interior, opt for surface finishes and decorative furnishings to evoke a cozy space. With its captivating glow and a plethora of styles, glass tile is rich in depth and dimension and makes a wonderful pairing with stylishly tactile materials. 

    The tile’s unmatched luminous radiance increases its decorative possibilities—and you can adapt it to your whim to conceive dynamic floor, wall, and reception desk looks that make a space appear bejeweled. 

  • Add a captivating focal point
  • Our Materica Grey B-99 Tile is no ordinary surface finish. Offering a sense of calmness and a muted tone, this stone-look tile proves that grandeur is better shown through quality and intention. 

    There are many examples where floor-to-ceiling accents add a distinctly tasteful focal point. So much so that avant-garde designers are increasingly considering richly patterned feature walls, striking rectangular columns, or fireplace surrounds crafted from tile to be works of art.

    Black Chevron Etched Subway Marble Tile is also a fantastic way to bring a striking focal point to the reception desk. Its black shade pairs easily with other deeply saturated hues to turn an entryway design into a warm experience. 

    Additionally, a tiled reception desk has the potential to shine and deliver an unparalleled first impression. Of course, your choice of material will depend on the style you wish to create and the memories you want patrons to leave with. 

  • Create dynamic multi-use spaces
  • Multi-functional has become the buzzword in the hospitality scene—thanks to the ascendance of lifestyle-driven boutique design. No longer a space to simply pass through, entryway design is becoming more flexible, accommodating various stylish areas instead of a series of separate rooms. 

    The nearly inexhaustible versatility of Selo Grand Hexagon Carrara and Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile makes it an indispensable part of upscale and luxury interiors. 

    For example, an expansive space can be real estate for a reception desk, intimate and social interaction areas, workspaces, and even casual dining—all designed to merge seamlessly into one another. Because floor tiles strike a balance between form and function, they are a great option to individualize the different convivial gathering areas. Plus, style options are limitless for those looking to convey brand identity—from patterned floor tiles that draw the eye to the different shades that create an illusion of more space.

  • Elevate with marble for lasting sophistication
  • Reimagining luxury in an understated manner, geometric Silver Grey Triangles Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile adds a whole new visual dimension that’s guaranteed to entice and make a one-of-a-kind first impression

    In any commercial space, there's a greater opportunity to stun with the look of natural stone. Quintessential marble tile is a surefire way to create an ambiance of heightened intimacy and elegance. Where marble truly takes center stage is when used in unconventional ways to provide a  lavish backdrop and an instant decorative facelift.

  • Use pattern and texture for visual interest
  • Intricate doesn’t have to mean hard to handle and using patterns certainly isn’t intended to overwhelm. Quite the contrary, introducing pattern play and visual weight through texture can create a lively backdrop of absolute intrigue. That’s right… patterned floor and wall tiles have a transformative effect that awakens the room and makes certain aspects of it stand out more than others.

    Keeping to a subdued palette, the flower pattern of Santorini Blue & White Petals captures attention and can be used as an accent wall behind a reception desk tiled with Mallorca Blue. Balancing the visually stimulating patterns with more subtle finishes that are sympathetic to one another for a cohesive look. 

    Similarly, don’t underestimate the characterful presence of texture—a lack of which can result in a scheme that falls short of the mark. As you revamp your commercial space, you will notice how its intricacy weaves its way in quite naturally. 


  • Create a seamless look with flooring
  • Add dimension with our 3D Guiza porcelain tiles, like the facing on this customized reception desk. The Textured Wooden Beige Chevron marble floor creates a multi-tonal floor design that adds BIG personality and a dose of timeless charm!


    As previously mentioned, it’s crucial to choose a surface finish that can avert the nightmare of high footfall and is easy to maintain. In terms of performance and longevity, tile is a natural pick. We love the idea of using the same tile finish throughout the entryway design leading into the rooms nearby to converse the appearance of airiness and a pleasing sense of artistic unity. 

    Whether crafting a charming reception desk for a hotel lobby, adding eye-catching accents to restaurant space, or infusing timeless appeal into a boutique design, there’s plenty of room to explore with tile. The myriad of colors, patterns, and textures allow you to create an entryway design that reflects different lifestyles—one that invites guests to linger. From whimsical patterns to bold color statements, Tile Club's selection of tiles answers all the demands for hospitality design. 

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