Redefining DIY and Design: An Exclusive Interview with Fara Wilson

Creating a space that reflects your personality, provides comfort, and fosters functionality doesn't have to be an arduous journey or a task left to professionals. Fara Wilson, a renowned figure in the DIY and design world, is proof of that. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with her for an enlightening episode of the Tile Trends podcast. As a mother, a savvy DIY-er, and a prominent Instagrammer, Fara shared insights into her journey into the DIY space and her delightful collaborations with Tile Club.

Back in 2019, Fara joined Instagram to connect with like-minded women interested in home décor. Little did she know, this virtual community would eventually provide her the platform to discover her true passion - DIY home improvement. Necessity, they say, is the mother of invention, and for Fara, it was the repeated delays from contractors that nudged her to start doing things on her own, marking her initiation into the DIY space.

Fara's authenticity, a trait we highly admire at Tile Club, is what makes her resonate with so many people. It's reflected in her introduction on her website where she unabashedly identifies herself as a "busy mompreneur, a domestic goddess, totally obsessed with home décor, and a DIY chick." She connects with her followers through her weekly hack series, "Fara Fix Friday," offering practical, simple DIY hacks that make a significant difference.

Get the handmade artisan look with our beautiful white ceramic subway tiles for your kitchen backsplash by shopping Fara's tile pick from Tile Club!

Our collaborations with Fara have led to some amazing renovations. One of them involved a kitchen transformation using Tile Club's Mallorca White Subway Tiles. By keeping her maple cabinets and introducing these gorgeous tiles, Fara's kitchen was given an instant face-lift that continues to receive compliments to this day.

When it comes to color palettes, she confessed to a preference for grays, tans, and whites. However, a splash of blue, evoking the calmness and beauty of the beach, is her choice for a pop of color. You'll find this beach-inspired vibe spread across her house, rendering a serene and tranquil feel.


Fara's recent project involving her first-ever laundry room shows her knack for adding an extra touch of elegance to any space. She chose our Blue and White Mini Picket marble mosaic tiles from our elaborate Santorini Collection that not only matched her preferred color palette but also interacted beautifully with light, thereby making the laundry room a place she genuinely enjoys.


Fara's most valuable advice to aspiring DIYers is that creating beauty doesn't have to cost a fortune. Instead of tiling an entire room, focusing on a single side can add a dash of elegance while keeping costs down. For her laundry room, she matched the paint color at Home Depot with the tiles' bluish hue, transforming the space into one she now loves.

For Fara, the secret to juggling her roles as a mother, influencer, DIY designer, and now a social media coach, lies in planning and prioritizing. Family comes first, with everything else following in a flexible order. Her work-from-home setup allows her a better work-life balance than her previous 9-5 job, ensuring time for family, work, and self-care.

Fara's journey in the DIY space is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and authenticity. Her collaborations with Tile Club have not only led to stunning renovations but also highlighted the transformative impact of well-designed spaces on everyday life. Fara's mantra of working smarter, not harder, and her commitment to staying authentic has indeed set a high standard in the world of DIY and design. We can't wait to see what she'll create next!

Collaborator: The Fara Fix | Host: Lindsay Fluckiger

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