Mirror Tile Accents and Feature Decor that add Dazzling Shine

Whether you love a glamorous interior, vintage home decor, or just want to add a little sparkle to your space, adding a touch of mirror tile can be the perfect finishing detail! Whether you love an accent wall or a delicate mosaic, you’ll love these dynamic decorating ideas! Plus, get the best installation tips for mirror tiles and instructions on how to keep them clean and shining!

Etched Marble with Antique Mirror Diamonds Mosaic Tile accent wall for a vintage bathroom

To create a truly captivating appeal, Etched Marble with Antique Mirror Diamonds Mosaic Tile is used here as a wall accent. The diamond pattern adds an element of interest — and when placed across the light source, the mirrored surface beautifully reflects light and illuminates the bathroom, resulting in a space that’s cozy, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. 

As an accent wall or a backsplash in your kitchen, powder room, pantry, guest bath, a narrow hallway, or other areas without lots of natural light, a mirror tile wall expands a small space by reflecting and emphasizing the rest of the room around it!

Where to Install Glass Mirror Tiles

Thanks to their reflective surface, glass mirror tiles are a great choice to bring natural light into your home! They're best installed indoors, in areas that you'd like to add decorative sparkle or bring in light. Open up a small kitchen by installing a mirror tile backsplash under your cabinets, give your powder room or basement bathroom a makeover, or add a decorative fireplace facing that can reflect your living room to create the illusion of more space!

Silver Cross and Mirror Squares Mosaic Tile enhances the under cabinet lighting in this wine bar backsplash

The right punch of sparkle can accentuate the look and feel of your space. This Silver Cross and Mirror Squares Mosaic Tile enhances the under cabinet lighting in this wine bar backsplash to bounce shine and light in this home lounge area!

Loved by design professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners, mirror tiles are sure to add a rich, luminous quality to any internal environment.

Mirror tile accents can also:

  • provide increased visibility by reflecting light, ultimately enhancing the perceived size of a room, particularly dark corners, narrow spaces, and under cabinet backsplashes.
  • create an easy-to-clean surface.
  • add romantic sparkle to your home or business.

Today's mirror treatments are so varied, and with so many styles and patterns to choose from it can be quite challenging to select a finish that will bring the idea of changing the appearance and enhancing the value of a home to life. We’re sharing not only some of the best ways to decorate with mirror tiles, but the essential guide to care and cleaning your mirror details!

How to Decorate with Mirror Tiles:

Add a Mirror Tile Backsplash

Mirror tile can be used to add pizzazz and elevate a design scheme, creating a one-of-a-kind look in your kitchen, bathroom, bar, or mudroom. The glass finish allows light to bounce off beautifully, providing a sense of movement while enlarging even a small space. Depending on your budget and overall vision for your interior space, mirror tiles can act as the room’s focal point when installed all the way to the ceiling!

This counter to ceiling backsplash showcases Tile Club's Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile

This counter to ceiling backsplash showcases 3X12 Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile from the countertop. Add this decorative tile above the sink or behind a range hood all the way up to the ceiling to create a statement feature and add light and character to your space.

What’s more, laying out your tile in this way provides depth, dimension, and amplifies light even more, creating the illusion that your space is larger than it actually is — an invaluable benefit for small space living.

Pair vintage mirror details with similar decor

A mirror tile backsplash or accent walls creates the opportunity to inject character and flair to the room’s overall vibe. Your tiles, however, should keep the holistic design of the space in mind as well as its architectural features. For example, if you’re working on a surface application in the guest bath, ensure that the tile style you opt for is compatible with your vanity and any other fixtures that share a wall with your surface application. This white and brass bathroom complements the vintage finish of antiqued glass, echoing the sparkle and shine in the chandelier hanging over the free-standing bathtub.

White marble and brass bathroom complements the vintage finish of antique glass mirror tiles

Designer Suzann Kletzien created a bathroom space that embodies a sophisticated yet subtle tone of luxury and elegance. The dazzling subway mirror tiles pair effortlessly with the gold accents, both enhancing the bright white color scheme to perfection. 

Add a Mirror Accent Wall

Creating an accent wall is one of the most preferred uses of mirror tiles in the home and a wonderful favorite of homeowners looking to introduce a striking design statement. As mentioned above, mirror tiles help open up the space by letting in more light — but what’s especially admirable is the flexibility to manipulate the angles you place them in order to get the most reflection and illumination. 

This mosaic tile combines mirror details and Carrara marble for a decorative tile backsplash

Our Mirror Ribbon Carrara and Mirror Mosaic Tile is the perfect candidate to enrich your interior with sophisticated flair while giving it the illusion of a brighter and bigger space. We especially love how the ribbon pattern adds a unique touch without detracting from the room’s other design elements! This mosaic tile combines mirror details and Carrara marble, making it easy to pick up the marble in other decor elements, including a marble countertop or Carrara floor tiles!

How to choose between Mirror Tile Options -

Go for a tile layout or pattern that is creative yet timeless to add new personality, style, and energy. It’s just as important to consider the overall aesthetic of the space where it will be placed so that the backsplash adds to rather than detracts from the appearance of the interior. Check out some of our favorite design options for mirror tiles!

Mirror subway tile

A dazzling mirror subway tile goes beyond basic white — it is a fantastic backdrop that helps define a range of interior settings such as Hamptons style elegance, an upscale traditional home, a modern farmhouse, soothing coastal atmosphere, and much more with its rectangle shape and beveled edges. Match longer and narrower high-shine tiles in this classic pattern with neutral materials or subtle accent touches to achieve next-level decadence in your home!

Vintage details and beveled edge with Tile Club’s Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile

The aged patina and beveled edge of Tile Club’s Beveled Antique Mirror Glass Subway Tile adds both vintage style and decorative detail to elevate any backsplash.

Patterned mirror tiles

If you want to add a decorative tile element especially in spaces where you may need a small amount of light, consider something beyond the square and rectangle. Hexagons, waves, ribbons, arrows, or herringbone shapes offer the versatility and variety to fit any style with ease. 

Add Mosaic mirror tiles in contemporary settings like this kitchen backsplash

If adding visual interest and extra dimension is what you want to achieve in your kitchen, allow our Silver Cross and Mirror Squares Mosaic Tile to play the lead role. Mosaic mirror tiles are a brilliant way to add some shimmer, sparkle, and a bit of drama in modern and contemporary settings like this kitchen backsplash

Mosaic mirror tile

Showcasing small mirror pieces alongside mixed materials, mosaic design create a striking and intense backsplash expression. This type of backsplash combines modern tile placement that infuses personality into any interior setting. Just as a piece of jewelry can transform a basic outfit, mosaic glass mirror tiles can enhance an element you want to highlight, such as a fireplace surround or a backsplash, or as a large-scale art piece that pulls the entire look together

Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Mosaic Tile  adds a vintage-inspired touch to a decorative accent wall

It’s a wonderful surprise when you come across something bold yet timeless! Here, the Arrowhead Antique Mirror Glass Marble Mosaic Tile doesn’t shy away from making its presence felt, all the while lending a vintage-inspired touch to this decorative accent wall that’s sure to grab anyone’s attention. 

Add a vintage touch with Antique Mirror tile

For those who crave just a touch of charm, antique mirror accents have unique qualities of their own which no variant can take away. Aged to look antique, they can add vintage, classic, or traditional character to the scheme of things. The reflective nature of an antique glass finish is sure to help you achieve the right balance between trendy and timeless elegance.

The desired design goal ultimately determines the style and pattern that best serves the look of your interior space. Additionally, an accent wall that extends from the floor all the way up to the ceiling takes up more surface area for the pattern to develop and be noticed.

Because feature walls successfully create height and interest that draw attention, they can be all you need to set the tone for your room’s décor style, or tie all of the other features of your space together, creating a cohesive look that’s meant to inspire. 

So, whether you’re looking to make a classy statement with a subway mirror tile, create continuity of line with a vintage mirror tile, or going for something that sits well with the times, there’s no limit to what you can achieve in your home!

How to Install Mirror Tiles

Hiring a professional installer is one key to beautifully set tiles that can last a lifetime; however, you can make fitting mirror tiles a do-it-yourself project with great results! If you’re considering installing your own mirror tiles, it’s crucial that you use the correct adhesive, and we recommend unsanded grout mixed with a grout additive to achieve a highly stain resistant finish — coarse grout with larger sand particles can scratch the mirrored surface upon installation.  

Understanding the type of glass tile you’re installing and how it differs from ceramic and natural stone, both in terms of how it's made and its size, is a critical aspect to a successful job. Before diving right into your tiling application, ensure that the substrate is flat, clean, sound, dry, and free from dirt, grease, cracks, and loose materials.  

Bathroom Vanity Backsplash by Revision Charlotte shows just how dazzling subway mirror tiles are a symbol of timeless glamou

This design by Revision Charlotte shows just how dazzling subway mirror tiles are a symbol of timeless glamour. When done right and teamed with complementing fixtures and decorative accents, great depth and dimension is afforded to your overall design scheme. 

  • Confirm your preferred mirror tile layout by placing them on your surface BEFORE applying your adhesive. 
  • Trim any mirror tiles to fit - we highly recommend using a  high-quality wet saw with a diamond blade to ensure a clean cut to your glass tile.
  • Since mirror tiles can be transparent, Tile Club recommends using a high-performance bright white thinset. 
  • Always use a glass adhesive when installing mirror tiles - one of the best is Laticrete Glass Tile Adhesive. Only spread out enough adhesive at a time to cover in 5 minutes - this will avoid the adhesive drying out before you place the tile, providing the best grip.
  • Always allow glass tiles some room to flex to avoid breakage over tile. We recommend installing mirror glass subway tiles with a one-eighth-inch grout joint to allow flex space as well as avoid cracking over time.
  • Set the tile pieces of sheets into the mortar and tap it onto the wall with a rubber tile float or a padded mallet to eliminate any voids. 
  • Give the adhesive approximately 24 - 48 hours before applying grout. Always use an unsanded grout with mirror and glass tiles to avoid scratching the surface of your tiles.
  • Once the grout is set firm, wipe the grouted tiles clean with a wet sponge, then polish the haze off the surface with a soft cloth. 

Mirror tile care and maintenance

While there are many choices to consider in backsplash materials, it’s worth noting that mirror tiles offer durability with an elevated aesthetic and perform best when applied to walls of compact bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, pantries, and mudrooms. 

Micro mirrored tiles give this customized sink bowl a little sparkle

Add a little dazzle with these micro mirrored tiles that are covered with paper to allow them to be applied to a variety of surface types and shapes - this custom-designed mirrored sink bowl uses our Wavy Silver Squares Glass Tiles to give any surface extra sparkle!

When it comes to cleaning, you can keep your mirror tiles clean with simple household glass cleaner! Use the same cleaner you use on your bathroom mirror or bedroom windows, followed by a  quick dry with a clean cloth to restore them back to their brilliant shine

While these mirrored glass tiles are not porous, we always recommend regularly sealing grout lines between tiles to improve the life of your beautiful install!

Marble and antique mirror tile mosaic

Whether you’re adding a mirrored mosaic accent detail to bring a little sparkle into your interior, or going for a vintage mirror accent wall, there are so many beautiful ways to incorporate this gorgeous interior design trend into your home decor, or decorate a retail space or business!

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