Outdoor Tile Ideas to Make the Most of Summer at Home

Summer is almost here! But is your outdoor space ready? 

With the arrival of sunnier weather comes the desire to spend more time outdoors. Sunny days filled with backyard BBQ's, relaxing by the pool, going to fabulous garden parties…We know how tempting it is to go out and enjoy the sweet summer days after weeks of staying indoors under quarantine! Since we’ll be spending summer at home this year instead of hitting the road or finding a fabulous spot to vacation, why not create an escape that’s right outside your door? Not only is this the perfect time for an outdoor upgrade, but you can enjoy the benefits for years to come! We're taking a look at some of the best outdoor tiles to transform your home into the perfect getaway!

Tribeca Miel Wood Look Porcelain Floor TIle

Turn your outdoors into an oasis with our Tribeca Miel wood-look porcelain tiles for a durable deck floor!

Whether you have a tiny patio or an expansive garden, your outdoor space will surely become your retreat this summer since travel is off the table. There’s no better time to consider a refresh to get the most out of your yard or garden, and outdoor tiles bring the comfort, function and personality you need to create the outdoor of your dreams. You can easily freshen up your old outdoor space by laying tiles and creating a retreat that’s just as inviting and stylish as your interior! If you’re ready to take full advantage of the warm weather at your own oasis this year, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can refresh your outdoor space with tile. Ready? Let’s get started!

Four Questions Before Getting Started 

With so many stylish outdoor tile options to choose from, deciding on one or two of them can become a big dilemma. Before you start browsing through various design options, there are 4 questions you should answer first to ensure you get the tile that’s well suited for your needs.

1. Where Do I Want to Install? – It seems like a simple question, but this is definitely the first one to answer! Certain tile options may be better to use on exterior walls whereas others work better on outdoor floors. Knowing where your tiles will be used helps to confidently choose the type of tile that has the traits you need. For instance, a beautiful mosaic tile or a tile with 3D texture that works wonders for your exterior wall may not be an option for your patio floors. So, take a look at the specs on the tile you’re interested in and ensure it’s an appropriate choice for the desired application.

2. Do I Need Frost Resistance? – If you live in an area that tends to freeze and thaw, you need a dense outdoor tile that can withstand extreme changes in temperature. Frost resistance is determined by the water absorption rate or porosity of a tile. When a very porous tile is exposed to rain, it will absorb moisture which will expand upon freezing, potentially causing the tile to crack. For that reason, the tile industry recommends no more than 5% porosity (although under 3% is ideal) for tile to have a frost-resistant body, so that it can withstand freeze-thaw conditions. 

3. Do I Need Extra Grip?Although this is not a concern when installing tile on a wall, it’s extremely important when choosing a floor tile for outdoors. Since moisture and water can lead to slippery surfaces, you need tiles with grip -  especially if your application area is close to water features or swimming pools. You need the same type of tiles for stair applications, as well (regardless of whether or not they will be getting wet). 

Slip Resistant Outdoor Tile for a Pool Deck

4. How Much Heavy Traffic Do I Expect? – Similar to wet areas, tile with a tough surface are recommended for areas that are expected to have heavy traffic or where you plan to place heavy furnishings on it. Tiles with a tough surface and scratch-resistance are also well suited for commercial settings since they can better withstand the heavy load on the floors. Remember to check the specs of your tile or ask us - we’ll tell you how well it will hold up in your area of installation!


*Pro Tip -When choosing tiles, always check the Areas of Use in the Description to see if it is suitable for outdoor installation, wall or floor use, or commercial usage!


Outdoor Tile Material Options 

Now that you’ve narrowed down your must-know questions and have your project ready to start, it’s time to pick your materials! Let’s dive into the best outdoor tiles for each type of use!

1. Natural Stone

Natural Stone includes everything from marble to limestone, travertine and slate. These natural beauties harvested from quarries around the world are favored for their organic nature and imperfections, ensuring the most exotic and unique looks. However, natural stone is not the ideal material for outdoor projects unless you live in a very dry, mild environment and are able to seal it every few years. If you live in an area that’s blessed with a warm climate year-round and you choose to go with a natural stone tile, it’s worth noting that some forms of stone can get slippery when wet. In such cases, slip-resistant materials that have a honed or tumbled finish are smarter choices for outdoor flooring options including decks, walkways, pool areas or patios that aren’t under cover. 

10 Inch Hexagon Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile

Get the natural stone look outside with 10 Inch Hexagon Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile


2. Porcelain 

Porcelain that is meant for outdoor use are the most ideal– a versatile and budget-friendly choice to get ready for summer! Porcelain tiles that are 20 mm (2 cm) thick are particularly suitable for outdoor floorings options. The use of extremely high temperatures during the manufacturing process helps porcelain become stronger and denser than materials like ceramic and natural stone tiles. Since they don’t absorb water, they will not crack due to cold nor fade under direct sunlight. Porcelain is a great choice for any climate and suitable for almost any type of outdoor applications! To ensure non-slippery floors, it’s in your best interest to choose a matte finish or flooring options with texture and the highest rating of slip resistance. 

Dover Almond Patio Floor Tiles

Our Dover Almond porcelain floor tiles make a great patio option!

While the choice between natural stone and porcelain for your patio floor is guided by your particular needs and tastes, porcelain tiles are hands down the expert’s favorite! Need more to convince you? Check out these additional benefits of porcelain flooring for your dream backyard!

*Porcelain is Non-Porous- Whether you’re sipping cocktails by the pool or barbecuing outside, the least thing you want to worry about is getting stains on your beautifully tiled patio! Since they’re non-porous, there’s no need for sealing and it takes very little effort to keep them clean. 

*Porcelain is Frostproof – Durable outdoor porcelain tiles absorb almost no water, even during heavy rain. So, there’s no opportunity to absorb the water, freeze, expand, and then crack! 

*Porcelain is Scratch-Resistant – You want your outdoor areas to be able to stand up to heavy wear and tear, from foot traffic once we can get together and grill again or draggling plants and furniture around. The high durability of porcelain makes it an ideal choice for outdoor tiled areas.  

*Porcelain is Good Looking!– You’ll find porcelain tiles in a variety of colors and patterns that mimic natural stone, wood and even concrete, with the added value of being practical to clean. Porcelain combines performance with aesthetic appeal and versatility. What more could one ask for?


Tile Floor Ideas for An Outdoor Haven

Whether you’re designing a backyard patio, rooftop terrace, or considering a walkway, tiling outdoors opens up a world of possibilities to add charm to your home. Wondering where best to use tile outdoors? Scroll down for different ideas to get inspired!

Indoor Outdoor Wood Look Tile Flooring for a Cozy Balcony

Create a seamless indoor-outdoor look to make a small balcony feel larger with Vancouver Natural wood-look porcelain floor planks!


Front Porches

While your backyard is the hub of many of your summer activities, don’t forget about the front of your house that gets attention all year round! Your front porch is like a pre-foyer and can really set the tone for your guests, so it's important that it reflects you and your home's personality. You can use stone as long as it is sealed to give a non-porous surface. Porcelain tile will perform better though, being a non-porous, fade-resistant and a very durable option that can be used in all weather conditions, with the extra advantage of easy care. 

Welcoming Front Porch Decor with Long Lasting Porcelain Floor Tile


Backyard Patios

Want a backyard that feels like a luxury resort in some far-away destination? Refresh your backyard patio with new flooring to create your outdoor escape! Patios are also one of the outdoor living spaces that add the most value to your home. The National Association of Realtors conducted research that shows a patio brings an increased sense of enjoyment, as 84% of homeowners said they have greater desire to be at home since completing a patio project. Porcelain tile will be your ideal choice for patio floors for a low maintenance option!

Modern Backyard Patio and Pool Deck


Outdoor Kitchens

If dining out is not possible, cook outdoors in style surrounded by nature! Create a pleasurable cooking experience by transforming your outdoor kitchen into an awesome space and we bet you’ll never want to cook inside again. Tile is not only a durable material that is easy to clean but also an opportunity to add some eye-catching patterns to your outdoor surroundings! 

We could see our Square Weave Equator & Thassos Polished Mosaic Tile at an Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash!

Bring life to an outdoor kitchen with a unique backsplash to set the mood in your space! We could see our Square Weave Equator & Thassos Polished Mosaic at an Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash!

Patio Bars

An outdoor bar. Your favorite cocktail. A sunny day. Who wants to go out when your outdoor bar is your destination to entertain? Nothing adds more personality than the perfect tile to your patio bar, turning it into the perfect place for a backyard hangout.

Create a Backyard Resort Bar with Tribeca Aqua Plank Flooring!

Create a Backyard Resort Bar with Tribeca Aqua plank flooring!

Home Facades

The interior of your home says so many things about you, but it’s the exterior of your home that makes the first statement. Assure your own unique look with a distinctive home façade with tiles that that define your home’s signature and identity. Outdoor porcelain tiles are ideally suited for exterior wall applications, with an array of color and size options. 

Modern Home Exterior with Gray Porcelain Wall Tiles


Walkways and Driveways

Create the most inviting walkways or driveways with durable porcelain tile options which have have attractive aesthetic features and outperform real stone. 



We know you’ll be spending lots of time relaxing by the pool if you’re lucky enough to have one! Whether you want a stylish pool area or a safer non-slip surrounding, update your current look with porcelain tiles that will give you a poolside area you may never want to leave!

Pool Blue Glossy And Frosted Square Mosaic Tile

Give your pool an artistic touch with mosaic tiles to capture the magic of Greece or the Bahamas in your own backyard!

Creative Mosaic Tile Pool Design


With the upcoming summer season and ongoing social isolation, there are great excuses to spruce up exteriors with new outdoor tiles! If you have an outdoor space of your own, don’t wait to turn your place into an attractive spot that feels like an exciting escape. If you need a little more guidance with your choice of outdoor tiles, feel free to reach out to us so that we can assist you!

Browse our Outdoor and Pool Tiles to find the perfect look for your new summer retreat!

Turn your home into a retreat this summer with these outdoor tile ideas!


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