Picket Tiles: A Modern Twist on a Classic Look

The enduring popularity of subway tile is a testament to its timeless style. In fact, it’s been around since the early 1900’s making the timeless appeal of this tile undeniable. It's versatile and easy to blend with nearly every design style, but what makes it really shine? The ability to be customized or personalized in so many different ways-cue Picket Tiles!

This artisanal tile is known as an elegant alternative to traditional subway tile, or the elongated version of hexagon tiles with a more modern and exciting aesthetic. Picket tile comes with 2 parallel sides that are long just like subway tile, but features ends that come to a point so they resemble the top of a picket fence. This evolution results in a unique layout which gives the surfaces extra visual movement and a very sleek appeal.

Green ceramic picket tile bathroom sink backsplash

Inspired by the classic hexagon silhouette, Palisades Green Ceramic Picket Tile is reimagined in an elongated format that gives the timeless shape a fresh new look.

Picket tile winks to classic decor, but fits easily into modern design thanks to its innovative, slimmer shape. For the homeowners tired of the standard rectangular shape, or simply looking for some geometric illusion that will draw the eyes right away, this stunning tile can easily fit the bill. 

If you like spicing things up with a modern flair, these tiles will look fantastic as a kitchen or bathroom backsplash as well as a floor covering in hallways, living areas, powder rooms, and more. We're excited to explore these creative design ideas with you! Whether it's for your home or business, we think they'll work well and bring a modern vibe that is right on trend.


White ceramic picket tile bathroom wall

Palisades White Picket Ceramic Tile shakes up the expected look of white subway tiles and allows a simple white wall to steal the show. It takes the minimalist bathroom scheme to a whole new level that is more architectural, dimensional and distinctly modern.

White picket tiles are a great alternative to subway tiles. The soft, country look has an updated feel that's perfect for any home!  A fresh new option that has all the advantages of white ceramic tile but with a little dose of added personality, these tiles make it possible to get a little funky! Plus, stacking instead of staggering the tile also makes it look more modern.

Black and white ceramic tile floor in modern open plan bathroom

With too little color, your style can easily go unnoticed. For homeowners who shy away from bold color statements but still looking to express their unique style, these modern subway tiles await as a striking solution to the lifeless monochrome rooms! Using our Black Palisades tiles paired with white helps jazz up the shower design above where the neutral decor looks surprisingly louder and more assertive. 


Gray and white ceramic picket tile wall

Mixing up tile colors demonstrates that a neutral space can have personality and stand out from the subdued route. The eye-catching pattern breaks up the norm and gives even the softest shades a chance to shine.

If you are set on having neutral wall tiles throughout your home, picket tiles give you a chance to create a decor that won't feel redundant or blah. Mixing and matching tiles is a clever way to play with neutral colors.  The end result of this design is an eye-catching geometric pattern that provides extra visual interest while also giving you the comfort of neutrals.

Gray ceramic picket tile bathroom feature wall

A feature wall design that combines gray and silver tiles could never be branded as boring - far from it! We love the way these elongated shapes give this wall true dimension—something an all-gray space is often missing.


Looking for a more unusual approach with an enormous visual appeal? Consider picket tiles with a diagonal installation. Placing the direction of your tiles at a 45-degree angle for a striking feature wall will create a contrasting look against the rest of your space where you have a straight or grid layout. 

Black ceramic tile bathroom accent wall

Palisades Black Ceramic Picket Tile in a diagonal layout is the perfect example for a twist on the classic black design. With its eye-catching design, this powder room will make any space look unique and unexpected.

Diagonal layouts can sing with geometric interest of these six-sided tiles, and play with the proportion of your surfaces - an intriguing style that you can’t achieve with other tiles. 


Blue ceramic picket tile bathroom sink backsplash

Say hello to geometric expression by exposing the ends of your picket tiles for added depth and playfulness on your walls, just like this bathroom wall with our Palisades Blue Ceramic Picket Tile.

Nothing says unique like a flowing edge of picket tile - it looks adventurous, dynamic and truly eye-catching. The sharp angles of the six-sided shape can turn any tiled area into a representation of style when left unfinished. Rather than adding a pencil trim or liner, simply let your geometric tiles end with the natural edge behind for the vanity surround or kitchen backsplash.

Mint green ceramic picket tile kitchen backsplash

The organic edges of Palisades Mint Ceramic Picket Tile adds character to an otherwise clean-lined kitchen design, creating a zig-zag pattern on the walls that is beautiful and daring. This design also lets your tiles lend to a hand-crafted aesthetic for any wall, shower design, and kitchen backsplash. So channel your inner artist, and get inspired organic edging to create a unique backdrop, from kitchens to your showers and beyond!


Rose pink ceramic picket bathroom wall tile

We love the way our Palisades Rose Ceramic Picket Tile breaks the monotony of the wood colors and creates a separated area within the bathroom that feels equal parts feminine and sophisticated. 

A colorful accent wall is one of the best ways to accentuate your home and give it a much desired appeal. Execute a pop of color along with this on-trend pattern to create a full visual attraction in one part of your room. Use colored tiles to zone one section of your kitchen in an open-plan space, or create a sudden pop of color and pattern in your bathroom.

Navy blue ceramic picket tile bathroom sink backsplash

A deep navy color infused into tile creates a rich feature wall design that instantly lifts the overall look of this entire bathroom. With its dramatic ocean shade and striking glaze, Palisades Navy Ceramic Picket Tile lifts the minimalist wooden details of an otherwise plain setting.

Turning tiles vertically not only constructs an unconventional composition, but also elongates a space, which can be useful in small confined areas such as powder rooms, showers or entryways. This can help draw the eye up especially when working with moody, dark hues like the bathroom design above which utilizes a mysterious, dramatic hue. 


Gold ceramic picket tile bathroom sink backsplash

Palisades Gold Picket Ceramic Tile not only adds a luxe glam feel to this bathroom vanity area but also creates a soul-satisfying atmosphere in an otherwise white and sterile space. 

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, a little bit of tile can go a long way! Remember that tiles not only serve the purpose of protecting your walls from water damage. If you want to spice up that sterile white look of your walls that dominate your design - gold tiles will amplify the room’s glamorous, free-spirited style. You can limit it to a smaller area, or go with an entire wall for maximum impact.

Green ceramic picket tile bathroom wall

Palisades Bahia Picket Ceramic Tile combines a muted green shade with eye-catching geometry -it blends wells with natural wooden elements in the bathroom while adding instant art to the walls. 

Both classic and modern décor have their own charms and picket tile helps you incorporate the best of both, so you can give your home an authentic and inspiring appeal.

What do you think of this alternative to the classic subway tile? If you’re already on board with this fresh innovative look, explore more of our Palisades Collection today!

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