Porcelain Tile Bathroom Trends for 2022

Porcelain tile reigns supreme in modern design and for good reason! Whether you’re renovating a commercial bathroom or building the dreamiest master bath your mind can muster, porcelain tile is a worthy contender we can’t get enough of–and these next porcelain tile bathroom trends prove it!

Take a trip to the patterned side of tile design with Tile Club’s Taco Melange Black floor tile, paired here with our Brick Brooklyn Blanco textured wall tile. Both approved for bathroom floor and shower tile floors and walls.

A Word About Porcelain Tile & Why We Love it

Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile crafted from fine, dense clay that’s been dried and pressed into shape. With the final tile shape created, the clay is then twice fired under temperatures hotter than 2000°F. This removes any trace of moisture, bonds the clay crystals together, and creates a strong, dense, durable tile that’s impervious to water and highly resistant to scratching, frost, and damage (not to mention, it’s one of the easiest tiles to maintain). Porcelain tile is also one of today’s most sustainable building materials–but we’ll get to that later!

 Add all of that up, and you have the ideal floor and wall tile for high-traffic areas–especially bathrooms.

Love the look of biophilic design? Tile Club’s Kasai Sakura rectified porcelain tile combines the organic beauty of Japanese flowers with durability and style suitable for bathroom and shower walls.

But is porcelain tile stylish? Well, considering it can be transformed to look like other materials, like marble, concrete, wood, or stone, and crafted to show off a variety of eye-catching textures, we would argue it’s the most stylish tile available today. The only question left to answer is, which stylish porcelain tile design will make the cut for your upcoming bathroom remodeling project?

5 Porcelain Tile Bathroom Ideas to Make You Swoon

Give Textured Porcelain Tile a Chance

Adding texture to your interior design plan isn’t a trend–it’s a must. Textured surfaces add interest, dimension, visual and physical appeal to an otherwise flat space. In bathrooms, a textured backsplash tile or floor tile can make a smaller bathroom more interesting, while making larger bathrooms more welcoming. Underfoot, textured porcelain bathroom floor tile can improve grip and slip resistance; just double-check that your desired tile is approved for floor use before committing.

Ionic White Decor Impact Rectified Porcelain Tile

Approved for backsplashes and shower walls, this Ionic White Decor Impact Rectified Porcelain tile boasts an all-white design and uniquely textured surface just begging to be noticed.

Play with Patterned Porcelain Tile

Playing with patterns is a 2022 interior design trend we can’t get enough of. Whether you want your bathroom to exude feelings of luxury, tranquility, or energy, patterned tile can help set the scene.

From tile shapes like hexagons and large format porcelain to patterned design options to mimic the look of marble, wood, stone, or unique patterns, there is no shortage of patterned porcelain tile for every style to incorporate on your walls, floors, or in your shower. Here are a few of our favorite patterned porcelain tile looks to consider for your own quaint or lavish bathroom space.

Stormy Sky Terrazzo Hex Porcelain Tile bathroom wall

Want to give your bathroom walls a modern look? Tile Club’s Stormy Sky Terrazzo Hexagon tile’s unconventional texture can make it happen!

Keep it Classic with a White Porcelain Tile Bathroom

Sometimes trends are timeless looks in disguise. A classic and timeless trend we love to showcase year after year is a white porcelain tile bathroom. White bathrooms offer a blank canvas ideal for small bathrooms and those with an ever-changing style. 

If your idea of interior design changes with the seasons or trends, or your bathroom is small or lacks natural light, a white porcelain tile bathroom is a wonderful option. The following white porcelain tile bathroom trends will prove our point and show you that white backdrops are anything but boring.

Emporio Matte Calacatta Marble Look Porcelain Tile 24x48

If subtle detail is your style, this Emporio Matte Calacatta Marble Porcelain Tile is sure to please when installed on any bathroom, shower or backsplash wall in your home.

Go Au Naturale with Wood-Look Porcelain Tile

If you want a natural looking floor that can stand up to scratches, dents, water, wear and tear while making your life easier and offering more value for your money, wood-look tile is it.

Slatestone Pearl bathroom Floors with Tropical Pattern tile accent wall

Get inspired by nature (and texture!) with this biophilic-themed fireplace surround! Our Slatestone Pearl large format tile is an excellent choice for bringing a bit of the outside in.

Ideal for around the home and your bathroom floors, wood-look porcelain tiles are incredible for open concept spaces, seamlessly connecting one room to the next without any change in flooring. Tile Club has several wood-look porcelain tile options to match any aesthetic, from dark and daring to light and natural and several shades in between. 

Check out these wood-look porcelain tile bathroom ideas and visualize the cohesive look you could accomplish in your own space.

Wood Look Bathroom with Hardwood Floor TIles

This porcelain tile with a whitewashed wood texture delivers a spacious, cozy feel to any modern design. It's a great match for your Scandinavian or shabby-chic bathroom project!

Create a Sustainable Bathroom with Porcelain tile

A trend here to stay is utilizing environmentally friendly alternatives to, well–everything. If your renovation plan checklist includes using safe and sustainable building materials, a porcelain tile is an eco-friendly wall and flooring option worth considering. In fact, the UL-certified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for North American-made ceramic tile confirms that North American-made ceramic tile has the lowest environmental impact ratings compared to other generic EPD flooring materials. The Tile Council of North America also considers ceramic porcelain tile. Furthermore, ceramic porcelain tile is naturally free from PVC, formaldehyde, and VOCs, making it a healthy, clean, fire-safe, and cost-effective choice boasting limited environmental impact.

Perfect for showers and wetrooms, our Varana Blanco Stone Look porcelain tile is a game changer when it comes to creating a spa-like bathroom design!

Porcelain tile is manufactured using natural and (mostly) recycled or recyclable materials like clay. It’s also more durable and energy-efficient than laminate flooring. Plus, its durability means it’s long-lasting and, with proper care, can last more than 50 years! For more information, please visit the TCNA bulletin on ceramic and porcelain tile's health and safety benefits.

Tile Club: Your Home For Tile Inspiration & Design

No matter what your dream bathroom looks like, Tile Club has today’s most versatile collection of durable, long-lasting, stylish, and eco-friendly porcelain tile to bring your ultimate design dreams to life. Browse and shop Tile Club today to find the perfect tile for your next bathroom renovation project. And don't forget to visit the Tile Club Blog to discover more porcelain tile bathroom ideas, inspiration, design, and installation tips!

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