Creative Kitchen Designs with Geometric Tile Patterns

Put the pulse back in your interior with geometric kitchen tiles! If your current decor has a bad case of the blahs, it’s time to spruce things up with some fresh angles. Geometric tiles will add zing to any modern kitchen backsplash by Infusing personality and depth into the room. Whether you love ritzy diamond designs, trendy herringbone patterns, or classic hexagons, it’s time to get your decor plans into shape. 

Modern Geometric Kitchen with Bold Blue Cabinets and Metallic Brick Backsplash

Need inspiration? No problem! We’ve got tons of new design ideas. Our design expert has collected the hottest ways to ace your kitchen remodel with geometric tiles. You can also search our tiles by shape to find the perfect chevron backsplash tile or marble herringbone pattern!

Your guide to designing with geometric kitchen tiles 

Geometric tiles can make your kitchen feel more inviting by adding interest with dynamic shapes. Before we review some design ideas to implement in your new geometric kitchen design, let’s consider the basics of how to choose the right tile and coordinate them with other elements.

Geometric Hexagon Kitchen Backsplash Tile for a Blue and White Interior

Charming hexagon mosaic tile made from Thassos and Azul marble.

Designing a geometric kitchen backsplash

A backsplash is the stretch of wall behind the sink or stove — the perfect space for a tile statement!  As many of us know, subway tile is always on trend, but it’s always refreshing to try something different. 

Material-wise, many people choose to design their backsplash with glass, ceramic, or porcelain tile. These options are resistant to water, especially when they’ve got a glazed surface, which prevents them from absorbing chemicals, oil and germs. 

Marble and Shell Diamond Arrow Backsplash for a White Kitchen

Now let’s talk about backsplash ideas with geometric tile! For that classic-chic look, this Arrowhead Pearl tile lends a luxurious feel to your modern kitchen backsplash. A combination of white marble and natural shell adds a gleaming finish for a luminous, upscale quality. What’s more, its glossy surface reflects light which helps the space feel bigger and brighter! The white-on-white colors keep the arrow pattern relatively low-key, allowing this diamond-shaped tile to pair beautifully with other elements like strong colors and metallic fixtures.

Blue Glass Hexagon Tile for a Coastal Kitchen

Maybe you prefer a color kitchen design? This Sea Glass Hexagon tile captures the rich blues and graceful movement of water. Its glass texture is also highly reflective, letting light bounce off its shiny surface. The geometric hex pattern is a popular choice for a geometric design without leaning into an ultra-modern design.

Kitchen floor tiles

Your kitchen floor sees a lot of action: spills, scruffs, slips — the works! So naturally, you’ll want to choose a geometric tile that’s durable, easy to clean, and long lasting. For this purpose, we tend to choose porcelain. Since it’s denser and less porous than ceramic, it’ll endure heavier traffic and resist dirt better. You’ll get lots of mileage over the years from a porcelain tile floor!

White Porcelain Herringbone Floor Tile

Create a Herringbone flooring pattern with this white porcelain tile. 

The rules of matching

Even the boldest risk-takers in home decor should have a trained eye for visual coordination. When working with a busy pattern like geometric tile, you need to carefully plan how to connect this design with other elements in your kitchen.


The cupboard paint or material should match the kitchen backsplash according to two rules: contrast and color. 


This design principle means that one element is darker than its neighbour, allowing them both to visually pop against each other. Creating contrast between the cupboards and the backsplash tiles is important for the design to look balanced. If the cupboards blend too much with the backsplash, the whole design can feel flat or visually awkward. 

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Beige and White Hexagon Tiles and Natural Wood Shelves

Let’s consider how the designer uses contrast in this kitchen remodel. The backsplash is done with the Nova Hex tile, featuring white hexagons with a border of wood look marble. It contrasts well with the dark taupe cabinets, helping to anchor the eye in a pleasing way. The hexagons are the only pattern in the space, playing off the faceted pendant light to add modern industrial style to the open wood shelves and natural cabinets. 

There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule. For example, an all-white modern farmhouse kitchen can totally work! 


To match your cabinets to a geometric backsplash, you should also pay attention to color families. 

All colors belong to three classes: warm, cool or neutral. We’ll start with the easiest one: neutrals; these are shades and tones like taupe, grey, black or ivory. They’re pretty much invincible because they match with almost everything!

Carrara Hexagon Marble tile for a white kitchen backsplash with gray cabinets

This modern kitchen backsplash is done with a neutral color palette. The Azul Cielo Thassos and Carrara tile offers a mosaic of grey and ivory fish scales. The cupboards are charcoal gray which keeps to the same color family, creating great synergy in the whole design!

Geometric Marble and Pearl Backsplash Blends Modern Style with Farmhouse Charm

Here’s another example of contrast in your kitchen! This white marble tile backsplash is designed with geometric tiles in a neutral color palette: Thassos and Mother of Pearl. It’s a seamless contrast to the navy cupboards. 

Next, we have cool colors like teal, purple and indigo — all of which contain blue. These colors match with other cool tones or shades, and other neutrals. 

Shades of White and Blue for a Traditional Kitchen Design

A diamond pattern tile backsplash in ice blue Azul Dots and Thassos Marblecreates a  perfect match to the powder blue cupboards. Blue and white is a popular choice for kitchens, thanks to their light and airy feeling, which pairs well with the geometric tile. 

Finally, we’ve got warm colors. They’re brighter than cool colors and include anything on the sunny side of the color wheel like yellow, or orange and red. They match with neutrals or other warm colors. 

 Brass Mosaic and Calacatta tile beautifully matches the warm tone of the wood cupboards

This backsplash is designed in sunny Brass Mosaic and Calacatta tile, beautifully matching to the warm tone of the wood cupboards. Warm tones are considered inviting, making them a great choice for your kitchen. They can add a cozy, blissful vibe to even the most daring abstract tile pattern.


The design of your kitchen countertop should act like a silent partner — the backsplash does most of the talking. Generally, we keep the countertop more subdued, choosing a granite or marble slab in a light neutral or earth tone. 

This guideline is especially important when choosing a visually busy pattern like geometric tile for the kitchen backsplash. In this case, the countertop should be more understated, allowing the backsplash to shine as the star. You might also consider choosing a material with less veining for your counters, which also helps keep the primary focus on the backsplash design. 

To match the backsplash to the countertop, we use the rule of color families as a guideline. But there is also room to step outside the boundaries.

Neutral Brick Kitchen Wall Backsplash in Beige Porcelain

In this kitchen remodel, for instance, the backsplash with our Brooklyn Brick tile has both warm and neutral tones, so it can match with either a grey or sand countertop. 

Geometric Kitchen Tile Ideas

Instead of scrolling away on Pinterest for inspiration for a geometric kitchen remodel, see what our decor expert has collected for your inspiration! Here are the top kitchen backsplash ideas with geometric tile!

Contemporary charm

White Ceramic Subway Tile with a Zellige-Style Finish

Sure, rectangles are geometric! That's why white ceramic subway tile belongs firmly to this category.

Glam yet classy, this glazed ceramic subway tile is simple enough to convey timeless style but also glossy enough to add some oomph! Overall, this option adds more depth and flavor than just a basic subway tile.  You can pair this geometric kitchen tile with white cabinets for an overall fresh, updated look. 

Diamond Pattern Marble Kitchen Backsplash Tile in White and Gray

Just as tasteful but more fun, this contemporary kitchen backsplash idea is a designer’s dream. Set in the Equator Mosaic tile, it makes a subtle statement featuring overlapping diamond shapes that the eye can trace in an interesting way.  Match with grey or white cabinets and some green plants for a fresh-air feel. Since the diamond patterns are created in shades of gray, you can introduce splashes of other color with bold red clay pots or French blue cookware to liven up your kitchen design without distracting from the bold tile detail.

Country Elegance 

Modern Rustic Kitchen with Wood Look Marble Tile Backsplash

Even if you’re a city dweller, you can still play with a cozy ranch theme in your kitchen design!

This modern rustic kitchen used our Wooden Beige Honed Marble Subway Tile in a herringbone pattern to add dimension to the open wooden shelving. For a unique touch, a couple of sconce lights give the design an industrial farmhouse edge!

Square Mosaic Tile in Orange Glass for a Warm Kitchen Backsplash

Do you prefer a warmer approach? This soul-warming kitchen backsplash idea never goes out of style! It’s a combo of burnt umber and frosted honey squares to bring vibrant color to a checkerboard design. Match this orange glass mosaic tile with a beige marble or granite countertop and mahogany cabinets to create unity within the color family. You can also add other toasty touches like fruit baskets and sunflowers to play up the warmth!

Classic European 

Marble Mosaic Tile with Octagons for a Traditional Home Design Inspired by Old World Charm

This Calacatta Octagon & Azul tile channels the beauty of Ancient Greek palaces with to elongated octagon pattern. It’s regal design is a stunning choice for your kitchen wall tile or kitchen floor. The marble reveals a blend of both warm and neutral veining, so it’ll pair easily with either grey, white, sand, or walnut cabinets. The golden squares that border each hexagon are luxuriously decorative. You can enhance them with other bronze decor such as a light fixture, bowl or soap dispenser. 

Modern bold

Bold Modern Kitchen Design with Minimalist Cabinets and Glass Brick Tile Backsplash

For big personalities, this modern kitchen backsplash idea stands out, loud and proud. The tiles are made from blue and chrome glass bricks with a mix of colors and finishes that create a dramatic geometric detail. It adds an abstract burst of playfulness to the space!

To harmonize the colors in this frosted glass and chrome tile backsplash, go with matching blue cabinets — or white ones for a more clean and open effect.

Modern farmhouse 

Combine a Wood Grain Pattern with Recycled Glass Hexagon Tiles for a Modern Cottagecore Kitchen Backsplash

What’s cuter than cottage decor? This cozy style is taking Pinterest by storm with ‘cottagecore’ interiors that invite you to curl up with a mug of tea. Create an elevated twist on this charming theme with our Hexagon Mosaic Recycled Glass tile — the ideal backsplash for a modern farmhouse kitchen!  

These tiles have a wood-like pattern that pairs well with other organic textures like wicker baskets and wood cabinets.  What’s more, since they’re made of glass, they reflect light and illuminate the area. Functionally, you can never go wrong with glass tile because they’re stain-resistant an



d easy to clean! 

Industrial edge

Glass Subway Tiles with Patterned Details are a Versatile Design for a Geometric Kitchen Backsplash

Add some urban spirit to your kitchen! This Wooden Glass Mosaic subway tile  is full of character, combining the natural look of Oak with the glossy finish of glass.

It’ll match seamlessly with other neutral surfaces like an ivory countertop  and grey or white cabinets. Furnish the design with rustic decor like mason jars, a bronze kettle and vintage art. 

Which geometric kitchen design inspiration has grabbed your attention? Whether you’re the Queen of Diamonds or want to mix things up with a dramatic brick pattern, there’s a stunning way to add geometric tile details to any kitchen decor!

Triangular Backsplash Tile in White and Gray Marble adds Geometric Flair to a Gorgeous Kitchen

For more geometric tile ideas for your cooking space, check our Kitchen Inspiration Gallery!

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