Trending Colors for Home Decor

Looking ahead at the new year, we start feeling the excitement of a new decade and wonder which colors the new season will bring. Just like other design factors, tile colors are powerful enough to create the right mood and feeling in your interiors. In the coming season, we will be welcomed with tile colors that are bold and optimistic, live yet relaxing. Designers are getting creative with different grout colors, as well. Have a quick look at the upcoming trends below and get inspired by colors before choosing tiles for your next project.

Power of Navy Blue

Looking to go dark but afraid of black? Unlike other dark colors that feel gloomy, navy blues are a more neutral alternative to liven up spaces with a luxurious and mysterious feel. Pantone is even giving navy blue some love and recognition in their Spring/Summer trend report for New York Fashion Week!

Reminiscent of the ocean, these deep blue tiles are coming back to cover not only bathroom walls but also the kitchen wall and flooring. For those who are still tentative about going dark, mixed tile colors can also be great options to bring the same elegance and serenity as seen below. If you're feeling a little adventurous, pair with dark grout or other unique grout colors.

Blue Foil Glossy and Frosted Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Blue Foil Glossy and Frosted
Hexagon Mosaic Tile

Melange Blue
Melange Blue

Bringing the Outside in with Greens

Bold greens inspired by the power of nature. From furniture to glorious tile options, slowly but surely green has started to enter our interiors. The green tile trend will bring different hues from grass green to dark emeralds, emulating the healing power of nature inside the home. Green tile may be a good option to create fresh and modern rooms, as mosaic tiles still evoke calming emotions with a more traditional look. There is something about light tile floors that bring serenity to a space.


White Emerald Weaved Hexagon 
Glass Mosaic Tile

Comforting Yellows

When it comes to color in interior design, yellow is one of those colors we’re usually afraid of, just because most of us don’t know how to incorporate into our decor. Well, the new season is bringing more cheerful and positive yellow tile that will give your spaces energy and create vibrant rooms!

If you’re still uncertain about the brightness of this color, you can try adding some mustard yellows instead – not too bold but still bright enough to stand out. A small amount of yellow tiles can be a smart choice where you need a bit more brightness, but don’t want to go simple with white.

And don't forget about gold! Pantone gold is a great choice when you want to add some yellowish opulent design, without going too overboard. 

Gold Arabesque Mosaic TileGold Arabesque
Mosaic Tile
Golden Stars Calacatta Gold And Brass Mosaic TileGolden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Mosaic Tile

Timeless Neutrals

Color trends come and go, except for timeless neutrals. The versatility of grey and brown allows neutral color tiles to suit nearly every style at any time. Because they have so many shades and tones, grey and brown are some of those tile colors that are always easy to pair with and create contrast with other vibrant colors. That being said, grey tiles will still remain as one of the top picks for interior designs.

Moroccan Star & Cross Grey Etched Marble Mosaic TileMoroccan Star & Cross Grey Etched Marble Mosaic Tile Glacier Gray 8X16 Polished Glass Tile
Glacier Gray 8x16 Polished Glass Tile

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