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Calacatta Gold Basket Pattern Mosaic Tile
Regular price $49.90 per sheet
Calacatta Gold Diamond Pattern Bathroom Tile
Regular price $74.00 per sheet
White marble penny tile coffee bar backsplash
Regular price $41.90 per sheet
11.2" x 11.5" Calacatta Gold Penny Tile Polished
Regular price $39.90 per sheet
Calacatta Honed Herringbone Mosaic Bathroom Floor Tile
Regular price $31.00 per sheet
Geometric wall tile luxury bathroom
Regular price $59.00 per sheet
10" Calacatta Gold Hexagon Tile Floor
Regular price $29.00 per sheet
A Wooden Bench and Ceramic Jugs Stand on the Calacatta Gold Hexagon Tile Polished Floor
Regular price $36.00 per sheet
2" Calacatta Gold Hexagon Tile
Regular price $36.00 per sheet
Skinny Chevron Calacatta Gold Mosaic Tile Backsplash
Regular price $55.90 per sheet
Large Basket Weave Calacatta Gold
Regular price $49.50 per sheet
Mini Lantern Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tile
Regular price $49.00 per sheet
TCTS-01 Elongated Diamond TIle
Regular price $55.00 per sheet
Modern bathroom with calacatta marble tile shower wall
Regular price $64.00 per sheet
Calacatta Gold Marble Nova Baseboard Polished
Regular price $31.00 per piece
Calacatta Gold Marble Nova Chair Rail Polished
Regular price $26.00 per piece
Calacatta Gold Marble Nova Pencil Liner Polished
Regular price $17.00 per piece
Calacatta Gold Marble Nova Pencil Liner Honed
Regular price $17.00 per piece
Calacatta Gold Marble Baseboard Polished
Regular price $31.00 per piece
Calacatta Gold Marble Chair Rail Polished
Regular price $27.00 per piece

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Characterized by its deep white background color and dramatic natural veining in gold and gray, Calacatta Gold Marble Tile creates one-of-a-kind predominant patterns in spaces that send a message of luxury and style! From the construction of some of the world’s most memorable monuments and cathedrals to Michelangelo’s most famous sculptures, this Italian marble is still one of the top construction and design materials in commercial and residential projects today!

This exceptionally white marble is a rare stone that is only available from the quarries in Carrara, Italy. Because of its classic and timeless look, Calacatta Gold marble has been a mainstay in residential and commercial environments – it accents a variety of décor styles including classic, contemporary, traditional, modern and many more. Whether you’re looking to bring an exclusive look to your office floors or create a sophisticated kitchen backsplash design, we offer an array of Italian marble tile options in different designs and sizes for you to choose from!

Calacatta marble tile is one of the classiest choices when it comes to bathroom décor. Take your shower walls from boring to supremely stylish by combining the beauty of natural stone with a classical and timeless pattern, such as our Honed Herringbone mosaic or Thassos Bricks Mosaic Tile. Looking for a geometric Calacatta Gold marble tile shower wall? Our Polished Hexagon Tile is perfect to add an artistic flair to your shower area in a fun and classy fashion! For extra slip-resistance on floors in showers or other wet areas, consider creamy white marble mosaic tile options in a honed finish, such as our two inch Honed Hexagon Tile or Penny Round Tile!

With its classic color and dramatic veining, Calacatta marble tile acts like a piece of art on the walls, whether that’s for a kitchen or bathroom backsplash, marble tile fireplace surround, or a statement wall for a lobby or reception area. To spice up a quiet bathroom design, try an eye-popping pattern such as our Diamond & Hex Marble Mosaic Tile behind your vanity and instantly elevate your muted bathroom décor! To incorporate a luxe feel into your kitchen, use our Duomo 3D Diamond Mosaic Tile as the backsplash – a showstopping tile choice that can pair well with classic to modern style kitchens and the natural stone complements any countertop or cabinet paint color! Looking for some curved lines or more feminine patterns? Add a romantic floral pattern to your walls using our Lily & Carrara Mosaic Tile for a classical touch, or Medieval Flower Glass & Waterjet Mosaic Tile for a more contemporary, monochromatic look! 

Want to bring timeless luxury to the floors? We have a wide collection of different Calacatta marble mosaic, subway and field tiles that are suited for a wide range of indoor and outdoor floor applications! Looking to make a statement in an entryway? Incorporate the illusion of a tile rug into your floor design with the striking geometric pattern of our Octagon with Lagus Azul Dots or Medieval Diamonds Lagos Azul Mosaic Tile. What about some oversized geometric patterns? Use 10” Hexagon Tile Honed to create impactful floors for your hallways, office spaces, or anywhere you want to give a unique feeling for your guests. 

Wherever you use Calacatta gold marble tile, make sure it’s in a highly visible area so that you don’t waste this unique beauty!


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