Marble | Crema Marfil Tile

If your commercial or residential remodeling goals involve adding warm, inviting colors and materials to your space, then Crema Marfil marble tile may be just the right material for the job.

Sourced from southeastern Spain, Crema Marfil tile is the world’s best-selling beige marble! Each slab offers a one-of-a-kind color and variation you won’t find anywhere else, giving you a rare opportunity to create a never-before-seen kitchen, entryway, or bathroom tile design sure to take your breath away.

Crema Marfil marble tile comes in dozens of unique etched designs, shapes, and patterns as well. From the Crema Marfil Arabesque Tile safe for use on shower walls and floors to the intricate pattern of the Diagonal Double Weave Crema Marfil Marble Mosaic Tile or a classic Crema Marfil bathroom mosaic tile that showcases honeycomb-like hexagons, you will enjoy an endless selection of this worldwide favorite marble tile in the patterns, color variations, and textures that tie in your space for a picture-perfect look.

Tile Club Crema Marfil Marble Favorites

As a leading tile provider in the US, it’s hard for us to choose favorites, but there are a few Crema Marfil marble tiles we find hard not to fall in love with! One of them is the Textured Crema Marfil Leaf Marble Mosaic Tile. This marble wood-look tile brings out a unique pattern and texture through a beige stone with subtle veining for a warm and light color scheme ideal for indoor and outdoor wall and floor designs alike.

Speaking of incredible patterns, the Textured Crema Marfil Chevron Marble Mosaic Tile is another stunner, boasting a vertical chevron pattern that will take your traditional kitchen or bathroom to a whole new, contemporary level. Looking for a neutral and natural way to complement your interior design without going over the top? Then the Crema Marfil Diamond with Etched Lines and Emperador Dark Dots may just be the marble tile for you! With just the right amount of eye-catching black in a gorgeous diamond pattern, this marble tile offers the timeless pattern you’re after for your residential or commercial space.

Cleaning Crema Marfil Tile

While marble tile does require a bit more maintenance upkeep than a porcelain tile or glass tile, these beautiful stone building materials can be kept in optimal shape with a little attention to their care and cleaning!

To help your Crema Marfil marble tile retain its natural beauty through days, months, and years of wear and tear, you will want to use a mild, pH-balanced marble tile cleaner and water. Do not use any acid, alkaline, or solvent-based cleaners, which could damage or discolor the grout and tile.  Be sure to remove any surface spills or debris regularly to prevent any possible staining, and do not allow soap, bleach, or other cleaning solutions to sit on the surface. Before using a new cleaner, we recommend doing a small spot test in an inconspicuous area.

As marble is a porous material, you’ll get the best results by applying a penetrating sealer to your tiles and grout periodically - typically every 6-12 months. Regularly sealing keeps your marble tiles and grout from absorbing water and stains. Not sure when to reapply? Flick drops of water on your Crema Marfil marble to see if it beads on the surface, or sinks in. If it absorbs into the tile, it’s time to seal! 

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