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At Tile Club, we make it easy to find one-of-a-kind, unique tile patterns perfect for adding an interesting focal point to your commercial or residential design. Whether you're looking for a floor tile with a creative circular pattern, a mid-century-inspired wall tile design, or metallic and marble designs in dynamic shapes to add an interesting yet luxurious finish to your space, our selection of patterned tiles will not let you down! Unlike classic subway tile or field tiles, these mosaic designs feature creative patterns ranging from gemstone chips, geometric inlays, bohemian arrows, mermaid scale shells, and so many more options for a stunning patterned floor or wall tile!

Add Interest To Your Space With Irregular & Asymmetrical Tile Designs

We stock a wide range of tiles with unique tile shapes, including non-traditional mosaic tile, ceramic, stone, marble, shell, and glass tile perfect for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom and entryway floor tile, shower walls, and more. 

Mosaic Tiles are Easy to Install

Many of our irregular and asymmetrical tiles come attached to a mesh backing to ensure quick and easy installation despite the shape. For instance, the White Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile with small leaf-shaped glass tiles and the installation couldn’t be easier thanks to its mesh backing.

Choosing Asymmetrical Tiles By Material

While style is certainly important, it’s not the only deciding factor you need to consider. The tile material you choose is also extremely important, especially when it comes to the area of use. 

Within each tile description, you will find the recommended area of use for each tile. These areas of use change from one tile to the next based on material and finish. For instance, most glass tiles are approved for use indoors, outdoors, as wall and floor tiles in steam rooms, bathrooms, and showers. This is because they do not absorb moisture or water and clean up easily, which is a plus in high-traffic locations. 

Marble, ceramic, and metal tile, on the other hand, vary in area of use based on things like permeability and finish (polished vs. honed), as water or moisture could make the tile slippery. Another deciding factor you should consider is whether the tile is susceptible to discoloration from water, and the type of maintenance required to keep it looking new.

Shell tile, like our Pure White Illusion Mother of Pearl Mosaic Tile, is a beautiful choice for an indoor wall and shower wall tile but should not be installed as a shower floor tile or in outdoor areas. When choosing your must-have patterned mosaic tiles, be sure to check the area of use before ordering!

Find Inspiration For Your Next Renovation Project At Tile Club

Want to incorporate irregular mosaic tiles or irregular floor tiles into your design plans, but you’re unsure where to start? Don’t fret! The Tile Club blog is full of inspirational articles that can show you the many Ways to Use Bold Tiles in Creative Home Design, including irregular and unique patterned tiles. 

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