Marble | Carrara Marble Tile

What can be more elegant than classic Carrara marble tile? It creates an iconic natural stone tile look for any traditional or modern design. Carrara tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, patterns to create elegant marble mosaic designs! If you are searching for simple and minimalist materials, our marble field tile creates the look of a stone slab for wall and floor applications! It is excellent for marble flooring in residential and commercial spaces, wall coverings, and shower designs. Carrara marble subway tile is one of the most popular kitchen backsplash designs. It pairs beautifully with gold fixtures for an elegant bathroom wall or walk-in shower. Honed or polished, solid or textured with an etched design, this style is a wonderful addition to any residential or business design! 

Add the Elegance of Carrara Marble

There is no surprise Carrara marble found in so many products! It creates a beautiful addition to a mosaic tile pattern to add a luxurious finish to your home, lobby, or fireplace. In combination with glass, it can balance a vibrant look with a neutral gray base, as it does in our Green Hex And Square Carrara & Glass Waterjet Tile.  

One of the most popular designs is a timeless Carrara marble hexagon mosaic tile - we carry it in 1”, 2”, 3” hexagon patterns and larger for a honeycomb wall design or slip-resistant marble shower flooring!

Add some tactile interest with a textured Etched Carrara Hexagon Marble Mosaic tile or go for a classic gray and white marble combination with Azul Cielo Thassos and Carrara 1" Hexagon. We love the diverse look of our Textured Carrara And Glass Hexagon Mosaic for a classic white kitchen backsplash or elegant marble bathroom. It is easy to clean, resistant to moisture, and extremely appealing. 

Marble Home Design

For homeowners who are into DIY projects or want an easy-fix solution, we suggest our peel and stick tile in Carrara hexagons! This 5" Carrara Hexagon Peel and Stick Tile is perfect for a fast interior revamp! One more timeless design is a Carrara herringbone tile. Choose a one-color look of 1X3 White Carrara Herringbone Polished Marble Mosaic Tile or a blend in different materials such as Striped Herringbone Carrara & Bardiglio Marble Mosaic Tile

Carrara marble tile is great for any sort of application. It will bring a magazine-cover look to any area! For a living room try our Carrara Arabesque Tile With Wooden Beige Lines to create a classic and warm feel. It is a sturdy, long-lasting, safe material for a Carrara tile bathroom décor. You can even use a combination of Carrara tile to ties floors and walls together. For a Carrara, shower floor chose products with a good grip like smaller patterns or tumbled stones. For a fancy Carrara tile backsplash, a marble feature wall, or a tub surround your options in Tile Club are immense! Whether you go for a simple look of Carrara Subway With Bardiglio Dot Mosaic Tile or choose an intricate Textured Elongated Carrara Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tile, your bathroom will turn out to be gorgeous!