Peel and Stick Tile for Kitchens, Bathrooms & More

It's so easy to DIY home improvements with stick-on tile! Our beautiful collection of easy to install adhesive tile sheets are perfect for any home upgrade you have in mind. They're perfect for a do-it-yourself remodel, or to flip a house. Upgrade a rental unit with beautiful and cost-effective building materials that offer a long-lasting design. Shop our selection of self-stick tiles to find the perfect design for a peel and stick backsplash with a Carrara marble hexagon tile pattern, or design a copper picket tile bathroom wall! Our Peel and stick wall tiles for kitchen use can create a stunning addition to your cabinets and appliance choices, especially in marble or brushed metal!

Frequently Asked Questions about Peel and Stick Tile:

Q: Where can you install Peel and Stick Tile?

A: Self-adhesive tiles are a great option for a DIY wall treatment! Only use them indoors. They're a fun and easy to install design element for a patterned wall design. You can use them as a fireplace surround. Decorate your stair riser to add a creative element to your entryway decor. They are not recommended for areas exposed to water, such as shower walls or floor applications.

Q: What is Peel and Stick Tile made of?

A: We carry aluminum and vinyl peel and stick wall tiles as well as Carrara marble tiles on adhesive backing. Each product page lists the materials used or you can contact the Tile Club team with any questions!

Q: Do you need to grout Peel and Stick tile?

A: You do not need to grout vinyl tile. Our marble peel and stick designs may have some slight gaps between the Carrara discs. We recommended touching up the space between discs with un-sanded white grout.

Q: Can you install a Peel and Stick Tile backsplash?

A: Yes! You should always install a tile according to fire codes, and that is the case for adhesive tiles - the manufacturer recommends at least 8-9" of space between the burner and the peel and stick backsplash - a stovetop with a back cover or control panel will achieve that distance, but if your range does not have a back cover allow that amount of space between the heat source and the adhesive tiles. You should also leave at least 2" between the tile and small cooking appliances - toasters, toaster oven, etc. Never install adhesive tiles near an open flame.

Q: Can I order a peel and stick sample?

A: Yes! We know how important it is to see the material in person and have a chance to feel the quality and material. You can order a sample of any tile on the product page! We cut 4" x 5" swatches from material that is ready to ship. We do not intend for samples to be installed.

Q: Can you install a peel and stick fireplace surround?

A: You can! Tile Club's adhesive tiles can be installed on fireplace surrounds as long as the temperature does not exceed 120F.

Q: How do you cut peel and stick tiles?

A: You can use tin snips to cut most of our aluminum and vinyl tile stickers. For the marble hexagon peel and stick adhesive tiles, we recommend a tile cutter or wet saw with a diamond blade.

Q: Can I stick tiles over existing tile?

A: We don't recommend applying tile over tile - either peel and stick or using a mortar. Apply peel and stick adhesive tiles onto cleaned and prepped drywall for the best grip.

Q: Can you install peel and stick floor tile?

A: Adhesive tiles are best for wall installations only. Although Tile Club's collection of stick-on tiles have strong adhesive on the back, they won't stand up to foot traffic. We do carry a selection of beautiful and durable floor tiles that are installed with traditional mortar and grout to provide the best wear for your flooring!

About our Peel and Stick Tiles:

Made from real marble or aluminum and vinyl, these sheets are much more durable than 'tile stickers', but just as easy to install for a peel and stick wall tile! The long-lasting finish and high-quality stone or metal materials will ensure that your home improvement project will look polished and professional for years to come! Our collection includes best-selling designs like 2.5" Carrara Hexagon Peel and Stick Marble Tile with a neutral color scheme and brushed metal finish, and Silver Grey Picket Stick Tile in shades of silver and gray!

Check out how to install peel and stick tile with our step-by-step tutorial post, or our video tutorial on How to Cut Marble Peel and Stick Tile! You'll be ready to install your own self-stick tile in no time, thanks to the adhesive backing and easy-to-cut and trim materials of our decorative vinyl tile collection. You can dazzle guests and family members with the beautiful tile job you accomplished on your own. The high-quality materials and adhesive are built to last! Install your own wall tiles on any interior surface and contact our team with any questions on how to use your adhesive tiles!

In addition to our selection of high-quality marble hexagons that a new homeowner or DIY enthusiast can install on their own, we also carry a selection of luxury vinyl tiles! These beautiful designs combine aluminum for a durable finish and a metallic look in gold, silver, or copper! Add a dramatic tiled staircase riser with our decorative vinyl Black and Gold Hexagon tile with the look of black marble and brushed gold for a modern glam look, or create your dream bathroom by adding the white marble and gold mosaic tile to your vanity backsplash. When designing with decorative vinyl stick tiles, we recommend installing them in a low-moisture and low-heat area. Ensure at least 6 inches of distance from any heat source when installing a peel and stick tile backsplash.