Picchetto Ceramic Picket Tiles

Love the shape of picket tiles? Tile Club's Picchetto Ceramic Picket tiles combine the elongated hexagon shape with unique surface texture for the look of handcrafted tiles! The beautiful colors and finishes add flair and creativity to indoor walls and floors.

Order boxes of Picchetto Gloss and Matte to mix finishes and create a one-of-a-kind design for your home or business! To create a mix-and-match design, Tile Club recommends laying out your tiles before applying your thinset. Decide on your layout before you apply to your walls.

Tile Club offers Picchetto Ceramic Picket tiles by the box, allowing you to easily cover indoor floors and walls with these stunning tiles. Each tile measures 1.7" x 9.6" and can be laid out with spacers to create a dynamic tile pattern in either vertical or horizontal layouts. 

These glazed ceramic tiles add creative shape and gorgeous color throughout your home. Design a traditional picket tile backsplash behind your stove, a pop of color on your laundry room walls, or an eye-catching bathroom floor in your powder room! When you want to expand a small room, lay glossy Picchetto picket tiles in a vertical orientation to amplify natural light and add height. 

Whether you love the glossy or matte finish or the unique pattern of the Rustic designs, these beautiful tiles can add to any interior style!