Santa Barbara Ceramic Star and Cross Tiles

 Tile Club is excited to announce our newest release: Santa Barbara Star and Cross Ceramic Tiles! These beautiful mix-and-match tiles allow you to completely customize your design, choosing between matte and glossy finishes, jewel tones, and plain or decorative pieces - the possibilities are endless!

Each product contains one shape, color, and design of tile. Select one or more other options from the collection to create the checkerboard design of your choosing!

Santa Barbara Matte Ceramic Tiles

Inspired by the sea breezes, lush palm trees, and Spanish architecture of Santa Barbara, these beautiful tiles create a Mediterranean oasis in any space! Choose from five subtle colors to create a zen interior in your home or commercial space. The matte finish is available in a soft black, pale gray, green, blue, and white. Each color comes in both star and cross options as well as a decorative accent option. Colorful scrollwork details on a white background add beautiful patterns to your star and cross floor or wall detail!

Santa Barbara Glossy Ceramic Tiles

Our Santa Barbara glossy tiles come in both star and cross shapes in four colors. Mix and match glossy white, black, emerald green, and royal blue! These stunning ceramic pieces can be used on interior and exterior walls. Mix and match the Royal Blue and White tiles for a hacienda kitchen backsplash behind your stove range, the glossy Black and White checkerboard pattern on a statement fireplace surround, or vibrant green back decor,

The glossy tiles are not recommended for shower floors, but can be used on other residential floors in low-traffic areas throughout your home!


All of our Santa Barbara ceramic tiles are easy to maintain and keep clean. We recommend using a ceramic cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe them down as needed.