Waterjet Tiles

Looking for something luxurious and unique in floor or wall tiles? Look no further than our waterjet mosaic tiles. Our cutting technology makes it possible to create intricate, patterned designs that will add personality and style to your home. Plus, our marble tiles are sure to impress guests and customers for residential and commercial designs alike.

Historically, this type of design took painstaking hand-cutting techniques to create. Now, innovative waterjet technology uses a highly pressurized spray of water to cut curved designs and patterns from luxurious materials. 

After hese incredible designs are cut by water velocity, they're assembled on a mesh backing. This makes it easy to install continuous patterns of even the most intricate tile designs! You can lay out sheets of waterjet tiles side by side to cover floors and walls with these beautiful tiles, covering large sections to create accent walls, eye-catching backsplash designs, and even large-scale floors with beautiful details! 

Waterjet technology allows Tile Club to offer some of the most stunning patterned tiles - from simple arabesque shapes to scale-pattern mermaid tiles to long-wearing marble mosaics with the look of concrete tiles. You'll find something unique and memorable to transform your living space, office, retail store, restaurant, or more!