How to use tile for a creative accent wall design -

Entryway Accent Wall -

Create a dynamic greeting when you enter your home by designing a stunning feature wall! Play off durable, high-traffic flooring (think wood-look tiles for that hardwood style), with an eye-catching mosaic wall. Adding a creative or colorful tiled wall when you open the door is an amazing way to create a sense of relief when you walk in the door from work or errands. 

This works wonders for businesses as well! A dynamic accent wall can create a positive impact for customers and employees alike, plus present a great branding opportunity.

Living Room Accent Wall -

Your living area is a natural choice for an accent detail. For a lot of homeowners, the fireplace or the tv wall feels like the natural choice. They’re already the center of attention, so adding a textured or patterned detail is a great way to keep your design focused. Choose colors that complement - or contrast - your living room furniture. Our favorite design tip? Coordinate with your flooring design, but choose an accent wall with unique details to make sure it stands out!

Kitchen Accent Wall -

There are so many fun ways to give your kitchen a fun feature wall! The backsplash is, of course, the most obvious, as it’s both a visual and functional center of your cooking space. Adding a dynamic tile here is a great way to both protect the wall behind your stove or sink and also to brighten up your space. This is the place to splurge! Backsplash tiles are not only an amazing design component, but they can withstand heat, splashes, and cooking splatters. 

Spa Shower and Feature Walls -

There are so many ways to give your ensuite bathroom or powder room a creative accent feature! One of the most popular choices is the vanity backsplash. Adding a tiled detail here is a great way to keep water, toothpaste, makeup, and other bathroom messes off the wall. It’s fun to coordinate a vanity mirror and wall sconces with a stunning bathroom tile! The shower is another great place to give your bathroom a fresh look! Create a luxurious spa shower by choosing a tile not seen on the floor or walls. A curbless shower entry and glass doors creates a natural separation while the tiled feature is a standout design!

Outdoor Accents -

Whether you’re designing an outdoor kitchen, a cozy fire pit with seating, or a water feature there are so many fun ways to enhance your exterior living space. Create a stunning waterfall wall leading into your swimming pool for an incredible backyard getaway! Install a beautiful and low-maintenance backsplash behind your grill or in your outside kitchen to make clean-up a breeze and to entertain in style! Now is the time to get creative with your outdoor living space so you can enjoy it when summer comes!

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