5 Questions to Ask Before you Buy Tile Online

We know buying tile online can be a little daunting! Our goal as one of the premier online tile retailers is to make the process as easy as possible for you, whether you’re looking for a new backsplash for your kitchen, or need flooring for an entire house! From the smallest DIY home improvement project to large scale commercial construction, our team is here to make your tile shopping experience the best possible!5 Questions to Ask before you Buy Tile Online

Start with inspiration for a gorgeous new bathroom or kitchen, through tile selections, samples, shipping, and installing! Our Pearl Chic white marble and shell mosaic waterjet tile is just one of the gorgeous designs we have ready to buy online!

To help make things a little easier, we’re sharing the top 5 questions you should ask before you buy tile online - hopefully we’ll answer your questions along the way, but if you need to ask something, you can reach our team by phone, chat, or email!

Answers to the top 5 questions before you buy tile online:

1. What is Tile Club?

Starting off with the best possible question! We’re an online-only tile retailer based in beautiful California. We source beautiful tiles from all around the world and ship across the US and to Canada. We believe in providing the highest quality tiles at the best possible price, along with excellent customer service to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your experience.

Questions to Ask before Buying Tile Online: Where is the best place to order?
What is Tile Club and why is it the best place to buy tile online? That’s just as easy to answer as ‘where can I find White Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile?

Tile Club has one of the largest selections of in-stock and ready to ship tile that you’ll find anywhere. We constantly introduce new designs, keeping up with some of the hottest interior design trends, as well as introducing timeless pieces for traditional interior style - there’s something for everyone!

We’re not just retailers - our team has decades of experience selling, designing with, and installing tiles, and we’re passing that knowledge on to you! Whether it's through our blog posts on home improvement tips, design ideas, or the latest trends, or in a one-on-one customer inquiry, we make sure you’re in good hands for every step of your tiling project.

Not only do we source beautiful tiles from around the world so we can offer Italian marble, Moroccan ceramics, classic subway tiles, and eco-friendly recycled glass tile, we create custom designs, as well! From personalized mosaics that can be designed to create the perfect home decor or branded business accent, or small batch tile orders to get the perfect look for your project, we have the design resources to find your ideal tile!

Shop online for tile to transform your kitchen, living room, bathroom, shower, or more!

So what is the Club part? We offer amazing benefits with our membership - you’ll receive 5% off your orders when you sign up for our weekly newsletter! It’s really that easy to save even more on our beautiful tile.

If you’re a builder, tile installer, architect, interior designer, or other contracting professional, you can apply for our Platinum Pro Lounge trade discount program to receive even deeper savings as well as free tile samples!

2. How do I know what the tile looks like in person if you’re an online-only shop?

We have a couple of different ways that we try to help clients make sure they love the tile before they buy it! Take a look to see which one is the right choice for you:

Questions to Ask before Buying Tile Online: What does it look like in person?

We know how easy it is to fall in love with our Pearl Chic tile online - and it’s just as beautiful in person!

Tile Samples: 

We offer Tile Samples so you can see them in person! Each sample swatch is about 4” x 5” and comes mounted on a card with identifying information. They’re intended for you to see the colors in person, test out the finish, material, and feel since it can be hard to get a proper sense of the tile in photos on your screen. This is especially important for color, since screen settings may affect how you perceive the different hues in the tile if it’s only viewed on your phone or computer. 

Order Tile Samples to see Swatches in Person

Shop samples like our Mother of Pearl Hexagon Mosaic to have these tile swatches show up at your door - with free shipping!

Our samples are not intended to be installed, but we consider them a ‘showroom in your own home’ because you can pair tile samples with other fixtures and finishes, paint swatches, and decor to get a sense of your project as a whole! Even better, you can see how the tile material looks in the light where you will install them! It’s as close as we can get to a 100% guarantee that you’ll love your tile before it’s shipped and installed.

Don’t have time to wait for a tile sample? We also offer Lot Photos upon request. Our team unpacks sheets or pieces of the tiles we have ready to ship, and lays them side by side. We take a picture in our warehouse so you can see the type of material that is ready to make its way to you! You can request Lot Photos of each tile with the button under Order Samples - please allow up to 24 hours for our team to process so you have the most accurate lot information!

Request Tile Lot Photos to see Materials Ready to Ship

Lot photos of our glass subway tiles show how each sheet looks separately - and how the mosaic tiles fit seamlessly together!

When are lot photos the most helpful? If you want to see more than 1 sheet at a time, to compare the level of variance between the tile sheets or pieces. This is the most helpful for patterned tiles, mosaics, or tiles in our natural stone collection, which have a high level of variance. Marbles like Nero Marquina, Bardiglio, and Calacatta Gold naturally vary to a high degree with veins of color and mineral deposits that give each of them their signature and highly coveted look. Lot photos allow you to get a sense of the veining and natural variation before placing your order.

3. How do I know where this tile can be used?

Once you’ve found a gorgeous tile you love, the next step is to confirm it’s the right material for your project!


Questions to Ask before Buying Tile Online: Where Can you Install Tiles?

Find it, love it, but where can you install it? Learn where you can install lovely tiles like our earth tone marble picket tile in the Area of Use!

We include the approved installation locations in the Area of Use. This should always be located in the Description section of each tile, and lists the places you can install tile based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

That’s the best place to find out if the tile you’re looking at can be installed in your home or business. Most of the usage will depend on the type of tile and the kind of finish, grip, or slip resistance it offers. If you’re not sure about the type of tile you need, you can always reach our team by phone, email, or chat!

Check the Area of Use Before Installing Tiles

Can you install it as a wall tile on backsplashes and fireplace surrounds, a floor tile for your home or business, in your shower, or even outside? Check this area for details on each tile!

This is the best place to find a material that can stand up to residential flooring needs or is sturdy enough for a commercial floor like an office, store, restaurant, or hotel. 

We also include whether or not the material is approved for outdoor use, since exterior tiles need to stand up to more severe changes in weather, fluctuations in temperature, and generally need to have a high level of durability.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous design for your new shower walls or floor, this is the place to look! We list each section separately, since you want tiles for a shower wall to have a low degree of permeability so they can stand up to a wet environment without the risk of water seeping into your drywall and causing moisture problems. Shower floor tiles need to do the same while also offering grip and slip resistance, so they have a separate qualification. These tiles are primarily ones with a honed or ridged finish to provide grip, or smaller designs to allow for more grout lines. This section is especially important for any shower installations to be sure you have a safe shower floor!

We also list the requirements if you’re interested in a pool tile that will be fully submerged. These tiles need to withstand a wet environment AND changes in light and temperature so check this area closely to find the perfect design for your gorgeous backyard swimming pool!

4. How do I know how much tile I need?

   You’ve made your selection; now it’s time to run the numbers! 

Pearl Gray Glass Herringbone Mosaic Tile for a Bathtub Surround

How many sheets of our Pearl Gray Herringbone glass tile does it take to cover a bathroom wall or bathtub surround? Even if you only know your length and width measurements, you can use our online tile calculator to find out how much square footage you need. 

We measure all of our tiles by how many square feet you need - whether the tile comes in sheets, pieces, or boxes. The first step is to take measurements of the area you’re going to tile and convert it into square footage.

How to Calculate How Much Tile you Need

If you don’t regularly install tile, we do recommend having your contractor, installer, or other professional confirm your measurements and square footage needs. While we’re happy to help, having a person on the job site is going to be the most accurate way to check your tile needs.

Once you have the height and width of the area you want to tile, you can also use the square footage calculator on each product page! Click the ‘Calculate Quantity’ icon above the add to cart button and enter the length and width of your tiled area, and it will show the number of units needed below! 

How to Use the Tile Club Square Footage Calculator

Click the calculator icon on each product page to enter your dimensions and determine how many pieces, sheets, or boxes will cover your tiled area!

If you have your square footage already calculated, you can enter it into the Sq. Ft. box and the calculator will automatically let you know how many units of tile will be needed to cover your area. Tiling experts always recommend calculating around 10-15% overage for your project - in case you need additional pieces, or if you need to cut into some for corners, edges, etc. 

Once you have your calculations done - go ahead and add to your cart! If you’ve signed up for the Tile Club newsletter, you should automatically see 5% savings in your cart at checkout. Now’s the time to make sure you have your overage added, you’ve picked any corresponding tiles to finish your design, and you’ve chosen your trim and moldings to complete the project!

How to Find Out How Much Tile You Need

Enter how many square feet you need to tile and it will automatically calculate how many tiles you need!

5. How can I get your tiles shipped to me?

We offer free ground shipping on all qualifying orders to the Lower 48 United States! Our goal is to make sure you get your beautiful tiles as quickly as possible and with the most cost effective option to you! Questions to Ask before Buying Tile Online: Can You Ship Tiles?

Ready to tile your laundry room floor in our Weaving Flower marble mosaic tile? We ship almost all tiles for free!

Do we ship tiles to Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii? Absolutely! You can see the available shipping rates at checkout when you enter your address.

Tile Club Shipping Boxes of Tile

These gorgeous Tile Club boxes are ready to come your way!

What orders qualify to ship free? 90% of our tiles are available for free shipping! In order to offer the best possible prices on some of our Porcelain & Ceramic tiles, there is a minimum order quantity for them to ship free. Boxes of our budget-friendly ceramic and porcelain tiles as well as large tiles that measure over 16” on one side have a flat shipping rate of $159 for orders under $499. If your order total is over $499, your tile will ship for free!

Samples always ship free so you can make sure to see the tile swatches in person!


We’ve covered the most pressing questions about buying tile online, but if you have something specific you’d like to ask, you can always reach out to our team! We hope you enjoy browsing our enormous online tile selection by style, shape, material, or color, or find some beautiful inspiration in our galleries

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