Interior Archway Ideas With Tile

When you think of the arch, chances are you imagine the typical Roman construction with a semicircle at the top. You’re right! The arch is one of the most ancient structures in human history, being found on several different continents. It was used as a way to make buildings much stronger and more durable across various cultures throughout time periods including those from Egypt or Rome where they would construct their famous triumphal arches! While the typical arch is often associated with Rome's architectural mastery, it’s making a big comeback as one of the most sought-after design features for our homes. Why? It's the perfect blend of beauty and function.

The archway interior trend is on - and we’re completely captivated by this charming decor feature! Whether you admire its ability to round out your space, or simply love the old-world feel it brings, archways give the opportunity to dress up your interiors in a big way. Let us show you how.

Commercial Bar Design for a luxury hotel with Silver Grey Triangles Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile

We love the way Silver Grey Triangle Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile emphasizes the arches behind the open shelving, maximizing on the added depth it creates for this modern bar design! 

With their beauty and characterful appeal, arches have been a popular architectural feature for centuries. They can make any home stand out regardless of how simple or luxurious it is! Although it looks good even on a flat painted wall, you can easily make it the star of the show. After all, why would you put in an arch in 2022 just for structural reasons? So if you’re adding one, make it count with a distinctive design!

Whether it’s a part of a grand hallway, open living room, or even the corner or a bathroom space, you can create arches that look straight out of a design magazine - with tiles. Tile is the jewel in the crown for arched walls of any size, and it’s one of the most clever design decisions for bringing numerous new styles to your space. Time to make this old-world design feature more interesting, unique, and altogether fabulous!

In this blog, we’re showing the hottest ways to design with archways using tiles for a real magazine-worthy impact in your space with maximum style, effortless charm and no bounds!

Curved Bar Design

Carving a wall in an eye-catching archway form creates opportunities for cool decorative features. Whether it's a living room, kitchen wall or even a tricky corner in the bathroom, an arched alcove allows you to utilize unused corners in a storage-deprived space with statement-making style in your home. No matter how little square footage you're working with, you can create separate zones in multi-functional rooms without taking away space from each other. The result will be an area you’ll love more to spend time in!

It's fun to be bold in areas that are fairly small and have a purpose - such as this kitchen with an arched alcove bar. The Roman arch shapes the wall behind the bar section with wow-worthy Calacatta Bluette Honed Marble Subway Tiles  for an extra stylish statement, introducing just a touch of timeless pattern to the curved bar design.

Archway Design for Niches

Creating an arched niche will give your space a more formal and luxurious feeling while still remaining light hearted enough for the rest of your home.If you’re going after maximum style in a compact space, this feature will give you plenty of storage in a beautifully impactful way. Make the most out of an awkward corner or a plain wall - use shelves on the upper section to display your favorite decor pieces with thoughtful styling. If you have a duo or trio of small arched niches, you have the perfect place to show off a small collection, your favorite photos and knick-knacks to set your space apart from the others.

Thassos White Marble Subway Tile Restaurant Wall

Like to go with an ultra minimalistic look? You can let an artistic arched wall niche fade away a bit and be less of a focal point, like in the design above with white painted walls paired with White 4x12 Polished Marble Tile that keeps the space looking neat and polished. To inject more personality, pick a paint color that contrasts the tiles —think white tiles against dark blue paint, or beige Crema Marfil tile behind dark brown shelves for a bold and moody look.

Arched Doorways

An arched doorway is a beautiful architectural element that draws the eye no matter where you choose to place it in your home. As opposed to formal straight lines, archway designs create a particularly spectacular visual effect when used in the entryway or living room, amplifying the atmosphere to reach grandeur heights. To take advantage of this style’s full potential, dress them up with wall tiles and create a stylish, smooth transition between spaces. 

La Riviera Lavanda Ceramic Subway Tile

This curved doorway creates an illusion of expanded space as it replaces a conventional door in this small bathroom. Combining two sections in this way creates a stylish visual effect, resulting in a look that’s more aesthetically pleasing. Consider installing our La Riviera Lavanda Blue 2.5x8 for a more modernized archway interior. 

Statement Walls 

Searching for a unique way to draw the eyes up and make your space feel taller than it is? Create a statement wall that goes from the floor to ceiling with an archway design - use it to section off an area in the bathroom, break up large walls in the living room, or create private corners in an open-plan area. To really take it to the next level, add waterjet tiles and make the curved walls the center of the scheme.

White marble bathroom with patterned mirror tile

Your bathroom doesn’t just have to be a functional space, it should also be your sanctuary. Whether you’re taking a long relaxing bath or a soothing shower, your space should be appealing to look at. This tiled niche creates the illusion of an arched doorway and adds serious ambiance to the bathroom design. The flowing pattern of our Mirror Ribbon Carrara & Mirror Mosaic Tile complements the curve of the wall while evoking the feeling of an Oriental bath house.

Hang Arch-Shaped Wall Decor

If you're not ready for a large-scale archway project, you can create the illusion with even less effort by hanging an arch-shaped mirror or arched wall art. This makes the space decorative and gives you the chance to show off a favorite piece of arch art!

What’s better than one archway? Two archways! This master bathroom design doubles up the fabulous effect with two curvaceous mirrors behind the double-vanity. Wooden frames give the bathroom a rustic touch combined with the classic carved details of the archway mirrors. Arch shapes are the center of attention, but in fact, the whole wall design stands out thanks to the delicate leaf patterns on the Chateau White Sprig Ceramic Mosaic Tile wall in the background. 

Stove Alcoves

Arched stove alcoves have been around since the Victorian era, but they're making a comeback in kitchens today. The arches add both aesthetic and function as an important design focal point for your home's cooking area with its timeless appeal that will never go out of style! Far from an old-fashioned notion, this feature can go from traditional to contemporary in design and feel thanks to the variety of backsplash tiles ranging from stone, ceramic, metal and glass.

White and blue kitchen with a black and copper French range and Blue Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile backsplash

We love how our Blue Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile highlights the showpiece range in the above kitchen set off with an arched alcove. It’s the perfect pop of contrast to the white arched wall design and stands out simply by creating a stage effect for the stove. 

Whether it’s a built-in nook, a door archway, or some arch-shaped magic you create on your own, arches are one the design features that are a gift to well-designed interiors. 

The archway is a great way to bring some energy and life into your home. Why not make it even more special by complementing with tiles?

Mid Century Modern Arched Coffee Bar Nook with Hexaon Marble Tile Backsplash and Open Shelves

Extra storage space is always a plus in any home, but especially in the kitchen. This kitchen creates some serious storage space adding an arched wall over the coffee station without installing a standard cabinet. Hexagon Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile is the cherry on top for a truly eye-catching archway design in the neutral space.

 Check out our collection of mosaic tiles to get started on your stunning arch-inspired project and don't forget to sign up and save on ALL tiles online!

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