Arabesque Tile

1 Sheet of Lantern Tile with Calacatta Gold Arabesque Marble
Regular price $18.99 per sheet
Rustic CHarm BAcksplash with wood look marble arabesque tiles
Regular price $49.00 per sheet
Mini Lantern Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tile
Regular price $54.00 per sheet
Gold resin arabesque tile for a gleaming shower wall and niche accent
Regular price $78.00 per sheet
Wood look arabesque kitchen backsplash tile
Regular price $64.00 per sheet
White & Grey Lantern Marble Mosaic Kitchen Wall Tile
Regular price $67.00 per sheet
Carrara Arabesque Tile With Bardiglio Dots
Regular price $49.97 per sheet
White marble arabesque tile backsplash for a blue laundry room
Regular price $32.00 per sheet
Milan Silver Lantern Carrara Marble Waterjet Mosaic Tile
Regular price $67.00 per sheet
Silver Arabesque Mosaic Tile with Resin Details
Regular price $78.00 per sheet
Modern bathroom with calacatta marble tile shower wall
Regular price $67.00 per sheet
Carrarra Arabeseque Tile
Regular price $82.00 per sheet
Carrara marble arabesque tile bathtub surround for a soaking tub
Regular price $72.76 per sheet
Etched white and silver arabesque tile backsplash
Regular price $69.00 per sheet
carrara marble arabesque tile
Regular price $67.97 per sheet
White Marble Arabesque Tile Backsplash with a marble countertop and wood range hood
Regular price $44.00 per sheet
Sea Glass Louvre Platinum White Mosaic Tile 1
Regular price $73.00 per sheet
Sea Glass patterned tiles for a luxurious bathroom vanity backsplash
Regular price $73.00 per piece
Sea Glass Louvre Grey Mosaic Tile Bathroom Backsplash
Regular price $73.00 per sheet
Sea Glass Louvre Blue Mosaic Tile
Regular price $73.00 per sheet

Looking for interesting home design ideas or unique flooring options? Tile Club has the perfect solution just for you! Our Arabesque mosaic tile collection is a great opportunity to infuse exotic ancient motifs into any modern design. Sophisticated lantern tile shapes are one of the most timeless trends in home décor, that will create an elegant, captivating look for any project. A variety of colors and durable, long-lasting materials make our latnern tiles collection a wonderful choice for a wide range of applications!

The smooth lines of a lantern tile pattern create a soft, romantic look and an illusion of motion on your wall or floor. Whether you want to create an inviting, relaxing master bathroom with Moroccan details, or a modern eclectic living room, this collection offers you numerous possibilities! Arabesque tile walls or floors will offset sharp and linear masculine design elements to deliver a harmony of forms in your space. Lantern mosaics will brighten up almost any area of your residential or commercial project, such as the kitchen, bathroom, powder room, patio, or entrance.

Arabesque Bathroom Tile

It is a popular tile for bathroom and shower revamps due to the beautiful shape and abundance of materials available! Use Arabesque bathroom tile to cover entire walls or grace your room with a dazzling accent wall or trim to enjoy the charming look of lantern mosaics. When looking for an organic patterned shower tile, make sure it is made of non-slippery, mildew, and moisture-resistant materials, and is approved for the desired installations. If you want an ideal tile for shower floor and walls, try our Carrara Marble & Green Glass tile! This white and green curving tile will render an elegant look with a high quality you would love!

This pattern creates a lot of visual interest and likes to be the center of attention! Pair your wall tile design or an arabesque tile floor with simple forms to avoid overloading your project with extra details. Such geometrical shapes as stripes or dots will create a perfect balance for your interior or exterior design. If you chose a product with a distinct geometry like in our contrasting Nero Marquina With Thassos Dots, or a traditional Crema Marfil Tile With Bardiglio Dots, you could easily combine it with other design elements and create a harmonious interior!

The color scheme of your arabesque tiles plays a highly important role in any commercial or home design as well. Shiny, rich colors like our Gold or Silver Mosaic Tile will add a glamorous touch to any space! They are great for accent pieces such as shower niches, feature walls, or a luxurious gold tile backsplash! For those ones who admire the natural stone look, Tile Club offers a variety of marble Arabesque Tile designs. Calm, neutral colors like this Carrara Marble & Bardiglio tile set up a classic white and grey tile design, that can highlight both traditional and contemporary projects. If you are searching for a warm palette, have a look at our Crema Marfil Tile With Dots for an excellent pick! The creamy beige tones of the marble bring a welcoming atmosphere to your kitchen, fireplace facing, dining room, or guest bathroom!