The Best Mosaic Tile Kitchen Styles for Your Home

They say that the kitchen is the soul of a home. In fact, the kitchen wears many hats in most homes— it can be the center of your family get-togethers, the place for Friday night drinks with friends, the working station for paying the bills, or an escape from a hectic day where you want to unwind and relax. Whatever purpose your kitchen serves, it is quite literally the center of any home.

With so much soul that takes place in this one room, our kitchens deserve to be the center of attention when it comes to decorating. From a wide range of mosaic tile kitchen styles, a homeowner can easily turn their dream cooking space into a reality. Whether used as a backsplash, statement wall or flooring, mosaic tiles will let you stamp your signature on the look and feel of this room while letting you reflect your aesthetic vision. 

 White and Copper kitchen with Frosted White Fan Glass Tiles with Chrome Accents

White Deco Fan Glass Mosaic Tile as the backsplash evokes the warmest emotions and sets the tone for the rest of this silver and white kitchen.

With much more thought being given to the design and functionality of today’s kitchens, choosing the best mosaic tile design is not an easy decision. No matter the desired style, whether it be traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse, you’ll find a gorgeous selection of mosaic tile options. These tiles can act as fashion statements elevating kitchen decor with unprecedented character while also bringing in color, texture, and patterns that are otherwise unachievable with other materials. 

So how do you choose the best mosaic design for a new or existing style in your cooking space?  

Start scrolling through these kitchen tile designs to find the inspiration you need to craft the next cooking space of your dreams!

Using Mosaic Tiles in Kitchen Design Styles

Traditional Mosaic Tiles for Kitchen Design

Defined by its clean, comforting, and inviting aesthetic, traditional kitchen styles make use of classic design elements and natural materials. Very often, the visually appealing color duo of white tiles and brown wooden cabinets are employed, complemented by stainless steel, stone countertops as well as vintage or period accents like handcrafted drawer pulls or tailored upholstered seats. While traditional kitchens exhibit an elegant look, the details can vary immensely which is reflected in the range of mosaic tiles featuring intricate designs, patterns and classic geometric shapes.  Crema Marfil Large Basket Weave tile for floors and walls

Crema Marfil Large Basket Weave With Emperador Light Dot Marble Tile with a classic zigzag pattern dresses up the backsplash area in this kitchen with its intriguing details that enhance the embellished style of classic style.

While a basic color palette is characteristic of a traditional kitchen, colorful and patterned backsplashes in exciting materials have also become popular choices. If you’d prefer to create a focal point in your traditional kitchen design project, consider using a multicolor mosaic tile backsplash that will give the space real wow factor. To achieve a truly traditional look, opt for designs that exude warmth and comfort to achieve that softness and luxury!

Rustic kitchen decor with arabesque wood look marble tile backsplash

Forego the plain color palette for a multicolor mosaic tile backsplash with Arabesque Tile Wooden Beige & Athens Grey Mosaic Tile that’s sure to stay within style trends for many years. Natural stone gives the room a more conventional and familiar appeal while it differs from other tile styles with the artistic movement found in its classic arabesque pattern

Contemporary Kitchen Style

Do you feel drawn to kitchens that incorporate a mixture of new and old? Then kitchens with a contemporary fashion might be just for you. The epitome of a sleek, minimalist layout, this style differs from traditional with a more artistic approach and a bit of rule-breaking. So, what should you expect from contemporary kitchen styles? The answer is mosaic tiles that celebrate bold geometry with unexpected uses of textures and materials! 

Stylish shining metallic and glass kitchen backsplash

Lotus Grey Glass & Stone Mosaic Tile features an artistic design focused on sleek geometry which allows the backsplash to do all the talking!

Contemporary-style kitchens exude personality and let homeowners express themselves through the use of geometric patterns, and the backsplash is a great place to do that. Keep in mind that contemporary simply means, "of the current time period," so the mosaic tile choices for kitchens will move right along with the calendar pages! The bright pops of color that were once a contemporary trend about 10-years ago have now given way to grays and more neutral colors.

Fabrique Blue Grey Triangle Glass Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Contemporary kitchens borrow high functionality and streamlined surfaces such as in this case with our Fabrique Blue Gray Triangle Glass backsplash. It checks all the boxes for functionality and sleekness for an airy and open space. 

Modern Kitchen Aesthetics

As a departure from the well-loved traditional kitchens towards more innovative designs, modern kitchens prioritize high-end style and boldness. Often confused with contemporary, modern mosaic tile kitchen styles emphasize high-quality materials and artistry. An unexpected mix of materials and a lack of symmetry often define the aesthetics of detailed tiles used throughout modern kitchens. 

Gold Brass Mosaic Tile

Golden Stars Calacatta Gold and Brass Tile creates a modern dimensional feel in this kitchen design that will never go unnoticed! The white marble and metallic details on this full-height mosaic tile backsplash creates a wall covering that looks like an abstract work of art.  

High-quality materials such as natural stone and glass are hallmarks of modern kitchen tiles which often display an exotic mix of materials that is luxurious to the touch and sight! You’ll often find modern kitchen tiles showcasing a timeless elegance and upscale feel with ultra-reflective surfaces. 

Trendy kitchen with blue hexagon glass tile wall

Blue Deco Hex Glass is a beautiful mix of old-world glamor and modern surface detailing! Perfect to reinvent your kitchen just by swapping out the backsplash area in a beautiful blue and reflective silver details that would pair well with the crisp white cabinets and sleek open shelving!

Modern Rustic Kitchens

The farmhouse style, that is, for many, synonymous with Magnolia Homes and Joanna Gaines, is a modern rustic look emphasizing a homey, cozy and quaint atmosphere. Aim to create a rooms that balances a welcoming feel with simplicity, the modern rustic kitchen style prefers using earthy, natural materials in mosaic tile designs as well as with other decorative touches. 

Neutral kitchen design ideas with recycled glass subway tile in beige wood look

Featuring an apron-front sink and open shelving filled with natural objects, the farmhouse kitchen idea above looks charming with our Recycled Glass Subway in Wood Color!

A welcoming, relaxed but functional way of adding authentic wood details to your kitchen - using wood-look mosaic tiles. They are full of warmth and charm with an enduring style you will enjoy without any maintenance. Skip hardwood floors and opt for wood-look tiles for a much durable, stain and water resistant flooring in your next farmhouse kitchen project!  

Neutral Farmhouse Kitchen with Selo Hex Wooden Beige Marble Mosaic Tile patterned floors and Wooden Grey Herringbone Backsplash Tile

To add another layer of comfort to the kitchen design above, our Selo Hex Wooden Beige Marble Tile combines wood-look surface details with a classic honeycomb pattern that will never go out of style.  

Tips for Choosing Mosaic Tiles for Your Kitchen 

As you have seen, mosaic tiles offer a plethora of shape, color and patterns to meet the requests of a myriad of kitchen styles. Now that you’ve gathered inspiration for the best mosaic kitchen styles, next will be some tips to help you make the best decision. 

  1. Consider the overall style of your kitchen. When choosing kitchen tiles, it’s important to pick a design that will complement the overall style of your kitchen. While you show off your unique style, ensure that they harmonize well with styles of other decorative elements. For instance geometric designs can contribute to the overall look and feel of a contemporary kitchen whereas going for natural stone materials and neutral colors will better complete the appearance of a traditional kitchen. 

With an intricate flower pattern and authentic natural stones, our Norwegian Rose Meadow white and pink marble tile evokes Old World Elegance that perfectly complements the marble countertops of a traditionally styled kitchen.  

2. Think about the function of your kitchen. 

As mosaic tiles can be used for both decorative and functional purposes, it’s important to decide whether you will use them to cover an entire wall or as a small decorative accent for the kitchen. If you like to create an accent wall that runs from floor to the ceiling, brightly colored or patterned tiles can provide the maximum impact. If you want your mosaic floors to be both stylish and practical, then opting for neutral colors and simple shapes can help achieve a design that blends in rather than standing out. 

 Modern Kitchen with Silver Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile and Brushed Metal Appliances

Taking the concept of tiled backsplash to a new level, designers wanted to use our Silver Glass Penny Rounds to create an airy, spacious feel in the kitchen which will inject visual depth to the design. 

  1. Consider the maintenance of mosaic tiles. While mosaic tiles are known for the dramatic aesthetic they bring to the kitchen, they also serve an important function by withstanding all that a busy kitchen has to offer. If you want your mosaic tile backsplash to withstand water and stains with minimum maintenance requirements, choose nonporous materials such as ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles. While natural stone provides a high-end feel that is unmatched by any other material, they will require regular upkeep to maintain their beauty and shine, but periodic sealing will keep their beauty for years to come!

Peel-and-stick tiles are also stylish and practical for DIY projects to make your kitchen backsplash look amazing with a lower budget! 

Blue Frost Diamond Glass Mosaic Tile Backsplash in Kitchen of White & Silver

Blue Frost Diamond Glass Mosaic Tile is a great backsplash option for kitchen makeovers which can last for decades and stand up to tough wear. Stain and moisture-resistant qualities make it a highly favored choice for backsplash designs that will always look stunningly fresh and new. 

  1. Determine your budget. With mosaic tiles offered in every price point, it’s important to determine your budget which will be depending on the design and materials you select. Mosaic tile designs made from natural stone and exclusive glass with more complexity in their design will have a higher price point. If you’re working with a tight budget, then ceramic, porcelain or peel-and-stick tiles can be great options. 

Shades of blue and white marble for a double hexagon tile backsplash for a luxury kitchen

Our meticulously crafted Calacatta Bluette Marble Double Hexagon Tile is intricately cut to create this unique mosaic design that is a luxurious choice for high-end kitchens. Distinguished by the precise complexity of its eye-catching double hexagon pattern, it’s worth every penny for a magnificent investment in the kitchen!

When decorating a kitchen with mosaic tiles, the sky is truly the limit. There is no standard blueprint for choosing the best mosaic tile kitchen style for your home; rather, your design choice depends on the desired aesthetic and function you like to have in the space. Whether you prefer luxury modern kitchen tiles with lots of gleaming details, or like a variety of muted neutral tiles that exude comfortable elegance on their own, it's important to craft a space that brings you joy. At the end of the day, remember that decorating is all about bringing out the soul of your kitchen! 

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