Calacatta Gold Marble Tile Design Ideas to Elevate your Home

You hear it all the time on HGTV design shows and Keeping up with the Kardashians or other examples of the luxe life. What is it about Calacatta Gold marble that makes it such a symbol of luxe living? 

What is Calacatta Gold Marble?

Calacatta is an Italian marble, exclusively mined from the Carrara region in the Northern mountains of the country. Similar to the beautiful Bianco Carrara marble from the same area, it’s a graceful and elegant marble that is characterized by a creamy white stone with distinctive veins. The natural coloration adds dynamic gray and warm taupe (or gold) veins throughout the stone that gives Calacatta marble slabs and tiles their distinctive drama and style!  

Calacatta Marble Slab Bathroom with a Marble look Porcelain Tile


You can even capture this luxe look with large format Calacatta marble look porcelain tile!

While the unique marbling of this stone makes it a popular choice for large-scale slab installations, the exclusivity of the stone can price those large single cut pieces upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. If you’re a lover of the luxe life and want to install this exquisite marble in your own home, there are so many gorgeous ways to add the same luxurious stone through high quality tiles! 

Whether you’re looking for large format marble field tiles to capture that nearly seamless look of a marble slab for your kitchen backsplash or bathtub surround, artistic marble mosaic tiles to add Italian glamour to your home, or classic favorites (and budget-friendly) options like Calacatta Gold marble subway tiles, traditional penny rounds, herringbone, or hexagon designs - you’re in luck! This stunning and enduring marble has inspired hundreds of beautiful Calacatta Gold tiles that can add beauty and elevated charm to your interior.

Calacatta Gold Kitchen Design Ideas

Recent interior design trends have made Calacatta marble kitchens the must-have in luxury interiors. The stone has made waves with high end home builders, becoming synonymous with elevated kitchen design. It’s a naturally gorgeous choice for the white kitchen trend, thanks to the pure white marble base and the gray and gold veins that add warmth and character. 

The neutral colors that are characteristic of Calacatta marble are a favorite of designers because they can be incorporated with nearly any interior color scheme or finish. We’re sharing some of our favorite design inspiration with Calacatta Gold marble kitchen tiles below!

French Inspired Marble Kitchen with a Calacatta Basket Weave Backsplash

French country kitchens are a classic for good reason! The warm tones from the wood countertops and the zinc range hood are a gorgeous fit for the earth tones in our Calacatta Gold Basket Pattern Mosaic Tile for a combination that fits the definition of a traditional home! This gorgeous upscale cottage kitchen design is the perfect combination of classic materials that will last outlast the latest trends. 

Skinny Chevon Calacatta Marble Backsplash over a Farm Sink

If you prefer something more in line with a modern farmhouse style, this fresh and fun Skinny Chevron Calacatta Gold Mosaic Tile adds a charming contemporary finish to your kitchen. The natural greys and golds in this beautiful pattern are a great complement to neutral kitchen décor, especially when paired with a lavender gray paint on recessed panel cabinet doors and champagne bronze kitchen fixtures to tie it all together!

Neutral Tuscan Style Kitchen with Calacatta Marble Mosaic Backsplash Tile

You can also embrace cooler hues, like this minimalist kitchen that uses our Calacatta Gold Octagon and Thassos Square Marble Mosaic Tile as a patterned backsplash to offset simple cabinetry, cloudy gray paint, and Scandinavian floating wood shelves. The pattern - and the beautiful hues in the marble - are a gorgeous design element alongside blonde wood kitchen accessories.

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Calacatta Gold Bathroom Tile

The warm tones in an Italian marble shower or a slip-resistant bathroom floor can instantly elevate your space - and your mood! This is a lovely transition to wakefulness when you get up in the morning and prepare for your day, thanks to the romantic neutral colors and the elegant patterns. Calacatta marble bathroom tiles are an easy way to add luxury to any color scheme in your bathroom, from cozy powder rooms to luxurious owner’s suites!

You can cover nearly any surface in your bathroom with the Italian tiles - think a dynamic wall covering behind your vanity mirror to always reflect your best light, a gorgeous mosaic patterned floor tile to combine the best of design and safety, and a stunning Calacatta marble subway tile walk-in shower!

Calacatta Gold Marble Shower with Penny Round Tile

You can’t get any more versatile for a bathroom tile option than Calacatta Gold Penny Round tile! This walk in shower is ready to tackle those just-woke-up blues, enveloping you in a soothing spa-like experience. Cover your walls in these gorgeous marble round tiles and prepare to embrace the zen feeling to ease into your day!

Modern Bathroom with Calacatta Gold Hexagon Tile Vanity Backsplash

If your style leans more towards a contemporary bathroom design, this mix of Calacatta hexagon marble tiles and large format marble field tiles creates a beautiful focal point for a minimalist vanity wall. The unified material and natural variation in colors is a great way to pair different tiles together to create a unified interior.

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Calacatta Marble Floor Tile Designs

You can make any room a luxurious living area by decorating with Calacatta floor tiles! Whether you love a classic marble checkerboard floor pattern, love an intricate mosaic pattern to bring a decorative floor design to life, or want to play with geometric shapes

Mid Century Modern Bathroom with Calacatta Gold Hexagon Floor Tiles

What’s not to love about a Calacatta hexagon patterned floor? These stunning 10” marble hexagon tile floor designs are such a versatile design to add style and personality to any space. The large format tiles let the signature Calacatta veining become a gorgeous part of your design, like this mid-century modern bathroom!

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How to care for and clean Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles -

Modern Bohemian Bathroom with Natural Stone Calacatta Mosaic Walls

What’s the best way to clean my Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles?

We always recommend wiping up spills or splashes as soon as they hit your marble tiles, to ensure they don’t have a chance to soak into the porous stone. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beautiful white marble kitchen backsplash behind the stove, but you will want to make sure you maintain them regularly after cooking or other activities that can cause spills.

What’s the best cleaner for Calacatta Gold Marble - 

We recommend avoiding harsh chemical cleaners to make sure you don’t etch the surface of your tile. The best cleaner is one intended for use on high-end stone like Calacatta marble. We recommend the STONETECH® KlenzAll™ Cleaner for Stone & Tile, which is a water-based, alkaline formula that won’t etch stone. It’s still tough on grease and stains, making it a great choice to keep your marble surfaces clean! You can also use it to prepare your marble tiles for resealing.

How can I keep marble tiles pristine in the long term?

We always recommend sealing natural stone tiles - including marble. This can also help reduce the oxidation of white marble, like Calacatta Gold. This means that naturally occurring iron deposits can start to oxidize and present as rust-like stains or yellowing patches. This is a natural characteristic of white marble, but there are ways to prevent it from marring your beautiful Calacatta tiles! 

First - we always recommend installing white marble tiles in areas where they won’t be exposed to standing water (that includes shower floor installations, even if they’re technically safe).

Second - wipe up water or spills as soon as you can and make sure you have a well-ventilated room to improve the evaporation of lingering moisture.

Third - regularly seal your Calacatta marble tiles! A penetrating sealer that’s approved for marble - we recommend STONETECH® BulletProof® Sealer to help keep moisture from seeping into porous white stone. Their formula offers the best stain-resistance without affecting the beautiful appearance of your stone tiles. 

See more resources on keeping marble bathroom and shower tiles clean and stain free!

You can even add a luxe touch with Calacatta marble subway tiles!

Whether you go for large format Calacatta slabs, or love the beautiful marble patterns in a delicate mosaic tile design, there are so many gorgeous ways to introduce this stunning high-end Italian marble into your home or business! What are your favorites ways to design with Calacatta Gold marble? Let us know in the comments!

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