Plan out your 2022 Remodel before you Buy Tiles Online

It’s a new year and, let’s face it, it’s another wildcard year. People are moving into new homes, refinancing old homes and giving them new life, and generally trying to find that elusive work from home/life balance as we all wait to see what 2022 has in store. If you’ve decided that the new year is a good time for a new house - or a refresh of your beloved home - now is the time to go for it! With interest rates at historic lows in the first quarter of 2022, more people are becoming homeowners than ever. We’ve also seen more homeowners take advantage of the low rates to refinance and work on bringing up their property value with a gorgeous remodel of their space. Whichever option this year has in store, we’ve got the best guide to planning out your 2022 remodel before you buy tiles online!

Dreaming of a new kitchen or bathroom for 2022? We can make your tile dreams come true!

Thanks to their stylish appeal and hardwearing nature, tiles have become the foundation upon which many great spaces are built - sure, most people think of bathrooms and kitchens but there are countless uses beyond those rooms. Fantastic for both floor and wall surfaces, there are tons of reasons why tiles have gone beyond mere popularity and are now a staple for interiors in residential and commercial properties. 

Of course, aesthetics are one reason to choose your favorite tiles, but these surface finishes are resistant to heat, water, scratches, and other wear, which make them idea for exteriors, wet areas, and other surfaces compared to a lot of materials; not to mention the versatile materials, strength, low-maintenance needs, cost-effective options, and hygienic surfaces - basically, they’re a win-win!

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So, if you’ve decided on tiles to breathe new life into your 2022 remodel project, it’s a good idea to know how to get it right the first time. Ahead, we’ve come up with a few considerations you’ll need to make before you dive into your new floor, backsplash, or backyard patio.

How to pick out tiles for residential or commercial design

Choosing the right type of tiles can feel like a challenge - there are so many options! There’s so much to consider, including the ideal style, pattern, and color, as well as the best material for your install area and needs.

Coastal Glam blue and white bathroom with Art Deco herringbone tile walls

Aside from their hardwearing and durable nature, what’s especially fantastic about using tiles in bathroom and kitchen design is the array of colors, textures and sizes to choose from. This stunning blue glass Art Deco herringbone tile easily becomes a striking focal point of the room. 

Selecting the ideal tile for your kitchen or bathroom, or other space comes down to your needs and the best Area of Use for the material - luckily you can use all of Tile Club’s designs on indoor walls with tons of options for floors both indoors, outdoors, and in wet areas!

The benefits of designing with tiles include:

  • Tiles are hygienic and easy to sanitize

When considering hygiene in areas where special care is a must, it’s important that you take all of your surfaces into account, from the floor up to the countertops. Many of the materials used for tiles have physical, chemical, and mechanical characteristics that are incredibly hygienic. 

Tiles used for interior surfaces not only prevent the growth of harmful irritants, they are also easy to sanitize and maintain so they stay as beautiful as the day they were installed. For this reason, tiles are a safe, practical choice for the most obvious areas like kitchens and bathrooms, but also make a natural choice in less expected locations. There are so many benefits to using tiles for outdoor floors and cladding, mudrooms and entryways, living spaces - the sky's the limit!

Shell penny tile backsplash

You can protect your walls with style! Installing tiles behind sinks and stoves is a great way to prevent heat or water damage to your drywall. Tiles, like these gorgeous Mother of Pearl shell penny tiles, are resistant to household messes and can be easily wiped clean.

  • Tile is resistant to stains and splashes

Another fundamental benefit for choosing tiles for bathroom and kitchen applications - the areas most likely to get splashed or stained - are their stain resistant properties. Tiles like porcelain, glass, and glazed ceramic are easy to wipe clean, even in high traffic entry ways.  If you pick a porous material, like natural stone, applying a tile and grout sealer makes them easier to clean and sanitize.

Furthermore, the low-maintenance benefits of tiles make cleaning simple and quick. Sweep, wipe with water, or a light spray with a tile cleaner - all that’s needed to clean up most messes and leave surfaces looking radiant! No abrasive cleaning methods and harsh products are necessary.

  • Tiles are resistant to moisture and heat 

Tiles, especially non-porous materials like glass, porcelain, glazed ceramic, and Mother of Pearl, are naturally water-resistant. That makes them an ideal choice for wall coverings and flooring in areas that are regularly exposed to water, like your entryway, shower, and bathroom. They’re also heat resistant so you can install a gorgeous backsplash that will not only stand up to the heat from your stove range, but can be easily cleaned up after cooking or baking. 

Many tiles also conduct heat extremely well - they’re a great choice if you’re considering heated floors!

White and Wood kitchen with open shelves and Crema Marfil hexagon floor tiles

Indulge your wildest home dreams this year with a gorgeous new bathroom, floor, living room, or kitchen! Bring warmth to your space with a Crema Marfil marble floor and a Calacatta marble subway tile backsplash like this timeless white and wood kitchen! 

  • Limitless design possibilities for your interior style

Despite the evolution of various surface finishes on the market today, tiles still turn heads time after time. And for a good reason… tiles offer an array of colors, patterns, textures and shapes to choose from — ensuring that you find style to uniquely suit your aesthetic needs. 

From the ever-timeless subway and hexagonal tiles to intricate curves and contrasting grout color. There’s a lot of fun to be had if you’re looking to make a visual impact in your kitchen or bathroom. Check out our Room Lookbooks for ideas on how tiles can transform your space!

Blue and white bathroom with patterned ceramic wall tile

The exciting part of designing with tile is choosing colors and textures that beautifully complement your décor aesthetic. Our Chateau Blue patterned ceramic tile offers chic and sophisticated flair in a welcoming bathroom scheme. 

How to plan your tile purchase

Today, online shopping has become second nature to most of us, and in recent years, it has proven to be more convenient than time spent sifting through countless showrooms. 

For this reason, savvy shoppers are more comfortable shopping online as it allows them to plan their project around a busy schedule. In fact, shopping for tiles online can be an easy and affordable process - Tile Club has stepped up the game when it comes to selection, availability, and ease of ordering tiles online!

Order Tile Samples Online to be Shipped to your Door

Before purchasing your stunning tiles online, make sure to get accurate measurements for your projects. Our tile samples are approximately 4" x 5" to show the finish, material, and color in person.

That being said, online shopping is something that should be approached mindfully. To make sure that you get the best experience and value for your new tiles, below are a few things you should consider when making an online purchase:

  • Browse a variety of tiles 

There are a wide variety of tiles to choose from when renovating your floor, bathroom or kitchen space, at both premium and affordable prices. To get started, a bit of research online goes a long way in helping you find tiles that are built to last and those well suited for your project.  

Check out our guide to tile prices to see what type of price per square foot works for you and your renovation or new build budget.

  • Order tile samples before you commit

One of the biggest advantages to shopping for tiles online? Being able to explore a broad spectrum of tile colors, shapes, and sizes in a matter of minutes and even getting to visualize how they will fit into your existing décor scheme. 

This basically offers you the opportunity to browse for specific types of tiles (everything from the tile’s specific uses to lifestyle images) using your preferred filters to help you narrow down your search - when searching on Tile Club, you can use our filter to narrow our tiles by color, material, install area, and even price range!

 Order tile samples online to be delivered to your home, like our Blue Art Deco Fan Glass mosaic tile!

If you’re weighing a number of different designs, you can order samples in order to experience the quality, color, and texture of your selection before placing an order for full tiles — as well as style them with wall paint, kitchen countertops, furnishings and more. 

Tile Club offers sample swatches of all of our tiles - typically 4”x 5” pieces of the material so you can view it in person. Lot Photos are also available - these are ideal for tiles with a high level of variation like marble or artisan style materials - so you can preview expected variation in a whole box or carton of tiles.

Calculate the number of tiles you need

The most common step to take before ordering tiles online is working out the total coverage in square feet. Start off by measuring the length and width of the floors and walls you plan to tile (for floors: measure along two adjacent walls — for walls: measure both vertically and horizontally) then multiply the two measurements together to determine square footage. 

Check out our guide on measuring your square footage for more info!

Once you  have your dimensions, you’ll need to calculate the quantity of tiles needed. Tile Club made this a lot easier with a built-in tile calculator on every product page! When you enter your square footage, our calculator will automatically let you know how many units of tile you need (either pieces, sheets, or boxes).

Not sure about your square feet? Just use the blue Click to Calculate link, enter your dimensions, and voila - your coverage needs!

Professional tile installers recommend you add approximately 15% extra to allow for cuts and overage during the installation process - you can even use our built-in overage tool when you Click to Calculate to add this to your cart when calculating your square feet.

  • Confirm availability and place your order

Once all measurements are done, confirm the availability of the tiles selected. Tile Club is committed to having the biggest selection of in-stock tile - our Quick Ship collection lets you know up front what tiles are ready to ship in large quantities. 

Like many building material retailers, we’ve encountered some supply chain delays on restocking some of our tiles. Rest assured, we’re always up front about materials that are backordered - you’ll see a message with the estimated restock date if a tile is not currently ready to ship. Our goal is to help you plan out your remodel project by providing the most up to date estimates on when materials will be available.

  • Calculate the cost for new tiles

Transforming your bathroom, living room, or kitchen in the quest for an enviable interior can be pricey, but the cost varies depending on a few factors — including the size of the surface you’d like to tile, the type of material selected, as well as the contractor tasked with the job.

Check out our guide on how tiles are priced for more info on how tile costs are broken down to make sure you stay within your material budget!

Installation costs vary depending on the size of the job and overall floor plan, so it’s best to consult with your tiler installer for an estimate on how much you can expect to spend on the adhesive and grout as well as labor for the finished job.

Tile installation and after care

When properly installed, your new tiles can last for years and years! Installation of your fabulous tiles can be best left to a professional home improvement contractor. If you prefer to go the DIY route, here are some tips to keep in mind for a successful job. 

Blue and White Kitchen with Patterned Backsplash in Nova Herringbone Blue Marble Tile | Tile Club

Bathroom and kitchen design add so much value to the home, so a professional and successful tile installation is an important process to invest in. Not only do you add value, but you can add personality and flair with a fun patterned detail like this blue and white marble backsplash!

Prepare for installation. Ensure that the subfloor or wall area is clean, flat and level with no cracks or uneven spots.If you’re installing a shower or area that needs to be watertight, make sure your waterproof membrane is in place. Determine your layout then lay the tiles out in a configuration that will use the most whole tile and best fits the space. Once you see where your gaps are, measure tiles that must be cut to complete coverage. Place cut pieces to complete the layout and ensure even spacing between tiles.

Install the tile. The best installation practices will depend on the type and size of tile that you’re using. 

Check out our installation guides for mosaic tiles and large format tiles for our best practices.

Seal the tile and grout. This is an important step that will ensure your floors, backsplash, and grout stay protected for a long time. Tiles such as natural stone such as marble, travertine, slate are porous and should be sealed to protect against spills, bacteria, and dirt. Most glass, glazed ceramic and porcelain surfaces do not require a sealant because of their nonporous nature. 

However, it’s recommended that you apply a grout sealant to prevent moisture and dampness from being absorbed into your grout lines, keeping them cleaner and easier to sanitize. Regularly sealing grout can cut down on cleaning while helping to keep your grout lines free of cracks, stains, discoloration, mold, and mildew for years to come!  

Tile Club has the biggest selection of in stock tiles online! Check out some of our best sellers like this marble and antique glass mirror tile for a stunning accent wall!

Ready to start sprucing up your space for 2022? Hopefully this step-by-step guide got you started on your gorgeous new tiles, but if you need any help, you can always contact Tile Club’s team for more insights on materials, style, and availability. Plus, sign up for our newsletter to save 5% off your order!

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