Guide to Tile Prices for Homeowners and DIY Builders

What’s the tile price per square foot? Does the price include installation? Is this tile made from the tears of rare unicorns to be priced that way? - We regularly hear these questions from homeowners who are making their first forays into the world of tile, and we’re here to answer!

We do believe that we have a tile for every price point, whether you want to get the lowest price per square foot on a backsplash for a flip house or investment property, or if you want to create a luxurious home with floor and wall coverings that will last a lifetime. 

Textured pearl glass suwbay tiles with a natural wood vanity

Tile Club sources unique tile designs and beautiful materials from all around the world to offer one of the biggest selections of in-stock tiles that you’ll find shopping online or in stores. With such an extensive catalog, you’ll find a pretty wide range of tile prices, starting at just a few dollars per square foot all the way up to over $100 a sheet. We’re breaking down the factors behind tile costs and why they can be a sound investment that more than justifies the price tag!

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Tile Prices by Material -

Material plays a huge part in how much tiles cost. The good news is that there’s a tile material for every project and price point! While all tiles offer a durable, water-resistant, and long-wearing surface compared to paint, hardwood, wallpaper, or vinyl laminate, some materials offer a wider range of uses than others. If you’re looking for a tile that’s waterproof, anti-slip, or frost-resistant, for example, make sure you check the Area of Use to ensure you have the right material for your specific needs.

Man Made tiles are the most cost effective-

Materials like glass, ceramic, and porcelain can be made in large batches which contributes to a low price per tile. Tiles priced on the lower end of the spectrum tend to be more simple and uniform than higher priced options, but still offer a wide range of colors and finishes for that price point. 

Pink Ceramic Tile Shower
The look of handmade tiles with a price point you'll love! Tile Club's La Riviera Rose Pink Ceramic tile is $7.50 per square foot.

Sometimes you get the best of both worlds! Our zellige-style tile collection includes Spanish ceramic tiles that are designed to have a handcrafted look, with surface variations in both the texture and the colored glaze. Unlike true handmade tiles that can cost upwards of $20 per square foot, our beautiful artisan style ceramic tiles start at $7.36 per square foot. The beautiful handmade style and range of colors - not to mention the attractive price point - made these gorgeous tiles some of our best selling styles!

Luxury Vinyl Peel and Stick Tile Vanity Backsplash with a Copper Picket Design
Peel and stick tiles, like our copper picket adhesive tiles, are a great option for a cost-effective wall design with a price point starting at $9.99 per square foot.

Peel and stick tiles have become a major home design trend. These adhesive tiles, usually made of vinyl, metal, or even marble, start around $10 per square foot. Depending on the material and the durability of the design, they can be a great temporary or even semi-permanent way to DIY your home remodel for 2022! One important item to factor into your budget is that, unlike traditional tiles that have to be mortared and grouted in place, these stick-on tiles already come with adhesive built in and don’t require grout to finish them off. With minimal tools required to cut and trim adhesive tiles, the overall cost of your DIY home improvement just dropped significantly! On the flipside, tiles that don’t require thinset and grout shouldn’t be used in showers or on floors, but creating a new backsplash or accent wall just got a lot more budget-friendly.

Despite their affordable price point, there’s nothing boring about our selection of cost effective tiles. Thanks to the amazing advances in tile-making technology, we’re able to offer incredible field tiles with designs like natural stone veining, wood grain, and metallic finishes. There are countless options to create the bathroom makeover or kitchen design of your dreams, and a price point for every style.

Natural tiles have a higher price point - 

Tiles made of natural materials, like fine marble, tend to have the highest cost per tile and per square foot. Tile Club offers a wide range of luxurious marble types that have been sourced from around the world - genuine Calacatta Gold Marble from Carrara, Italy; crystal-white Thassos marble from ancient quarries in Greece; bold and alluring black and white Nero Marquina from the Basque region of Spain - these timeless stones have graced some of the most famous monuments in human history, and we’ve imported them to add that same grace and beauty to your home.

Gray and white marble hexagon tiled wall
Add a gorgeous marble accent to your walls and floors, like this Bardiglio hexagon tile that showcases the beautiful natural veining of the stone.

The cost not only reflects the exquisite natural materials used in designs like large format marble slab tiles, classic marble subway tiles, and delicate marble mosaics, but the time, care, and artistry that it takes to quarry and shape stone to bring out the natural veins and unique features of these beautiful designs formed by Mother Nature.

Check out some of our favorite marble tile designs!

Similar to the way marble tiles are cut and polished from a raw slab, Mother of Pearl tiles are shaped from natural mollusc shells that are specifically selected and polished to bring out their natural luster. Shell tiles offer a gorgeously iridescent finish and pearly shine, and they’re another organic material that offers a long lasting wall and floor covering with a little extra love!

While the higher price point of natural tiles may scare off some homeowners, longevity should play an important part in your calculations. Despite their natural beauty, marble tiles have been proven to last for lifetimes and can be used in areas that receive heavy use and high traffic, including commercial projects like office buildings, hotel lobbies, and restaurants. A little care and maintenance, like using a gentle cleaner and regularly applying marble sealer, will ensure that your investment lasts for decades to come - kind of offsets that initial sticker price when you think about the lifetime of the tiles!

*Natural materials also have the highest level of variation, since they showcase veins of minerals and deposits caused by eons in the ground. To ensure you find the natural look you love, Tile Club offers Lot Photos of all marble and stone tiles to gauge the level of variation you might receive before you order.

Tile Prices by Design -

Generally speaking, the more detailed the design, the more a tile will cost. Mosaic tiles are a great way to add artistry and craftsmanship to your home - rather than a single piece of tile, this centuries-old art style uses many small pieces, and sometimes multiple materials, to create a beautiful and detailed design. 

Mosaic tiles can add stunning detail to your home, echoing the intricately handcrafted designs that graced Moroccan riads, Roman temple floors, or Grecian villas. While Tile Club does offer fully custom mosaic designs that feature individually set tile chips, we also offer a much more budget-friendly tile option: mosaic tile sheets.

White Marble Kitchen with Calacatta Gold Arabesque Mosaic Tile Backsplash and Copper Lighting Fixtures

No need to place each arabesque tile by hand - these Calacatta Gold lantern tiles are connected by mesh backing to make them easy to install!

These mosaic tiles are either connected by a flexible mesh on the back or opaque paper covering the front - this greatly simplifies the installation process and cuts down on labor costs since you are able to lay out a complicated pattern in larger sheets, rather than piece by piece.

There are two main factors that play into the price of mosaic tile sheets: the complexity of the design, and the type of materials. 

If you want a bright pop of color on your shower walls, you’ll find an array of glass mosaic tiles in any shade starting around $9.00 per square foot. These are usually fairly simple designs with small square tiles - although there are many chips involved in each design, the uniform size and shape means these mosaic sheets have a low assembly cost that translates to a more budget-friendly tile.

Tiger's Eye Mixed Squares Glass Tile for a Brown and Copper Bathroom Backsplash

Hundreds of glass mosaics in the $9-$10 per square foot range offer a win-win-win scenario of color options, fun designs, and affordable price points! Our Tiger's Eye Mixed Squares Glass Tile is only $9 per square foot. 

In the middle of the price range you’ll find hundreds of options, ranging from recycled glass herringbone mosaic tiles, classic Carrara marble hexagons, and mixed material geometric designs. The options - both for your interior design aesthetic and your budget - are pretty much endless!

Blue and White Kitchen with Patterned Backsplash in Nova Herringbone Blue Marble Tile | Tile Club

No need to sacrifice detail and longevity for your budget - even intricate marble mosaics like our Nova Herringbone Blue Marble Tile sit in the sweet spot between reasonably priced and long-lasting coverings for your floor and wall.

At the top of the mosaic price range are the most intricate designs and luxurious materials. Some of our most expensive tiles per square foot are made of pure white marble with Mother of Pearl inlay delicately shaped and placed into designer patterns, or micro-mosaics made of hundreds of tiny, individually shaped chips that turn your walls and floors into a work of art. The price point reflects both the top quality materials that are carefully chosen to exemplify the allure of the stone or shell, as well as the skilled craftsmanship that it takes to create the pattern on each sheet.

Micro mosaic tile pattern inlay for a shower wall

Our Bloom Micro Mosaic tile adds beautiful Old World detailing to your home, thanks to the beautiful combination of natural stone chips and finely crafted detail. This painstakingly crafted design is around $100/square foot thanks to the level of work it takes to create each stunning sheet of tile designed to easily be laid side by side to create the pattern.

One of the priciest and most luxurious types of marble mosaic tile are waterjet tiles. The technique for waterjet tiles involves cutting slabs of material with high pressure jets to create incredibly detailed shapes. This process opened up a wide range of patterns and designs that were difficult to create with traditional tools, including softly curving lines or delicate details. The precision and skill level required combined with the quality of the raw materials are a major driving factor in the price of waterjet tiles, but the end result is nothing short of dazzling!

White marble and pearl waterjet mosaic kitchen backsplash

Tile Club's Pearl Flower Waterjet Mosaic tile combines crystal-white Thassos marble and iridescent Mother of Pearl in an exquisitely cut floral pattern. The curving petal design and level of detail in this mosaic sheet design is a stunning example of cutting waterjet tiles.

Calculating the Tile Price per Square Foot -

One of the most important factors when it comes to pricing out your tile order is to calculate the tile price per square foot. 

The first step is to measure the area you plan to tile and calculate the square footage. It’s always important to double and triple check these measurements so you make sure you order enough material to fully cover your installation area, plus about 10-15% overage (tile experts always recommend adding this amount to your order to account for cuts, waste, and overage during the installation process).

Love a detailed mosaic tile but your budget doesn’t flex to cover your whole area with that design? Interior Designer "Outside In Living" helped her clients find a stunning and cost-effective solution by using our intricate Calacatta Gold Diamond & Square Mosaic Tile as a backsplash insert behind the stove, and pairing it with a simpler design in the same material on the rest of the walls under the cabinets. The result is a beautifully cohesive design that draws the eye to the stand-out tile, while utilizing an equally high-end Calacatta Gold marble subway tile sold by the box for less than half the price per square foot of the more detailed mosaic.

Ideally, you want your contractor, builder, or tile installer to measure and verify your tile needs to make sure you have expert eyes on the project, but if you’re DIYing your new floor or backsplash, you can always use our built-in tile calculator!

Built in Square Footage Calculator

Each product page has a link where you can Click to Calculate - simply enter your length and width and it will automatically let you know how many units of the specific tile you need to order! You can even check the box to calculate the recommended overage.

How do you factor your total square footage into your tile budget?

Price for Tiles Sold by the Sheet - 

Calculate tile prices per mosaic sheet

Tiles that come in a single piece, or a mosaic sheet will vary in size and square footage. These tiles are priced by a single sheet, so you’ll want to check your square footage to calculate what your total material cost would be for each sheet style. Check the number underneath the unit price to see how many square feet each sheet will cover. 

Price for Tiles Sold by the Box - 

How to calculate tile prices by the box

Tiles sold by the box often look like they have a hefty price point, but you have to remember that each box can contain 5-10 square feet of coverage or more. That’s why it’s so important to calculate tile prices by the square foot, as you might be looking at anywhere from $6-$40 per square foot depending on the style and material. 

How to protect your investment in tile - 

Hopefully by now you’ve found some great inspiration to balance your remodel budget and your wildest design dreams! Once you’ve decided on the perfect material for a stunning new wood look floor or a French Country kitchen backsplash, you’ll want to make sure you protect the investment you’ve made in your home.

White and tan French country kitchen with Crema Marfil and Calacatta Gold tiles

Unlike materials that wear easily and require a lot of upkeep - like hardwood floors that are easily scratched, luxury vinyl that warps and swells with exposure to water, or walls that always need a new coat of paint - tile is a naturally durable and long-wearing material. That doesn’t mean it requires 0 maintenance, but you’ll typically see a much longer lifespan out of a tiled area than almost any comparably priced material for the same surface.

Here are our expert builders’ tips on the best ways to maintain your tiles for years to come:

Seal Tile and Grout for a Longer Lifespan

We’ve written extensively about the benefits of sealing porous tile materials (like marble) and grout on the Tile Club blog.
For more in depth information, check out

Answers to Grout and Tile Sealer Questions

Myths about Sealing Tiles

Apply tile sealant to keep white marble tiles pristine

If you’ve made the choice to invest in luxury marble tiles, we recommend testing your tiles’ permeability every 6 months to see if the porous material absorbs water. If it does, it’s time to reapply a coat of penetrating sealer - a low cost and high-reward chore you can complete in an afternoon. Sealing your marble tiles is a great way to keep them fresh and pristine for many years of enjoyment - and can even help repel stains and prevent ‘rust’ spots from natural oxidation. Check out our post on keeping white marble stain-free for more information on how to keep marble floors, showers, and outdoor tiles looking gorgeous over time!

Even if you’ve chosen a non-porous tile - which includes most man-made materials like porcelain, glass, and glazed ceramic - you’ll want to regularly seal your grout. Keeping grout clean is one of the biggest concerns homeowners tend to have about installing tiles, but what if we told you it doesn’t have to be a pain to maintain? The same penetrating sealer you’d use on marble tiles can help fill up gaps in both sanded and unsanded grout, keeping grout lines from absorbing stains from cooking or body products, as well as preventing mildew from growing in your nice white grout lines. A quick test every six months to a year is enough to keep your grout lines pristine and your tiled area watertight!

Looking for more ways to maximize the investment on your beautiful new tiles? Set yourself up for success from the start by checking out some of our guides on selecting and installing tiles:

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