Thassos Marble Tile Ideas for Chic White Interiors

A material of extraordinary purity, white Thassos marble dazzles with its own brightness. This iconic and highly sought-after stone is renowned for its magnificent white color and crystal composition. Not only do Thassos marble tiles offer great versatility with their brilliant white surface, they also provide undeniable tranquility to any interior environment. 

A crystal white marble backsplash in a classic arabesque pattern is the most gorgeous detail to add to a traditional kitchen backsplash!

This gorgeous marble has become a must-have for lovers of white interiors, thanks to its luxurious sparkle and purity of color. We’re going to dive into some of our favorite ways to decorate your home with elegant white marble designs, but first, here’s a primer on what makes this stone so beloved and unique!

Where is Thassos marble quarried? 

Thassos marble receives its name from the small Greek island of Thassos, where it is quarried. Unlike other kinds of stones which are dug out from under the ground, this alluring and purest white natural stone is sourced from open-pit quarries in various locations around the island. 

Grecian Marble Quarry on Thassos

Image via the Greek Marble Industry of a Thassos Marble Quarry

Since ancient times, it was used extensively in Grecian architecture and exported to neighboring countries for the construction and decoration of temples and other urban buildings that continue to stand the test of time! Many of the beautiful buildings, statues, and decorations that we enjoy when traveling showcase the beauty of Thassos stone. Today, the allure of Thassos marble remains undiminished — it’s among one of the most well-known and desirable types of stone from Greece. 

Quarries use state-of-the-art technology to produce this stunning material in tile format, mosaics and slabs. It's no wonder that clients are naturally drawn to Thassos marble — it has become the epitome of luxury and high class interiors — and incorporating it into an interior space is like adding an enticing piece of history to your home!

The physical characteristics of Thassos marble

Its pure white and crystal-like appearance makes Thassos marble one of the materials highly favored by interior designers, architects, and of course, homeowners! It provides unmatched reflection of light and low heat absorbance than any other natural stone available on earth. 

Crystal White Penny Round Marble from Thassos

As with most natural products, not all Thassos marble is created equal and its common to have different varieties. The 3 industry standard categories include:

  • Thassos A1. The variety is the highest grade showcasing immaculate whiteness. 
  • Thassos A2. The variety is more spotted and has light veins.
  • Thassos A3. The variety has bigger shades, veining patterns and can present micro-fissures.

Each of the three types of Thassos will display the signature white color and crystal sparkle of this gorgeous material!

Popular applications of Thassos marble in interior design

Its elegance and beauty, along with its hardness and consistency, makes Thassos marble an ideal material for the most perfect awe-inspiring indoor or outdoor architectural project! 

A crystal white marble backsplash in a classic hexagon pattern is the most gorgeous detail to add to a traditional kitchen backsplash!
A crystal white marble backsplash in a classic hexagon tile pattern is the most gorgeous detail to add to a traditional kitchen backsplash!

The uniformly pure color palette and light-reflecting qualities of this white marble can create the most stunning interiors, including captivating staircase and fireplace designs, bathroom backsplashes, kitchen worktops, as well as floor tiles!

What’s more, it blends seamlessly with a variety of materials and colors - it’s a popular accent to pair with other types of marble to add a clean white finish. Its sparkle and clarity lend additional spaciousness even to the smallest of rooms.

Carrara and Thassos Hexagon Floor Tiles for a Traditional Kitchen

ThisSelo Grand Hexagon Carrara and Thassos Marble Mosaic lends a timeless and chic touch to both wall surfaces and floors. The pure white Thassos detailing makes the more subtle marbling of Bianco Carrara hexagons pop!

You can find it in a range of finishes such as raw, polished, honed, brushed, bush hammered and sandblasted. If you’re looking to enjoy the enhanced beauty and purity of white marble, then a polished finish will be an ideal option for your interior! Honed marble tiles are a great flooring option, with added slip resistance thanks to their matte finish.

Thassos marble kitchen installs

A geometric pearl and white Thassos marble mosaic tile backsplash for a romantic farmhouse kitchen

A geometric pearl and white Thassos marble mosaic tile backsplash for a romantic farmhouse kitchen

When it comes to interior aesthetics, the kitchen serves as a focal point of the home, which is why it needs careful attention when it comes to the types of products that are employed. Marble backsplash tiles and floors  for white kitchen designs remain a growing trend — and the bright white of Thassos marble is a timeless option!

Since this is a gathering space for meals and other social activities, homeowners are moving away from staple colors to the white hues that not only offer a sense of spaciousness, but also add an element of sophisticated flair. 

It’s apparent that Thassos white marble is among the popular choices as it offers so many ways to customize your kitchen walls, countertops, and floors while remaining a practical choice. It’s natural thermal and moisture resistance, as well as durability, makes it a high-quality stone that will last in all its splendor!

A Thassos marble backsplash that extends to the ceiling is a big trend right now — effortlessly creating striking architectural appeal in contemporary, modern and transitional white kitchen design.

This diamond pattern white marble backsplash tile with Mother of Pearl shell details and natural wood open shelving

A shiny mix of Pearl White Thassos Tile transforms this kitchen from functional to fantastic. We especially love how the subtle, repeating bold diamond design unites all aspects of the space, and brightens it up with the reflective quality of the tile itself!

This promises to be a consistent trend as more and more homeowners opt for open shelves in place of upper cabinets. We especially love how ceiling-height backsplash gives classic Thassos marble subway tiles a fresh and modern appeal — or help small geometric tiles sing loud and boldly. 

Thassos marble bathroom application

Pure White Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tiles

Pure White 10 Inch Thassos Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tiles with

The luminous quality and exquisite beauty of Thassos marble tiles add an unmistakable Mediterranean air to bathroom settings. This hardworking natural stone provides both protection and a chance to show a little flair in your design!

White marble bathroom design is appropriate for a range of aesthetics; from traditional and contemporary, to modern, transitional and many more. 

White Thassos marble tile is also a great choice for a smaller, more compact bathroom space. The highly reflective natural stone, especially in a polished finish, lends an illusion of extra space to even a small powder room. Switching up the wall and floor surfaces brightens up what could otherwise be a dull or sterile bathroom design. 

In recent years, we’ve seen homeowners shifting towards something that turns heads and creates an interesting focal point for all to admire. Experimenting with various patterns like hexagon, herringbone, mosaic, diamond and more, adds a personal and fresh touch to your setting.  

The white vein of marble in our Weaving Flower Carrara & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile allows the pattern to pop!

The white vein of marble in our  Weaving Flower Carrara & Thassos Marble Mosaic Tile allows the pattern to pop!

When working with busy and repetitive patterns, essentially, you’ll want to carefully plan out your overall bathroom design ahead of time so that it ends up looking cohesive. Furthermore, keeping the rest of your finishes subtle will help highlight the beauty of the patterned shower wall, floor or backsplash. 

Mosaics pairing Thassos with other materials

Junaglow bathroom vanity wall tiles with Calacatta Gold and Thassos marble mosaics

Pairing different natural stone types in oversized patterns is one of the hottest trends in bathroom design. Thassos and Calacatta gold hexagon tiles are mixed together with a white marble outline adds a punch and livens up the space. 

Mosaic tiles and designs pairing Thassos with other materials can guide the aesthetic direction of your interior space — and give even the most basic of rooms a striking dose of style and sophistication. Marrying different natural stones involves combining different colors, textures, and patterns to create a seamless luxury look. 

Checkerboard floor tiles with Thassos white marble and Carrara marble

House of Jade is using our pure white Thassos marble field tiles - cut in half - with Carrara marble to create this classic checkerboard bathroom floor tile pattern. Check out their work in progress!

For instance, Thassos can be combined with dramatically veined Calacatta marble to create an unusual geometric layout that nicely adds detail and contrast to kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Similarly, white Thassos marble can be teamed with prestigious blue-gray Carrara to achieve breath-taking modern elegance. 

In addition, combining two different marbles in different finishes can add extra dimension and visual texture to a room without seeming too chaotic. No matter your style, the design options are endless. 

Thassos Marble Care and Cleaning Tips

Patterned Bathroom Tile Backsplash with Geometric Marble Designs

A patterned bathroom backsplash tile makes a worthy design statement. Here, a stunning combination of Dolomite, Leyte Blue, and Thassos in a striking hexagon pattern stretches upwards, creating an eye-grabbing focal point along the vanity wall. Pairing with a wooden vanity adds extra dimension and beautiful contract.

Thassos marble tiles are a big purchase for both residential and commercial projects. Therefore, it’s crucial that you invest in protecting them against etching and staining. Thankfully, following the steps below will ensure that they look their best for many years: 

  • Install. We recommend a Laticrete Thin-set Mortar in white to ensure that your tile remains in good condition for many years to come. Laticrete Permacolor Grout in Bright White matches Thassos white marble beautifully and provides a crisp finish if you want to create a seamless white look, or you can add contrast with a range of grout colors!
  • Seal. Properly sealing Thassos marble helps prevent marble stains. A penetrating stone sealer will provide the best life for your pure white stone tiles! When water no longer beads, it’s a sign that you may need to reseal your white Thassos tiles. 
  • Protect. Acidic liquids will etch marble, hence it’s important to immediately wipe up unintentional spills. 
  • Clean. For surface application such as Thassos marble subway tiles, avoid using acidic and abrasive cleaners. Bleach, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia can potentially leave dull spots, rings and spray marks. Professional stone cleaners offer a peace-of-mind and ensure that your Thassos marble floors, backsplash and countertops stay in top shape. 

What makes Thassos Marble Tiles worth the money?

Few materials can compete with the elegant, classic look of superb white Thassos marble! When it comes to creating a timeless interior, this marvelous material from Greece offers an absolute white background with no imperfections, and a captivating crystalline touch. 

Diamond Patterned White Marble Backsplash Tile for a Blue Farmhouse Kitchen

Diamond Patterned White Marble Backsplash Tile for a Blue Farmhouse Kitchen

Given the intrinsic beauty of this premium stone, it effortlessly finds its place in just about any interior setting, from traditional spaces right into a sleek contemporary setting. 

It possesses a magical ability to make a room look like a true icon of excellence and exclusive luxury. A worthy investment you ask… beyond a shadow of a doubt!

Frequently asked questions about Thassos Marble Tiles

Pure White Marble Hexagon Bathroom Floor Tiles
  • Since marble is a porous material, does this indicate that Thassos Marble isn’t ideal for a backsplash behind the stove?
  • White Thassos marble has been blessed with remarkable qualities, however, like all other natural stones, it is porous to some extent. The right sealer acts like a coat of armor that decreases the opportunity for something to harm your surface — particularly in the kitchen where spills are common. When sealed appropriately and maintained with care, your marble surface can last a lifetime.

    • Does Thassos marble need to be sealed? If so, how often?

    Natural stone requires a sealant in order to protect it from the absorption of air and liquid that cause stains. Thassos white marble is no exception. How often would you need to apply a sealant largely depends on the type of sealer and how much use the bathroom and kitchen gets. 1- 3 years is an appropriate time frame to reseal and retain the natural beauty of your marble.

    See our guide on Grout and Tile Sealing for more information.

  • What’s the difference between polished and honed Thassos marble tile finish?
  • A polished finish is characterized by a high-gloss appearance that offers more luminosity and shine. A honed finish, on the other hand, appears as a matte, smooth surface with very little reflection of light. Unlike a polished surface, scratches on a matte surface are less visible. It also offers better slip-resistance for a flooring tile!

  • Does installing Thassos marble in my home increase its value?
  • Thassos marble is a prestigious material known for its longevity and durability — two desirable factors that influence the value of a home. This makes gorgeous marble walls and floors a great investment!

    White marble herringbone pearl vanity tiled wall for a modern bathroom design

    When it comes to choosing the right marble tile material for your home, Thassos sets itself apart in purity and beauty! This elegant finish for your home has long-term aesthetic and investment value that make it a must-have upgrade if you are looking for the perfect white surface!

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