Trending: Cabinet Paint Colors and Tile Pairings

We know it’s easy to get swept up in the latest home decor trends  - revamping the space around us is a great way to feel fulfilled and creatively charged at home! However, a full yearly refresh isn’t always doable, no matter how much we might be tempted by the latest craze sweeping Instagram and Pinterest.

If you’re thinking of giving your home a refresh this year, you can’t go wrong with a new coat of paint for your cabinets and a fresh tile finish! Finding the right cabinet paint and tile combination is like your favorite song coming on the radio - simply the best!

Light and Bright Farmhouse Kitchen with Faux Shiplap Walls from Wood Look Porcelain Tiles

A layer of new cabinet paint is a relatively quick and easy change to make in your space, so you don’t have to make a long-term commitment to your own Color of the Year. Good Housekeeping shared some of the hottest trending interior paint colors for the year, and we’ve got to say - we’re loving the focus on bold and unique colors! Pairing a playful paint and a timeless tile together is the best way to elevate your space, whether you’re opting for a full bathroom remodel or just giving your kitchen a new look for the summer. 

Check out our favorite ways to style some of the trending colors as stunningly painted cabinets with tiles that you will love to create a versatile and creative upgrade to your home!


Earth Tones

Earth tones are IN this year, with paint colors ranging from Burnt Orange, Clay, and Hunter Green capturing that mid-century modern look with deep takes on nature-inspired shades. We love how they pick up the colors present in natural stone, creating a cohesive space that celebrates an organic aesthetic throughout each design element!

Sherwin-Williams chose Southwest terra cotta inspired Cavern Clay for their recent paint Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams chose Cavern Clay for their recent paint Color of the Year, which makes perfect sense given the popularity of terra cotta accents to embrace the current bohemian trend, or as a Southernwestern inspired interior paint color!

Embrace that 1970’s Palm Springs look by pairing terra cotta painted cabinets with the natural stone colors in Sea Dream Slate Tile!

Sea Dream Slate Tile Combines Terra Cotta Orange and Deep Blue for a Southwestern Inspired Interior Accent


Behr fully embraced the earth tones paint color trend, naming their 2020 Color of the Year ‘Back to Nature’, and bringing the outside in with this fresh and vital green. The color manages to add warmth thanks to strong yellow undertones, making it a great interior paint color for your kitchen cabinets!

Behr Back to Nature Paint Color of the Year 2020 is a Leaf Green That Brings the Outside In

Amp up that backsplash with our Carrara Chic With Thassos Dots Marble Mosaic Tile - the white and gray colors pair beautifully with the neutral undertones of the subtle green color for the cabinets, and the delicate interlacing pattern adds visual interest without creating too much contrast for this soft palette.

Carrara Chic With Thassos Dots Marble Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash with Southwestern Interior Details


Hunter Green painted cabinets are a bold way to add color to your kitchen space! We’re embracing this rich emerald color that earned the title of PPG Timeless Color of the Year last year - this is one paint trend that’s welcome to stay! Pairing the vibrant painted cabinets with our Azul Cielo Thassos And Carrara Striped Chevron Mosaic Tile for the backsplash and adding gold hardware is the perfect way to offset the darker tone of the paint - keep the deep green to lower cabinets and add a floating shelf or open storage up above to create the perfect sense of balance!

Hunter Green and Gold Kitchen Design with Azul Cielo Thassos And Carrara Striped Chevron Mosaic Tile Backsplash


Shades of Blue

Classic Blue, of course, is having its moment in the spotlight thanks to Pantone bestowing this rich hue with the Color of the Year for 2020! It’s no secret that we love the timeless pairing of blue and white, and can see this beauty making a long-term splash - think rich blue cabinets paired with glistening white marble and shell backsplashes for a welcoming farmhouse kitchen, or paired with wood look porcelain tiles to add a rustic touch.

When it comes to a dynamic white tile, we love pairing classic marble with Mother of Pearl to add shine and depth! Our Geometric Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile adds glamorous detail to these Classic Blue kitchen cabinets, creating a luminous detail to balance out the darker paint color and give this modern farmhouse kitchen the perfect luxurious finish!

Blue and White Farmhouse Kitchen with the Shine of Pearl from the Geometric Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile Backsplash

Loving blue but want to keep it light? Softer shades for your cabinets can be a great way to keep your space feeling open and we love this dreamy shade of blue! The squares in our Thassos Diagonal Square And Azul Cielo Dots Marble Mosaic Tile pick up the serene and relaxing tones in a paint color like Behr’s Light Drizzle to create a soothing design for your kitchen!

Light and Bright Blue Kitchen Design with Diamond Pattern Marble Backsplash


Keep it Light

Light and bright is another color trend we can get behind! This one has inspired a whole hashtag movement on Instagram, focusing on airy, light-filled rooms that feel welcoming and serene. This palette keeps to all soft shades, with relatively little gradation or tonal change throughout the finishes, paint, and decor.

What we love about this trend, however, is the use of texture and detail to keep all of those light colors from looking flat. Give your cabinets subtle color with a semi-gloss finish in Crisp Linen from Glidden  - the touch of warmth keeps white painted cabinets from looking too stark, and still manages to capture the beauty in a tone-on-tone neutral color scheme! 

The best part about a light and bright paint treatment for your cabinets is the feeling of space - lots of dark colors together can make a room feel smaller, but light colors are a great way to add the illusion of a larger room. Make the most of a small powder room by keeping your cabinets painted an airy white color to reflect light, and add in visual interest with a patterned tile to mix it up!

Rustic Chic Farmhouse Bathroom in White and Blue with Diamond Stripe Tile Accent Wall

Adding a White Striped Diamonds Marble Mosaic Tile accent wall to the white and pale blue colors of this rustic farmhouse bathroom creates stunning detail without adding clutter to the decor! Even better, the movement in the tile pattern adds to a feeling of space and openness to enhance this white bathroom design even further.


Modern Scandinavian Kitchen Design with Floating Shelves and a Geometric Marble Tile Backsplash


Dynamic Neutrals

Neutrals never go out of style! We love that you can enhance a neutral backsplash and cabinet color with different accessories and accents to match any mood to capture trends as they come and go! It doesn’t get any more timeless than a neutral interior palette, but these chic home shades still leave plenty of room to play with decorative details!

Open and Airy Neutral Kitchen with Japanese Inspired Wood Look Porcelain Tile Backsplash

Complement the warmer undertones of a paint color like Flannel Gray Eggshell Enamel from Home Depot with a wood look tile - the white and tan shades in our Kasai Carta Kintsugi rectified porcelain tiles are a great way to get creative with a neutral color palette!

Rustic Neutral Kitchen Ideas with Skinny Chevron Calacatta Gold Mosaic Tile Backsplash and a Farm Sink

This soothing shade of lavender gray picks up the naturally occurring marble tones in our Skinny Chevron Calacatta Gold Mosaic Tile to create a modern farmhouse kitchen! The marble backsplash, farm sink, and silver hardware are great choices to accent subtle colors like Behr’s Old Amethyst Eggshell Enamel paint.


Mix it up!

Looking to add unique accents to your cabinets? We’ve got the perfect inspiration! Metal fronted cabinetry is starting to take interior designers by storm, adding an industrial design element to modern kitchens that takes inspiration from stainless steel appliances. Adding metal-fronted cabinets is a great way to tie in with larger ovens and hood ranges that take up a lot of space, as they can help your kitchen design elements feel cohesive.


This ultra-modern kitchen paired brushed metal drawers with airy white painted cabinets to keep the focus on the backsplash with our Sand Valley And Thassos Octagon Marble Mosaic Tile! Adding neutral marble details brought in organic and earthy elements to play off the industrial kitchen decor and find the perfect balance!

Modern Kitchen with Brushed Metal Appliances and Drawers and Sand Valley And Thassos Octagon Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash

If you’re going for a more natural finish and skipping paint altogether, you can’t go wrong with an oak cabinet! Keeping the natural wood grain is a low maintenance alternative to paint, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep your bathroom design simple or unadorned! These oak cabinets were the perfect addition to a tile statement wall paired with floating cabinets, a lighted vanity mirror, and industrial cage lighting. The effect manages to flirt with the edge of minimalism thanks to the clean lines in the wood details and mirror, with a subtle pattern thanks to the hexagon shape tiles and recycled glass designs echoing Calacatta Gold marble!

Modern Minimalist Bathroom with Floating Oak Cabinets, a Lighted Vanity Mirror, and Marble Look Hexagon Tiles Made from Recycled Glass

Are you ready to elevate your space by pairing colorful paint and tile? We’d love to hear which design trends and colors you’re embracing in the comments!


How to Pair Cabinet Paint Colors and Tile Designs for your Kitchen, Bathroom, or Laundry Room!

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