Large Format Tiles

Are you looking to bring the wow factor into your home? Whether it’s through a complete overhaul of your current space or a minor renovation, there’s one surefire way to elevate any room: large format tiles. Not only are these tiles on-trend and modern, but they can also give a beautiful and timeless touch to any bathroom, kitchen or living room. They're also a great option for a commercial design.

Large format tiles may be just the thing you've been searching for - from how to choose them, what materials work best with your particular project needs, and where you can find unique pieces. Browse our selection of large-format tiles to give your floors and walls a stunning new look!

Choose between slab-style porcelain tiles, hardwood-look floor tiles, industrial steel-look flooring, and large-format marble tiles. These styles reduce the number of grout lines, creating a clean look for accent walls or floors both in residential and commercial designs.