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Antique Circles Etched Marble Tile

  • $71.97
  • per sheet
  • $71.97
  • per sq. ft.
(1 sq.ft.)

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  • Size: 12x12"
  • Residential Floor: Yes
  • High Traffic Floor: Yes
  • Exterior: No
  • Interior Wall: Yes
  • Pool/Fountain: No
  • Shower Wall: Yes
  • Shower Floor: No
  • Steam Shower: No
  • Material: Marble
  • Specifications
  • Description
  • Reviews
  • Product Q&A
  • Shipping
  • SKU
  • Material
    Ashen White Marble
  • Chip Size
  • Sheet Size
  • Thickness "
  • Finish
  • Mounting Type
    Mesh Mounted
  • Coverage
  • Priced By
  • Sold By
  • Pcs/box
  • Sf/box
  • Weight: Lbs/SF
  • Width "
  • Outdoor Walls
  • Indoor Walls
  • Light Traffic Floors
  • High Traffic Floors
  • Shower Walls
  • Shower Floor
  • Steam Room Walls
  • Swimming Pool
  • Heat areas up to 150F
  • Commercial Floors
  • Recommended Thinset
    Laticrete 254 Platinum
  • Recommended Grout 1
    Laticrete Permacolor (color of your choice)

Prop 65 Warning for CA residents.

The unique look of this Antique marble tile offers wonderful design options for your home if you adore simple geometrical forms and neutral colors. Etched marble patterns create a focal interest and make this product a gem of any interior. The trendy Grey tile color sets up a calm soothing feel and matches any bright accent. This high-quality natural marble tile is a popular choice for wall designs thanks to the detail that it can add to your room! You can apply it to general walls, shower walls, or create a decorative feature wall. It is a great sturdy floor tile that can be used in both low and high traffic areas. Add a stylish genuine marble bathroom backsplash, grace your kitchen, hallway, dining room, living room, or other indoor space.

The etched circular pattern evokes a mandala design with subtle color variation, creating a beautiful option to accent modern bohemian home design or pair with neutral decor for a classic home accent with a unique and stylish touch!

*Naturally occurring veins and variations are found in all stone tiles, including Ashen White marble, and can result in differences of appearance between photos and products. If you would like to gauge variation between tiles prior to ordering, please 'Request Current Lot Pictures' above to see the material prior to shipment.

Sold by: piece

Sheet Size: 12" x 12"

Material: Ashen White Marble

Color: Gray

Finish: Polished

Packing info:

  • Pcs per Box: 5
  • Sq. Ft. per Box: 5.00
  • Sheet or SQ. FT weight: 5.5 lb

Area of use:

  • Wall: Indoor
  • Floor: Residential, Commercial
  • Shower Wall: Yes
  • Shower Floor: No
  • Steam room: No
  • Pool: No

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Ask a Question
  • I am trying to determine how much to buy if i am interested in this tile...I see you don't allow for calculation of square feet. Is one piece a sheet or is it one tile? I see they are packed 5 ft per box but this is not one piece is it? I am looking at 196 sq feet. How may boxes should i order?

    Thank you for your question. The sheet size is 12x12 inches, so it's basically a square foot. You will need 196 sheets for your project. Please let us know if you have any other questions. We are here to help. 
    Have a great day,
    Team Tile Club

  • I see that some of the other etched marble says it can be used in a shower area, however, this one says it can't. Can you please confirm that this can't be used for a shower floor?

    Thank you for your inquiry! You are correct - this tile is not recommended for installation on a shower floor. White marble contains iron deposits that can discolor the stone surface if exposed to standing water for long periods of time. Shower floors are especially prone to this, as water puddles there and does not tend to dry fully. While tis process is a natural characteristic of white marble, we know that it can reduce long-term enjoyment in your beautiful white tiles, and so we don't recommend it for areas that are exposed to standing water. It's best used on shower walls where water will naturally run off although we do recommend wiping them dry after use. 

    Other colors of marble have different compositions and less likely to discolor from water exposure, making them a better choice for a shower floor.

  • I am preparing to have this tile laid in my goyer...Should I seal the tile with a marble sealer?

    Yes! I believe you are laying it in your foyer, correct? An entryway is likely to experience water from shoes, etc. over time and sealing marble, especially an etched marble, will help keep the stone from absorbing tracked in moisture or stains. 

    We recommend a sealant specifically for porous stones, like the Miracle Sealants Porous Plus (click the description tab for more info). Once you have applied it, periodically check to see if droplets of water bead on top of the tiles (still sealed) or sink in (time to reseal). This should be done roughly every six months for an area with a high level of foot traffic and weather changes.

  • Can this tile be used for a kitchen backsplash?

    Yes! You can use our Antique Circles Etched marble tile as a backsplash for your kitchen, bathroom, or other space. We recommend periodically sealing marble tiles used behind cooktops and sinks as they can be splashed with food or water.

This tile qualifies for free ground shipping to the Lower 48 United States!