Dazzling White Iridescent Squares Glass Tile

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  • per sheet (0.934 sq.ft.)
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Samples are approximately 4" x 5" to show the finish, material, and color in person. They are not meant for installation. To view a full sheet or box of tile, you can order 1 sheet/box, Request a Lot Photo or contact us for more info.

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  • Sheet Size: 11.6x11.6
  • Exterior: Yes
  • Interior Wall: Yes
  • Residential Floor: Yes
  • High Traffic Floor: Yes
  • Shower Wall: Yes
  • Shower Floor: Yes
  • Steam Shower: Yes
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Prepare to be Dazzled with Tile Club’s newest collection!

Simple but sophisticated, this gorgeous white iridescent mosaic tile can be used just about anywhere and matches perfectly with any project. Completely non-porous and easy to clean this tile can do it all, from residential to commercial high traffic areas this marvelous white mosaic should be illegal.  

The Dazzling White Iridescent Square Glass tiles is approximately 12”x12”, covering 1 square foot and conveniently paper faced-mounted-the front of your tile is covered in paper while the visible textured side will be the side installed to the mortar. Tile Club recommends using a glass adhesive for installation but for the best results always consult your installer. The paper facing can easily be removed with water once the tile adhesive is set, and before grout is applied. See the full installation guide for paper face-mounted tiles!

Dazzling your guest with a picture-perfect kitchen backsplash or re-aluminate the bathroom, shower or even your very own an awe-inspiring spa. Approved for residential and commercial areas with high traffic, this alluring tile can do it all!

Sold by: Sheet

Sheet Size: 11.6” x 11.6""

Thickness: 1/4"

Chip size: 15 x 15 mm

Mounting: Paper Facing

Material: Glass

Color: White with mixed iridescent


Packing info:

  • Pcs per Box: 20
  • Sq. Ft. per Box: 18.689
  • Sheet or SQ. FT weight: 1.48 lb

Area of use:

  • Wall: Indoor, Outdoor
  • Floor: Residential, Commercial
  • Shower Wall: Yes
  • Shower Floor: Yes
  • Steam Room: Yes
  • Pool: Yes


Ask a Question
  • What does the backing: paper faced mean? Do you install it like a regular mosaic tile?

    These tiles come with a brown paper covering on the front of the tile - not a mesh on the back. When you receive them, the grooved glass pieces that face out are the back of the tile, and will be installed onto your adhesive. This can actually create a tighter bond between the glass and the thinset, and avoids a visible mesh backing through translucent glass tile once installed. When the thinset has dried, dampen the paper to remove the sheet and reveal your beautiful tiles before you grout it in place!