Mother Of Pearl Abalone Mosaic Tile

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  • $96.00
  • per sheet (1.017 sq.ft.)
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Samples are approximately 4" x 5" to show the finish, material, and color in person. They are not meant for installation. To view a full sheet or box of tile, you can order 1 unit, Request a Lot Photo or contact us for more information.

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  • Sheet Size: 12.1x12.1"
  • Exterior: No
  • Interior Wall: Yes
  • Residential Floor: Yes
  • High Traffic Floor: No
  • Shower Wall: Yes
  • Shower Floor: No
  • Steam Shower: No
  • Pool/Fountain: No
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A tasteful style of our Abalone tile will bring joy to your home. Unique, exquisite design marries natural materials and simple square tile forms to achieve an opulent elegant look. A perfect match of neutral white, beige seashell shades and bright rainbow-like chips creates an eye-popping appeal for any of your interior designs. Unique pearl texture exposes a fresh ocean feel while a soft sheen of this glossy tile adds spaciousness and light even to dim rooms.  Each sheet is laid on a mesh back to simplify the installation process. Natural shell tiles are easy to maintain and durable enough to be applied to numerous surfaces.  Use these marvelous white wall  tiles  to establish a central point of your project or apply on low traffic floors. Besides that, it makes captivating accent pieces if installed as decorative walls, feature boards, mirror frames, and backsplashes.   

Sold by: sheet

Sheet Size: 12.1" x 12.1"

Material: Shell

Color: Beige, White

Finish: Polished 


Packing info:

  • Pcs per Box: 20
  • Sq. Ft. per Box: 20.33
  • Sheet or SQ. FT weight: 0.9 lb

Area of use:

  • Wall: Indoor
  • Floor: Residential
  • Shower Wall: Yes
  • Shower Floor: No
  • Steam room: No
  • Pool: No




Ask a Question
  • Hi. Can this be used as a countertop? More specifically, I was thinking sitting area with stools.

    You can use it to cover sitting areas however we don't recommend it for countertops