Commercial Interior Design Trends: What to Expect In 2022

As economies continue to reopen, more and more workers are transitioning from the home office back to the traditional setting. Fortunately, 2022 commercial interior design trends present innovative strategies for creating physical environments that bring people back together. 

Large Format Polished Calacatta Marble Porcelain Tile Bathroom Walls and Floors 24x48

This years’ commercial landscape is defined by a reimagined focus towards comfortable interiors, sustainable materials, and wellness spaces that foster well-being and creativity. Transform your retail, office, or hotel design project with our timeless and gorgeous Emporio Polished Calacatta Marble Porcelain Tile!

Not only has the pandemic created new ways of living, but it has also altered how we work. What employees want from the office environment is different now. Professionals crave informality and the freedom to work in their own way. 

Clients’ expectations have also changed—and as they adapt to the new normal, their businesses are evolving too. Retail owners are looking to create inviting and comfortable spaces to cater to the many consumers who still opt for the in-store shopping route.

To adapt to these new changes, the new commercial landscape—office, hospitality, and retail—needs to be fluid and highly receptive to changing conditions now and in the future. Simply put, we need to be more agile, connected, and creative than ever before. 

With that in mind, we’re looking at many of the commercial interior design trends that are already surfacing or those designers expect to see more of as we progress into 2022 and beyond. This year, we’re expecting commercial design projects to be fresh, fearless, and bold—but also curated to channel a sense of comfort.

  • Collaborative spaces that offer home comforts
  • After months of working remotely from home, forward-thinking companies recognize the importance of creating a certain level of ease, flexibility, and comfort that employees are accustomed to. The design of the "new" workplace will continue to emphasize function over form, maximize the work/life balance, and enhance employee creativity and productivity.

    Thassos White Marble Subway Tile Restaurant Wall

    Home design elements such as cozy throws and pillows are a brilliant way to enhance the comfort level of a commercial space. Here, Thassos White 4x12 Polished Marble Tile lends a minimal yet sophisticated touch that many are so accustomed to. 

    Many offices have already begun to implement these changes, with the elimination of cubicles and the introduction of more collaboration-focused designs that mimic cozy work-from-home setups. The office environment is expected to foster an atmosphere that keeps employees motivated and happy while they work. 

    In a bid to maintain this energy and attract new talent, it’s only natural to bring residential influences that enhance warmth and encourage a sense of belonging. Designers have coined the term "resimercial" to describe this style, which combines aspects of commercial and residential elements to create a more pleasant ambiance.

    These comfort elements—such as incorporating cozy plush seating, throw blankets, beanbags, unique rugs and accent pillows, statement lights that give a soft warm glow, characterful surface finishes, and indoor greenery—are quickly finding their way into corporate spaces.

    Fabric Grafito Porcelain tile

    Flooring Tip: When choosing a floor finish for a high foot traffic environment like the office, it’s important to consider both aesthetics and function. We recommend our Fabric Grafito 12x24 Tile for durability and flair. Not only does this large format tile lend a sophisticated modern touch, but it is easy to clean and maintain too.  

    As people embrace a more come-and-go mentality, an intelligent design perspective is to provide a variety of multipurpose, community-oriented areas that cater to the diverse employee and team needs—as well as a selection of lightweight furniture that is easy to move and reconfigure.

    The materials utilized in commercial interior design projects will also play an essential role in evoking a homey atmosphere. And with coffee stations serving as a “third place” in the office, finishes such as porcelain effect and glass mosaic tiles are not only visually compelling, they’re easier to clean and maintain too. The Brick Brooklyn Natural Tile lends an industrial touch that’s hard to ignore!

    In addition, using backsplash tile for common areas like coffee stations is a perfect way to invite fun with a splash of color and pattern. A stylish coverage also infuses an uplifting vibe into the workday and keeps those creative juices flowing. More importantly, high-quality tiles are long-lasting and maintain their beauty for many years to come. 

  • A heightened focus on eco-friendly materials 
  • The use of eco-friendly materials will never go out of style in commercial design for a multitude of reasons. For starters, it's a trend that's meant for the long haul. Secondly, when it comes to picking who to work for, where to stay, and where to shop, conscious employees, travelers, and consumers view sustainability as a significant differentiator and take pride in the efforts companies make to help preserve the environment.

    Recycled Glass 2.75" Hexagon Mosaic In Calacatta Marble Color | 10.2" x 11.7"

    As designers look to create visually appealing and safe spaces that feel like a sanctuary, eco-friendly materials will be a welcomed addition to the design of retail, office, and hotel interior. A floor-to-ceiling Recycled Glass Hexagon Mosaic backsplash tile, for example, can add much-needed allure, warmth, and dimension to a lackluster hotel bathroom.

    Sustainable considerations continue to factor into the equation, especially when it's time to refresh a space or build out a new one. To contribute to a safe and healthier environment, the use of eco-friendly materials should firmly be at the forefront of any design project, not an add-on.

    With the help of eco-friendly materials like recycled glass tiles, pops of visual interest will become a standard in commercial design in 2022. These tiles come in a variety of textures, patterns, and colors and are an excellent design finish to transform basic interiors into inviting and pleasant spaces.

    These tiles are typically made from 100% recycled post-consumer or post-industrial glass—a process that reduces the amount of waste and conserves resources. And however recycled glass tiles are installed, they are a gorgeous and worthwhile investment.

  • Biophilic design for wellbeing gains momentum
  • With health being at the forefront of everyone’s agenda, it's becoming increasingly difficult to think about commercial interior design trends without also considering biophilia. Even if only achieved by adding indoor greenery into a space, biophilic architecture also seeks to introduce a completely human-centered design approach that includes a range of direct and indirect nature-inspired elements to cultivate a calming, revitalizing environment. 

    Earthy colors and nature-inspired patterns are instrumental in biophilic design. With its unique and striking pattern, the Carrara Basket Weave Tile with Black Dots adds to the enchanting beauty of soothing neutrals and greenery, resulting in a space that’s perfect for unwinding. 

    Increasing occupant connectivity to the natural world can take the form of something as simple as allowing plenty of natural light to envelop the office and positively stimulate the brain, to something as complex as integrating a green wall system to improve indoor air quality. 

    Not to mention, materials play an essential role as well, with wood and stone evoking both the warmth and coolness of nature. The use of glass tiles has also become increasingly popular as they beautifully reflect natural light and make a space appear bigger and brighter.

    wave porcelain tile

    The Tango Ivory Wave 3d Porcelain Tile is sure to infuse just the right appeal and dynamism to an office space!

    Earthy colors, textures, and nature-inspired patterns can help create spatial experiences that reference our outdoor surroundings, and, in return, prompt the same cognitive reaction. For instance, the combination of traditional beige and cream with soothing blues and greens can impact our emotional and behavioral responses in positive ways. 

    Expect to see natural-themed designs, such as flowing lines that resemble hills or waves, florals and leaves, honeycomb-like hexagons, and seashells, gaining traction as visually compelling wallcovering options. Think flower glass mosaic tiles for backsplashes in hotel room design and accent walls in office and retail design.

    Kasai Carta 10x60" Rectified Porcelain Tile for a Hotel Lobby Floor

    Our Kasai Carta rectified Porcelain Tile is a perfect example of introducing elements that mimic the true beauty of nature into an interior space. Its unique texture that resembles burned wood adds depth and dimension while its neutral shade evokes a calming effect that beautifully complements wood furniture and indoor greenery. 

    The use of wood-look porcelain tiles can also accomplish the desire to be in tune with the outdoors. Choosing tiles in earthly colors and textures that emulate, depict, or remind us of nature is a fantastic way to marry timeless style with organic aesthetics. Better yet, wood effect tiles are exceptionally durable, resistant to scratching, and easy to maintain, which makes them the best candidate for commercial spaces. 

  • Outdoor spaces: private terraces and rooftops
  • For urban companies, outdoor spaces are moving from a “nice to have” to a “must-have”. This 2022 design trend stems from increased awareness of the positive benefits provided by exposure to the outdoors. In office design, indoor zones that harmoniously transition into natural environments are an excellent place for a break and recharge. 

    Tribeca Aqua Reclaimed Wood Floor for a Rooftop Bar

    The Tribeca Aqua Reclaimed Wood Look Tile combines the timeless beauty of reclaimed hardwood with the incredible durability and strength of porcelain. It is a surefire way to accentuate the look and feel of any rooftop or terrace design. 

    Seeing as it’s a critical component of a healthy work environment, we expect to find some elements of outdoor space included as a tenant amenity—from private outdoor terraces and shared rooftop space to outdoor courtyards equipped with Wi-Fi, electrical outlets, greenery, and material that can better withstand the elements. 

    Having an outdoor place to hold meetings, happy hours, host clients, or simply take a break from computer screens keeps employers and employees happy. Likewise, providing direct and constant indoor-outdoor connectivity while playing with style and materiality will be a big driver for hotel design, now and in the future. 

    Rooftop amenities create a sense of escapism—where residents or guests can laze around as they watch the night unfold and enjoy marvelous 360-degree views of the city. At the heart of a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space is a well-chosen surface finish. Tile club offers an array of outdoor tiles that are durable and resistant to weather changes. 

    When designing outdoor spaces, a seamless indoor/outdoor transition can be achieved with floor tiles that are perfectly suited for both the interior and exterior. This Ionic Steel 12" X 24" Porcelain Tile maintains a cohesive look while injecting character and charm to the scheme of things. 

    From a purely practical point of view, porcelain tile offers incredible durability, remarkable strength and longevity, and easy maintenance. Additionally, outdoor tiles have a surface texture that provides excellent traction and reduces the risk of accidents. 

    With a myriad of choices, it’s easy to create a seamless transition between the internal environment and the outdoors. Porcelain tiles that replicate the appearance of real wood, stone, marble, slate, concrete, and terrazzo can be used to create any exterior look desired.   

  • Colors are soothing and patterns remain playful 
  • Neutral hues are tried and true—hence we expect commercial spaces to integrate lighter color palettes that evoke a calming effect. A backdrop of neutral shades and wood tones helps to create a soothing environment in which people can work comfortably.

    Arrowhead Brass Marble Mosaic Tile for a Glamorous Hotel Lobby Wall

    A neutral color scheme doesn’t mean boring! Introducing surface finishes with striking patterns, like this Arrowhead Brass Marble Mosaic Tile, can elevate the look and feel of a commercial space, resulting in a design finish that’s both refined and pleasing to the eye. 

    To stay on brand, business owners may be apprehensive about changing their color scheme. Brand colors, however, can be introduced into an interior setting through eye-catching accents. After all, the unconventional mix of subdued neutrals and bold pops of color on flooring and walls is a terrific way to infuse a sense of personality that many professionals are starting to seek. 

    Pale woods and hues of beige, white, and grey are a great place to start when seeking to achieve a home-like feel. To add life to this neutral base, designers are bringing in striking patterns that provide visual interest and extra dimension. Floral, hexagon, herringbone, and more intricate patterns lend a fresh and modern twist. 

    Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile Movie Theater Lobby Counter

    Accent tiles can be used to create spaces that respond to the aesthetic needs of hotel design. Here, our Gold Glass Penny Round Mosaic Tile offers a spectacular and elegant touch. 

    Bold tiles add energy to the workspace and are a fantastic way to define different spaces and improve navigation. Statement mosaic tiles can be used to craft a spectacular look in hotel restaurants, lobbies, lounges, and conference rooms—one that will leave guests with a memorable impression. 

    Gorgeous, conversation-starting graphic tiles in bright hues are the ultimate in accentuating the look and feel of corporate and retail spaces via accent walls, statement-making reception desks, decorative alcoves, and flooring. Because commercial spaces do experience high foot traffic, it’s important to choose tiling material that’s rated to withstand wear and tear. 

  • Bleisure travel will reshape hotel amenities
  • As we resume travel, the hospitality sector puts “bleisure”—the combination of leisure and business—under the spotlight. Having spent more time cooped up inside our homes, guests desire the feeling of “home away from home” and forward-thinking companies are poised for the challenge.

    Integrating comfort areas that combine business and leisure is winning more and more followers—and creating an aesthetically pleasing space further enhances a pleasant hotel experience. Our Nero Marquina 3x6 Beveled Marble Tile injects a striking and elegant touch wherever it is laid!

    The expansion of bleisure grants designers and hoteliers an opportunity to revamp interiors that appeal to more contemporary tastes. Comfortable, welcoming aesthetics that draw on local art, history, culture, and natural scenery can help to achieve different accommodation and catering experiences. 

    Old, sparsely lounges can be transformed into spacious libraries outfitted with a fireplace and plush seating—where guests longing for a more private, quiet environment can unwind. Nothing creates a cozy feel quite like our 12" X 24" Ionic Copper Porcelain Tile!

    Some hotels, for example, have transformed the typical pod-style business center into open, co-working spaces equipped with coffee stations where visitors can complete professional tasks and socialize with one another. 

    Modern White and Chrome Bathroom with Thassos Octagon With Light Blue Glass Marble Mosaic Tile Backsplash

    The Thassos Octagon with Light Blue Glass Marble Mosaic Tile offers a home-like feel with its calming hues but still manages to evoke an elegant feel that’s perfect for a luxury bathroom retreat. 

    Extended stays and guests traveling with their families can enjoy integrated experiential programming for children and redesigned guest rooms that provide more space and home-like kitchens and bathrooms. Providing the comforts guests are accustomed to is as simple as using surface finishes that evoke a home-like feel. 

    Wall and floor tiles are guaranteed to provide excellent performance and aesthetic flair. From classic white porcelain to intricate wall mosaics, bathroom tiles instantly add depth and texture, as well as lend a sense of familiarity. Harnessing the power of various finishes and styles can work wonders in injecting character into shower walls, backsplashes, and tub surrounds. 

  • Wellness spaces will define hotel accommodation
  • The creation of wellness spaces that encourage guests to break from the day-to-day hustle and bustle of busy lives will be carefully considered. Everything from yoga rooftop studios, meditation spots linking to an outdoor garden, in-room smart gyms, personal training devices, and sensory experiences like sound bathing and infrared saunas—these reimagined wellness activities create experiences that have a positive impact on well-being and mental health. 

    Blue & White Kitchen with Recycled Glass Subway Mosaic Tile In Blue Wood Color Wall

    Hotel guests value both their well-being and the environment’s health. An environmentally friendly surface finish like our Recycled Glass Subway Mosaic Tile in Blue Wood Color is a fantastic option for wellness spaces.  

    On the business side of things, hotels that merge comfort with wellness-focused activities enjoy an increase in repeat business as guests appreciate additional perks that make their visit an opportunity to care for themselves in ways that they might have taken for granted in the past.

  • Designing Instagram-worthy hotel interiors
  • As the importance of social media marketing continues to grow, many of the top hotels are starting to design picture-worthy interiors. And with the rise of Instagram and competition from Airbnb, setting up standout rooms and common areas that look intriguing and appealing provides a vital edge.

    Elegant City Restaurant with Art Deco Tile Design and Modern Chandeliers

    Reflective glass mosaic tiles with a bold, striking pattern like this Gray Deco Fan Glass Mosaic Tile add instant drama and light.

    This 2022 commercial interior design trend will evolve to appease a new breed of traveler who desires to stay in the more “instagrammable” hotel with elements that are playful and full of character over a budget hotel with basic interiors. 

    Experience is everything nowadays and guests are prepared to pay more for something unique and different. For this reason, reinvigorating the pleasure and creativity of travel also presents a great marketing opportunity. 

    Commercial interior design trends for 2022 see the sustainable and healthy office environment focus on employees’ wellbeing; the retail industry responding to consumers evolving habits and needs; and hoteliers stepping it up by reimagining the overall travel experience with renewed spaces that merge leisure and business. Be sure to sign up for Tile Club's free newsletter to save 5% on all tiles!

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