6 Ways To Bring Natural Elements Into Your Home Decor

Natural elements play a vital role in every house, adding warmth, sustainability, and individuality to spaces that would otherwise be bland.  Incorporating natural materials and textures into your décor can be a fun, easy way to personalize your home and create a cozy atmosphere. Here are a few tips for bringing nature indoors:

Our Mallorca White ceramic Zellige style tile stunned viewers in HGTV’s Fixer To Fabulous by combining organic colors and natural textures to bring this kitchen design full circle.

1) Add Fresh Flowers

Nothing says nature like flowers! Bring color and life to any room with flower vases placed on mantles or coffee tables. A rustic wooden crate filled with colorful blooms can be displayed in any corner of the room, or scatter decorative pots throughout the space for a cheerful touch. Whether you prefer bouquets or filling vases with interesting stones and pebbles, fresh flowers offer a unique way to infuse your space with color and life that's missing from typical home décor.

Gray and white flower pattern tiled kitchen wall behind the stove

 The combination of Bardiglio and Bianco Carrara in a circular flower design is timeless and stunning for a traditional interior! 

If you're looking to amp up your floral aesthetic, you'll want to take a look at our floral tiles to create a vibrant, nature-inspired feel to your home. Our Eastern White and Bardiglio Flower tiles are the perfect choice for creating a playful design on kitchen backsplashes or bathroom vanities. This white and grey polished marble tile is durable for both indoor and outdoor use and would make a gorgeous tiled patio design or elegant entryway. 

  Add floral tiles to entryway walls for an extra pop of color and personality to impress your guests! Our Floral Eternity White Carrara And Bardiglio waterjet tile are sure to add the perfect touch to your home.

 To add a hint of floral glam, we recommend our Gold Bouquet Marble Tile. This engraved marble metallic tile is sure to add a bit of luxury with its gorgeous golden hue to any room while the flowers design add the perfect touch of nature.

2) Add Natural Elements in Furniture and Decorative Pieces

Rather than purchasing manufactured home décor items, opt for furniture and home accessories made from natural materials such as wood or stone. Accessorizing your space with decorative organic elements like these will not only infuse your home with a sense of nature, but it will also provide a unique luxury that is lacking from most manufactured accessories. 

Nature-inspired Living Room Design
We love the flow of this beautiful, sustainable design aesthetic by My Design Chic which combines organic wood textures with a white canvas paired with pops of ocean blue to create a nature-inspired feel.


Wood and stone offer warmth and character to any space, making modern rooms feel more personalized and inviting. We carry some gorgeous natural stone tiles that are sure to amp up your home design while adding just the right amount of natural rustic charm. Explore our Bardiglio Marble, Eastern White Marble and Nero Marquina marble tile options to add a touch of luxury to your home while embracing the natural beauty of these unique materials.

Gray and white bathroom with Bardiglio Hexagon Marble Tiles and a white dual vanity

The all-natural grey Bardiglio Marble sourced from Italy is a perfect balance of color, texture and pattern that will add an elegant touch to your next project. 

Each of these stunning options are perfect for a variety of interior applications and can be used to create a unique look in your home. Pair any of these beautiful marble tiles with natural hardwood flooring for a cohesive look in your space. Tile Club offers a variety of stunning wood look tile flooring that is both durable and stylish. Our wood look tiles are available in a variety of colors and styles to perfectly match your desired aesthetic.

3) Bring the Outdoors In with Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are a luxurious way to bring natural elements into your home while still maintaining a classic design aesthetic. The glass tiles provide a playful touch to spaces that might otherwise feel too stuffy or traditional by allowing the beauty of nature through subtle transparency and airy colors. Glass tiles can be used on both flooring and kitchen backsplashes for entertaining guests in style, or try using them as accent pieces throughout different areas of your house such as fireplace surrounds or living room walls for an eye-catching effect.

Our Agate Glass Tile collection is the perfect complement to any modern design. These pieces are evocative and aesthetically pleasing with their smooth semi-precious stone colors in nature inspired hues like green or blue.

For an elevated, high-end design consider our Sea Glass Louvre Amber mosaic tile. This stunning tile marries the beauty of the sea with elegant swirled marble patterns for an unforgettable look. These beauties inspired by the ocean are subtle enough to blend in with any color scheme in your home while providing a relaxing and calming aesthetic.

Kitchen Backsplash with Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic In Blue Wood Color

This calming color palette in herringbone pattern is perfect for adding a natural touch to your farmhouse kitchen and bathroom designs.

If your goal is to create a chic farmhouse vibe, take a look at our Recycled Glass Herringbone Mosaic Blue Wood Color. Organic colors paired with a timeless herringbone pattern embody the look and texture of natural wood. Made from recycled glass, this mosaic tile option is excellent for bringing an element of sustainability to your home, especially as a beautiful farmhouse kitchen backsplash!

4) Use Natural Textures In Your Décor

One simple way to bring the outdoors inside is by using natural textures in your decorating scheme. This can be as easy as adding a faux sheepskin rug next to the bed, hanging a wicker basket near the kitchen sink or placing an earthenware pot on the dining table. If you're feeling ambitious, try creating an entire wall out of wooden pallets covered with vines and flowers. This is a great way to use leftover materials from big projects or renovations that you might have done in the past.

Boho Bedroom Design by The Blush Home

It doesn’t get much better than this boho-inspired bedroom designed by The Blush Home! The variety of natural textures paired with white linens is truly a dream!

If you're looking to create a more lasting and durable natural design, our porcelain wood look tiles are the perfect choice!  These tiles are the definition of luxury with their gorgeous natural wood pattern. With a stunning balance of color and design, these porcelain tiles create a rustic yet refined aesthetic that you will love throughout your home. Among our favorites is the Spiga Olson Blanco Wood Look porcelain tile that embodies a gorgeous subtle distressed look.

Spiga Olson Blanco Wood-Look Chevron Floor Tile

What could be more inspiring than pairing distressed wood look tile in chevron pattern? We love the beautiful, airy aesthetic of this gorgeous porcelain tile.

Why settle for whitewashed wood flooring that will require constant upkeep when you can have the same aesthetic with less worry with our porcelain tiles? If you're looking to bring a more botanical  element into your natural décor, our porcelain Décor Tropic Black tiles are perfect for you!

Wallpaper inspired dark tropical pattern porcelain tiles

If you haven’t heard of Jungalow design, you will! One of the top trends for 2022, it’s origin was inspired from the words “jungle” and “bungalow”. Jungalow design celebrates natural textures, materials and shapes.

These bold, porcelain tiles embody the ever popular Jungalow design aesthetic for a natural look with plenty of color. We recommend installing it as a feature wall or accent or as a statement fireplace surround. This decorative tile also comes in a pearl finish for a more luminous look.

5) Incorporate Natural Lighting When Possible

If you have large windows like French doors or sliding doors, make sure to take advantage of the abundant sunlight by using space wisely. A simple way to add natural light to your home is by arranging seating in a way that allows you and your guests to take advantage of the sunlight streaming in.

French Country Bathroom With Hexagon Wood Look Tile
It doesn’t get much better than this beautiful French country farmhouse bathroom by Sweet Southern Homestead! Paired with a distressed Wood Look Hexagon porcelain tile, this aesthetic is infused with nature from floor to ceiling.


You can also use natural light to your advantage when decorating by using light colors and materials that will reflect the natural light around the room. This will give the illusion of a larger space and can be really helpful in smaller areas. Installing light reflective tiles to brighten up dark spaces. Our natural stone tiles are perfect for this and they come in a variety of colors to match any interior design scheme.

Outdoor Living Area with Square Weave Equator & Thassos Polished Mosaic Floor Tile for a Patterned Patio
A great way to create a light infused natural design aesthetic is by continuing neutral toned flooring from the outside in! We love the organic look our Square Weave Equator Thassos polished mosaic tile creates in this outdoor haven.


We are in love with our Calacatta Gold 12X24 Honed Marble tile that captures the beauty of Italy with its signature golden veining, elevating any room with both light and natural elegance. We also recommend Tile Club's Mother of Pearl mosaic tiles for a natural iridescent look that will add sophistication and glamor to any space with its gorgeous reflective qualities. These beautiful tiles not only bring light to your space, but their luminous quality will also make any dark corner feel more welcoming.
Modern Bathroom Vanity with Herringbone Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile Backsplash
The delicate beauty of mother-of-pearl tiles is a great way to bring nature into your bathroom vanity, tub surround, or shower. Make your area more distinctive and creative by combining it with a pop of color like blue cabinetry.


Our Herringbone Pearl White Thassos Marble and Shell Tile blends the beauty of marble with the breathtaking  natural iridescence of mother of pearl for a look that is simply divine. With its natural light-reflecting properties, this tile is perfect for adding an ethereal touch to any room in your home. Pair this beautiful tile with gold or brass accents and hardware for a look that is truly unforgettable!
With a reflecting finish that enhances natural light, mirror tiles can turn a gloomy area into a beautiful environment in an instant. Transform a small powder room with a mirrored wall behind your vanity or use these subway tiles beneath your cupboards to open up your kitchen!


One of the best ways to add light into your home is by using mirror tiles. Mirror tiles reflect light and make any area appear brighter and more open, creating the feel of spaciousness. They also add a touch of luxury and glam to the simplest of spaces. Our mirror tiles come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to perfectly match your design scheme. We recommend using our mirror tiles as a backsplash for your vanity, bar, kitchen, or as an accent wall. Be sure to take a look at our 3X6 Beveled Clear Mirror Glass subway tiles. Tile Club's Mirror Glass subway tiles are best paired with Bright White Grout color kit to preserve the look of the clear glass tiles.

6) Keep a Natural Color Palette

When choosing the colors for your décor, stick to greens and browns for a natural feel. We are in love with Sherwin Williams Color Of The Year, Evergreen Fog, a beautiful neutral color that can be used in any space to create a natural look. If you're going for a more modern earth tone design, try varying shades of red, yellow and orange - these will give your room a laid-back vibe that still feels sophisticated. 

Sherwin Williams Evergreen Fog Paint Mood Board

We can’t get enough of warm, green hues! Check out this mood board of Tile Club tiles paired with Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2022.

If you're looking to go full natural from floor to ceiling, keep everything white or cream colored with only one pop of color in pillows or throw blankets. This will give your décor an airy feel that feels breezy and beachy. If you’re looking for more beautiful wall colors to try, check out our blog on more trending natural paint colors in 2022! Pair these colorways with warm, earthy tiles or wood look tile flooring to complete the look.
Distressed Wood Look Porcelain Tile
Wood look porcelain tiles aren’t just for interiors! We love the natural look these beautiful tiles add to exterior spaces as well.


For a neutral, distressed wood appearance that complements Scandinavian or shabby-chic design projects, we recommend our Olson Blanco Wood Tile Floor and Wall. This large format tile is a beautiful, all-white tile with a textured wood grain finish for a realistic look. With its soft white color and natural wood grain texture, this tile is perfect for adding a touch of rustic charm to any space.

Hexagon Wood Look Porcelain Tile
We love hexagon tiles, but what about hexagon wood look tiles to create a gorgeous geometric floor? We adore the warmth this honeycomb pattern adds to both interior and exterior home projects.


If you're looking to add more dimension to your natural design aesthetic, you'll love the clean design and distinctive color of our Esagona Intarcio White honed porcelain tiles.  With their simple, geometric shape and neutral color, these tiles are perfect for creating a modern look with a natural touch. We love how versatile these wood-look white hexagon tiles can be! Make them a beautiful accent for a contemporary farmhouse or Craftsman home by pairing them with natural materials like wood, stone and metal to create a sustainable look to kitchens, floors, patios, bathrooms and more!

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We hope you've found these tips for incorporating natural elements into your home décor helpful. If you're looking to start adding more of the outdoors inside, don't forget that we offer a wide range of tile products in all colors and styles to suit any room or taste. Our Tile Club Team would be delighted to assist you in finding the ideal solution for every area at the greatest bargain - join our mailing list to stay informed on deals and discounts for all things tile!

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