Designing Functional Spaces With A Touch Of Warmth: An Interview With Jennifer Kizzee

Welcome to our latest exploration of the vibrant world of home design, where tiles and other design elements can completely reinvent a living space.

Recently on the "Tile Trends by Tile Club" podcast, host Lindsay Fluckiger had a heart-to-heart with the brilliant Jennifer Kizzee. Hailing from Veracruz, Mexico, Jennifer's journey to a flourishing career in the US beautifully intertwines her tropical upbringing with her modern coastal designs, especially after she transitioned from sales and marketing to pursue her design passion in 2016. Now working from League City, Texas, she artfully combines aesthetics with real-world functionality, designing homes where families truly live.

During their conversation, Lindsay and Jennifer delved deep into various topics:

Jennifer's Moroccan-inspired bathroom retreat, featuring Tile Club’s Spanish Siesta mosaic tiles, turned heads on social media. The tiles, with their intricate patterns and rich colors, epitomize the tranquility of a Moroccan oasis she aimed for. Drawing influence from her Latin heritage and the natural beauty of Southern Mexico, Jennifer and her team craft spaces bursting with warmth. Moreover, in our post-pandemic world, she believes function is as essential as beauty.

Being a mother of four, Jennifer uses her personal experiences to fine-tune designs to her clients' unique needs, striking a balance between practicality and beauty. Currently, she is smitten with transitional styles infused with modern coastal touches, reminiscent of her seaside upbringing in Mexico. She adores using materials like natural stones, terracotta, Zellige tiles, and limestone flooring for a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. And while she was eager for the chicken wire trend in Farmhouse style to fade, she firmly believes in designs that radiate warmth and unity.

On the topic of refreshing our homes, Jennifer advises starting with small steps. Rather than embarking on a major revamp, she suggests focusing on one room and moving forward with intention. Living spaces, especially kitchens, are pivotal. They set the ambiance for our homes. Jennifer introduces the concept of a "service kitchen" or "scullery" - a concealed secondary kitchen space designed for those who entertain frequently.

Her Mexican heritage deeply influences her designs. They resonate with the culture's vibrancy, warmth, and communal spirit, combined with a relaxed Mexican touch. Lindsay and Jennifer also emphasized the significance of designing homes that promote slowing down and mindfulness, fostering moments of relaxation and reflection.

As we look ahead, Jennifer is enthusiastic about crafting vacation homes with coastal themes for platforms like Airbnb. These homes blend chic design with a welcoming aura, ideal for memorable getaways.

In essence, our homes should mirror our identities, backgrounds, and ways of life. Through Jennifer's insights, it's clear that the perfect home is achieved by honoring our origins, recognizing our desires, and progressing one step at a time.

We're grateful to Jennifer Kizzee for her wisdom. Here's to witnessing more of her spectacular creations in the days to come!

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