Home Upgrades to Make While Self-Isolating

While experts agree that we should all stay home at this time, more and more studies show the importance of sticking to a routine and focusing on projects to keep the mind and body active during this disruption to our normal lives. For most of us, self-isolating offers a rare chance to check off items on the To-Do List that we always saved for someday down the road. 

That day has come, and we’re making the most of our social distancing time to make improvements to our homes and habits while we self-isolate. If you’re in need of a project to do from home to make the time go by, read on for some of our tips on how to update your home while in quarantine!

Floral Eternity White Carrara & Bardiglio Waterjet Mosaic Tile Entryway Accent Wall

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking - and also perfect for any time of year! We think Floral Eternity White Carrara & Bardiglio Waterjet Mosaic Tile adds a blooming touch to any space, any season.

De-Clutter in Advance

Staying at home and self-isolating is an unprecedented opportunity to take on some of those neglected household tasks. De-cluttering and setting aside unwanted items is a great way to make the most of this unusual time. Since this is usually the biggest hassle when it comes to completing an interior refresh or home renovation, setting aside an hour or two a day while practicing social distancing is a great option to chip away at cluttered items, or give nooks and crannies a deep clean! 

Not only will you be ready to take on a renovation project once you’re done, but your space will be record-breaking clean once the threat has passed.

Spring cleaning has a whole new meaning this year, and tackling home improvement tasks like clearing out clutter is a great way to stick to a goal-oriented task if the quarantine days start to run together. We’re taking this time to spring clean like never before! Our pro tip? Break this task up and go room by room to avoid it feeling like a chore! Reward yourself with a streaming break between rooms, or rediscover your favorite playlists to provide a spring cleaning soundtrack while you work.

Spring Flowers in Bloom

Time for a spring refresh! What Spring Cleaning projects are you taking on while self-isolating?


Give your Kitchen or Bathroom an Instant-Refresh with a New Backsplash

Since we’re spending a lot more time at home these days, it’s not hard to come across areas of your house that could use a fresh new feel. The kitchen has always been the heart of any home, and these days we are spending a lot more time cooking and gathering in that central space. 

A new kitchen backsplash is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your kitchen a new look and since it’s a relatively simple project, you can maintain social distancing and get it done yourself! This is a great way to accomplish a major project while you’re practicing self-isolation, not to mention a solid way to work out in your own home, too!

Whether you opt for the modern farmhouse look of our Thassos And Carrara Weaved Octagon Marble Mosaic Tile, hew closer to classic styles with Carrara Chic With Thassos Dots Marble Mosaic Tile, or add the shine of shells with Mother of Pearl tile in a geometric pattern, we have the Kitchen Backsplash tile for your project! 

If you need more inspiration, check out our 2020 Kitchen Tile Trends for Backsplash & Beyond.

Geometric Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile Kitchen Backsplash with a Farmhouse Sink

Add the shine of pearl to your kitchen backplash with our Geometric Pearl White Thassos Shell Tile! Pairing this pattern with the Pantone color of the year Classic Blue and a farm sink is a great way to give your kitchen a quick refresh without a lot of effort.

Mallorca Green Ceramic Tiles for a Spa-like Ensuite Bathroom

You can’t go wrong with the ceramic finish of our Mallorca tiles in Green! The handcrafted appearance and subtle sheen of these stunning tiles create an instant facelift anywhere you put them!

Experiment with patterns! 

Selo Grand Hexagon Carrara And Thassos Marble Mosaic Geometric Flooring

What could be a better time than to go in a new direction with your decor! We are living for the fresh look the Selo Grand Hexagon Carrara And Thassos Marble Mosaic offers for a  geometric flooring upgrade with the timeless charm of marble. Mirroring the pattern in a smaller scale, like our 4 Inch White Carrara Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaic Tile on the backsplash ties the room together beautifully without overwhelming the look.

Grey Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile Laundry Room Wall

If you’re looking for a smaller pattern, we love the interlocking designs of the Grey Leaf Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile - one of our favorite eco-friendly tiles that adds the shimmer of glass and makes a great statement wall where you’d least expect it!

Update your bathroom!

We’re all spending extra time washing our hands these days, and all that extra time spent at the sink is giving us the drive to update our bathroom! What direction would you go for a fresh new bathroom backsplash or shower design? 

These large-scale geometric patterns are one of our favorite new trends for a bathroom renovation - the designs may be of the moment, but the marble gives each design a timeless look that is never out of place!

Wavy Hex Calacatta Gold & Thassos Mosaic Tile Geometric Pattern Bathroom with Natural Wood Elements

Wavy Hex Calacatta Gold & Thassos Mosaic Tile

Diamond & Hex Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tile

Plan your next redesign!

Thinking of something on a slightly bigger scale? Self-isolating is a great time to start drawing up plans and getting ready to start your next big project! Take a spin through our Blog posts or browse through the Tile Club Pinterest to get inspiration for your next design project. This is a great time to start putting together long-term plans for a home renovation, kitchen refresh, or a brand new bathroom! 

Keeping your hands and mind busy while sheltering in place is one of the most important ways to stay focused and fresh despite the isolation. Spend time drawing up plans or browsing for inspiration while you stream something new or re-watch The Office (and let us know of any recommendations in the comments). Not only that, but planning for the future is a great way to keep an optimistic mindset while we hunker down and wait for this to play out.

Wondering where to start? 

Some of our favorite trending home designs focus on blending form and function for a room that is not only beautiful to visit but makes the best of existing space and storage to optimize livability. The Modern Farmhouse trend is one that we see sticking around, thanks to home decor favorites like Fixer Upper and the slower appeal of country living and rustic decor.

Looking to create your own HGTV-worthy farmhouse kitchen or bathroom on a budget? 

This style is even easier to achieve than you think! 

To get started - add a natural element to walls and countertops. Our Tribeca Mixed Planks are one of the easiest (and most visually appealing) ways to give walls a fresh new feel and the wood-look is a great way to add texture without sacrificing durability. The light and neutral colors basically offer an instant-farmhouse look for your kitchen or bathroom, with wood-look porcelain tiles like the Tribeca Blanco for a country-worthy floor option!

Once that central element is in place, all you need are finishing touches, like sanding and painting wooden cabinets white to complement the light color palette, bronze hardware for a metallic finish, and a couple of open wood shelves to complete the airy feel that makes the modern farmhouse style so welcoming! We love how easy it is to create this style in your own home, and how the elements are so easy to pull together once you pick your focal point for the walls and floors!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with Tribeca Mixed Planks for a Rustic Touch of Color

Update your kitchen for a modern farmhouse look with Tribeca Mixed Planks for walls and Tribeca Blanco for flooring and island siding!

White Striped Diamonds Marble Mosaic Tile for a Modern Farmhouse Bathroom in White and Blue

Our White Striped Diamonds Marble Mosaic Tile adds the “modern” to a Modern Farmhouse bathroom! The patterned tile makes for an amazing accent wall, while the white vanity and wicker baskets and blue accents keep the rest of the look light and minimal.


Learn a new skill!

Since we’re always looking for the silver lining, we’ve decided that self-isolation offers a unique opportunity to learn something new or polish up a skill you haven’t used in awhile! Whether that’s DIY-ing artistic home decor with leftover tiles or have decided now is the time to learn how to install your own tile (it’s easier than you think!), we have a great directory of How-To posts to help make the most of having some extra time on our hands.

We’re also following lots of DIY Home Designers on Instagram who share regular inspiration to make something creative out of your space! They share some great tutorials to complement our DIY tiling guides so you can create something for your home with your own two hands.

A couple of our favorites to check out for ideas for your next project!

Frills & Drills is all about getting hands on and teaching yourself how to use the tools to take on your next project yourself!

Angela Rose Home provides great inspiration for turning those ‘Dream Home’ Pins into reality!

Are there any home design accounts you especially love for inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

Don’t miss our post on DIY Tile Projects - 8 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Tiles!


Shop online

Everyone is doing their part to flatten the curve and stay home as much as possible, which is what we need at this crucial time. That doesn’t have to mean you can’t get a head start on your projects while self-isolating, however! Our unique tile inventory is available entirely online, giving you the option to plan out your project and shop without leaving your home! If you have any questions throughout the process, our team is here to help remotely. We’re able to chat via our website, by email, or over the phone! 

Our business and our dedicated team are committed to the utmost health and safety while making sure our customers receive answers and their tiles on time. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s anything that we can do to help with your project or if you just have questions about the best way to get started. If you need a weekly pick-me-up straight to your inbox, you can use the link below to register for our newsletter with updates, special offers, and the latest tile trends.

Need a place to get started? You can use our Collections to browse by Project, Material, Shape or Color, or check out our newest additions to the online catalog!


Pearl Sail Waterjet Mosaic Tile

Pearl Wave White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile


Pearl Sail Waterjet Mosaic Tile | Pearl Wave White Marble & Mother Of Pearl Waterjet Mosaic Tile



How to Make Home Upgrades while Self-Isolating During Coronavirus

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