DIY Tile Projects - 8 Creative Ways to Use Leftover Tiles

Wondering what to do with your tile once you’re done with the new kitchen backsplash or updated the master bath? Leftover tiles are a great way to create awesome décor pieces and personalized gifts, not to mention a green way to redecorate once you’ve finished your renovation! If you’ve got some leftovers from a recent home project, why not find a creative way to give them a new life? We’re sharing some of our favorite DIY project ideas to turn left over tiles into real treasures!
We love the simplicity of this DIY for any large square tiles you have left over - the perfect fit for a new coaster! A 3 to 4 inch square tile is easy to turn into coasters for your own home or make a great housewarming gift for your friends.
DIY Coasters with Leftover Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile from Tile Club
Once you’ve got the tiles, you just need cork backing or patches of velvet to give them a smooth finish. Use crafting glue to attach to the back of your tile and voilà! We love this tutorial from East Coast Creative to give the step-by-step on finishing the coasters below - a statement tile like our Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile shown above just needs a little backing and you're ready to go!
DIY Tile Coaster Tutorial
DIY Tile Coaster Tutorial
These tiles look just as good on your table as they do on your walls - no extra steps needed for a chic coaster!Golden Arrow Marble Mosaic Tile
This home decor DIY is a great way to personalize a simple tray! To create an elegant but inexpensive serving tray with leftover tiles, all you need to do is use a tile cutter to trim your tile sheets to size and use a strong glue to stick them onto your tray. Finally, apply a small amount of grout to fill the holes between tiles. How easy is that!
The Proper Blog shows how quickly you can create a Crate and Barrel-inspired tray with just a few pieces of hexagon tiles
DIY Tile Tray to Repurpose Interior Design Material
Got a large piece of tile instead of mosaic sheets? You can also make a beautiful DIY tray completely from scratch! This works best for tile that is 12x12” or larger, depending on how large a tray you prefer. Grab your tile and pick two drawer pulls that will serve as the handles for your tray. You can have fun mixing and matching details to create the perfect combination! Use a strong adhesive to attach the drawer pulls on either side of the tile and to stick felt pads on the bottom. That’s all you need for a brand new tile tray! I Spy DIY used a ceramic tile with two drawer pulls to create this artistic tray!
DIY Home Decor Tray with Leftover Tile Pieces and Drawer Pulls
We’re already planning our next project with these tiles: 
Who couldn’t use more magnets? Leftover tiles are a fun way to create cute custom magnets for your kitchen or office!  These tile magnets are super simple to make and can also be the perfect handmade gift for someone special. Whether you trim down larger pieces, or just add magnets to the back of the whole piece of leftover tile, this is a quick and easy DIY! Check out these minimalist magnets made by A Beautiful Mess:
DIY These Easy and Fun Magnets!
Easy DIY Magnet Tutorial with Leftover Tiles
These would look great on your floors and your fridge!
This is a game changing way to spruce up your bathroom mirror without breaking the bank! You won’t believe how simple it is to freshen up a mirror with leftover tiles! We love the textured finish from using mosaic tiles - you can even mix stone, glass, or marble to incorporate different elements of your bathroom design. We love using Mother of Pearl tiles for this kind of project, since they’re easy to work with and reflect the light beautifully!
The quickest way to create a custom mirror is to cut your tile sheet into strips with scissors and fit on your frame. Once you’re satisfied with the placement, use adhesive to stick them onto your mirror’s frame, allow them to dry, and grout your tiles. Check out Centsational Style for her beautiful DIY mosaic mirror frame if you want some inspiration for your project! 
DIY Mosaic Mirror Frame with Eco-Friendly Leftover Tile
Decorate your shower and your mirror with these fun hexagon tiles or mix and match!
Jewelry with natural stone elements is a trend on the rise, making this next tile DIY a stylish hit! Turn tile leftovers into a wearable piece of art either as a necklace, earrings, or charm. We love the modern minimalist look of this pendant made from natural stone tile made by The MerryThought. All you need to do is pair your favorite piece of tile with a chic backing to craft this effortless piece of jewelry!
DIY Marble Penny Tile Pendant for a Minimalist Chic Necklace
DIY Marble Penny Tile Pendant for a Minimalist Chic Necklace
Adorn your home or yourself with these chic tiles -
Give an old table new life with this home decor DIY! Upcycling a table is often cheaper than buying a brand new one, plus it’s an eco-friendly way to decorate! All you need is a pile of leftover tiles and some grout, along with a table that could use a new face, and you can create your own unique table that suits your style and your home. We love this modern black and white table created by Thrift Diving.
Upcycle an Old Table with a DIY Tile Refresh
We’d decorate with these tabletop tiles! - See more of our marble mosaic tile patterns to find the perfect accent detail!
Turn some of the statement elements of your home design into artwork with these attractive décor vases! Transform an ordinary and inexpensive vase into a piece that looks like a work of art by using some leftover mosaic tiles. You can choose to puzzle your vase with tiny tile pieces or wrap the entire mosaic tile sheet around your vase just like Courtney did with her hexagon tiles
DIY Honeycomb Geometric Flower Vase with Leftover Tile Sheets
 Create a fun statement anywhere in your home with these glass mosaic tiles that are mounted on mesh to make them easy to wrap around corners! -



If you love bringing art into your garden, these DIY tile projects are both practical and beautiful. 
Mosaic stepping stones are a great way to create an enchanting walkway that fits the personality of your garden. This walkway is an easy, inexpensive tile project that can leave an amazing imprint on your garden.
Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a loved one, a mosaic flower pot can also complement beautiful garden flowers. If you have an old pot and some extra tiles ready in hand, check out the DIY tutorial on Danmade!
DIY Flower Planter with Leftover Mosaic Tile
We’d walk down this garden path -
Grey and White Mix Diamond Recycled Glass Mosaic Tile
Diamond Grey Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile


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