How to Use Colorful Tiles to Make Home Your Happy Place

Did you know that a spoonful of your favorite dessert could taste better (or worse) depending on the color of the dish it’s served in? 

There’s no denying that our mood is inextricably linked to color. Otherwise, phrases like ‘seeing red’, ‘green with envy’ or ‘feeling blue’ wouldn’t exist. From happiness to energy, enthusiasm, passion or wisdom, colors do A LOT to evoke specific moods. In fact, research shows that when our eyes connect with a color, our brains release different chemicals that impact us emotionally and physically. Amazing, right?

Colorful Blue and White Glass Hexagon Mosaic

The same color theory works in interior design too - that’s why most of the fast-food restaurants are decorated with warm and exciting colors such as orange, red and yellow, whereas banks are in more muted and calmer tones of green and blue, for example. It’s all about stimulating different emotions with color, such as hunger, warmth, excitement or comfort to name a few. 

Vibrant Red Tiled Restaurant Wall

When it comes to choosing an appetite stimulant color, bright red is the winner! Signaling energy-dense, sugar packet fruits and vegetables, red tiles on the walls took this restaurant design to a whole new level! 

Similarly, color choices in our home design have a great impact on our minds and bodies – changing how we feel, how we work, even how much we eat! That’s the reason why designers use bright colors as a mood-altering design element, because certain colors have the magical ability to brighten up the space, giving it a subtle glow and lift our spirits in an amazing way!

If you’re searching for ideas to create a mood-altering living space – aka, your ‘happy place’ – use the visual language of color throughout your design by blending the hues that make you feel better. Whether you choose to make tiny color tweaks in your bathroom or add a colorful punch to your cooking area, there are hundreds of ways to create uplifting designs with colorful tiles to create happier interiors!

Get ready to discover how you can create uplifting interiors with beautiful colorful tiles, so that your home can become the place where you feel the best!  

What Color is Your Happy Place? 

Blue Glass Brick Mosaic Tile Backsplash for a White and Stainless Steel Kitchen

When you need to lift up your spirits after a busy day, surrounding yourself with the serenity of soft blue backsplash tiles in the kitchen is a great idea to create peacefulness while you cook and relax! The light and reflection of our Sea Blue Glass Brick Mosaic Tile adds comfort and calm to your kitchen.

Do you have a favorite color? Have you wondered why you prefer that certain color and how it makes you feel? 

Color experts agree that one of the most amazing things about color is its close tie to emotions, making color extremely subjective. Many emotions, such as happiness and joy, can be evoked with different colors, and most of them come from our past experiences. That being said, our perceptions of mood-altering colors are somewhat subjective, too. In other words, everyone has their own happiness palette!

For the ones who are drawn to pink, designing your own ‘Pink Palace’, such as this bright and modern bathroom surrounded by pink ceramic tiles, is a great way to create a cheerful space to start your day! 


While there’s no universal set of rules for picking the happiest colors for our interiors, however, there are some color effects that have universal meanings. Whether you find your associations with color align with the research, or you have your own personal association, make sure you go with colors that make you happy – everyone’s different, so search out those shades that bring a smile to your face! 

To help you decorate your ‘happy place’ with the right colors, we have the most inspiring colorful tile design ideas waiting for you! 

Can you guess the happiest hues?

Golden Sunshine

Modern Gold Bathroom with Shell Penny Round Tiles

Do sunny days make you feel better? 

If there's nothing like a bit of sunshine to brighten your mood, designing with vibrant yellow or gold tiles is a powerful way to bring the effect of sunshine to your home in a vibrant way! 

While gold is the epitome of luxury, it’s also symbolic of enlightenment, purity, and happiness as an uplifting and encouraging hue in interior design. The shiny surface of gold tiles can bounce light across the room, such as in this bathroom where the dazzling gold hues of shell tiles magnify your exposure to the mood-boosting effects of light. With mosaic tiles adding a touch of gold, it’s so easy to lift the spirits when you crave sunshine but don't have much natural light at home!

Gold and White Picket Tile Backsplash for a Modern Vanity with Shell Tiles

Whether that’s a small border detail you create in a shower wall or kitchen backsplash design, or you prefer a Pinterest-worthy statement wall in any part of your home, it’s hard to argue against the mood-lifting appeal our gold tiles can bring to your interior! As an added bonus, our gold mosaic tiles can fit almost any design style, whether you want to go for a boldly glamorous look or something elegant and understated! The picket style of these white and gold Mother of Pearl tiles manages to balance luxury and earthy charm - pair it with white marble and brass fixtures for this glamorous vanity backsplash or more earthy tones for a coastal kitchen!

These gold mosaic tiles make a sunny statement like no other, and positivity is always promised! After all, sunlight is important—the more vitamin D the better!

Renewing Blue

Have you ever wondered why we are drawn to the ocean each summer? Why does being near water set our minds and bodies at ease? 

There’s a reason why we use blue colors in our interiors: and to sum up what we all love about the sea and sky. In fact, research confirms that it’s important to spend time near water to achieve ‘an elevated and sustained happiness’! 

Thanks to the happy tranquil mood it injects, blue tile has always been a go-to element for interiors, especially when looking to create a Zen interior design for the restless minds and tired bodies searching for relaxation. For a peaceful bathroom retreat that also satisfies a fan of color, using blue tiles is a sure way to design a happier space that improves your mood!

Blue and Copper Bathroom with Sea Glass TilesWhile there are many types of blue tones to choose from, sky-blue tile is a trending color for a calmer décor, as it can give off reflective qualities of water, making it perfect for that soothing environment. Looking for a more dynamic twist? Then look no further our blue mosaic tiles in eye-catching geometric patterns – such as trending hexagons like our Sea Glass Hexagon Blue Mosaic Tile in this bathroom. 

Eclectic Interior Style with Agate Geode Look Glass Tiles for a Colorful Kitchen

Blue tile décor is not just about calming. In fact, darker tones such as navy and midnight blues are known to be more exciting and energy-boosting than their softer tones -  such as Blue Gemstone Agate Glass Subway Tile in this kitchen backsplash design. This vibrant printed pattern backing on glass tiles is a creative and energizing choice thanks to the infusion of bold color and natural design! As a creative choice for a stunning bathroom wall, kitchen backsplash or a statement making living room wall, we offer an array of blue subway tiles and mosaics for you to find the perfect pop of blue tone for your happy nest!

This serene blue and white shower with a herringbone glass tile wall adds Mediterranean style

This serene blue and white shower with a herringbone glass tile wall creates Mediterranean style for a soothing experience at your own home spa!

Passionate Red

There's a popular myth that red angers bulls in the ring! While that may be true, there is also evidence that the color red can stimulate our appetite, increase energy, and add enthusiasm to décor. Red is a bold shade that is also ideal for energetic homeowners who like to get things done!

Red tile on the walls or floors can challenge quiet room designs – given the fact that red raises heart rate and induces emotion. From a contemporary feeling to charming rustic, traditional or timeless depending on the shade, red tile can create designs that feel young, positive and expressive!

Warm and Welcoming Red Tile Kitchen Backsplash

It’s a naturally homey color, making it perfect for a welcoming kitchen like this design by Maple Leaf Construction!

Regardless of how much you love red, remember that red is a strong, high-impact color! Though creating large surfaces of red is a risky move, adding red tile as an accent to your kitchen or bathroom décor is always a great way to give your design a noticeable vibe. Be sure to balance this strong color with plenty of lighter colors like white, cream, ivory or grey– such as in this bathroom design where red mosaic tiles are used along with white marble field tiles to punch up a classic design with a bold finish. 

Bold Red and Metallic Shower Wall Tile

The wide range of reds is what makes this color so versatile! From the bright red color of Eclectic Red Square Mosaic Tile that adds a pop of color, to the deeper jewel tones of Red Foil Glossy and Frosted Square Mosaic Tile that brings a passionate vibe to a space, red tiles have the capacity to lift the spirits in any room used! If red is your happy color, think about a splash of red tile running across your kitchen backsplash design, or try it on the wall of a tiny powder room. You’ll see how the boldness of the walls give the room an exciting ambiance!

Balancing Green 

Don’t you feel energized just looking at this green tile wall

Vibrant Green Mosaic Tile for a Modern Metallic Bathroom

Providing a positive energy with the feelings of harmony and restoration, green proves to be a happy color choice for interiors where a sense of balance is the top priority! 

Green kitchens are trending right now because they often take us on an earthy adventure – don’t we all have a genetic connection and attraction to the natural world? With the increasing pressure on urban space and the growing trend towards biophilic design, more people have discovered the nurturing effect green has on us. Whether that’s a bright lime, cool mint, calm olive, or sage color, green tile  gives the perfect pop of color for a kitchen or breakfast nook, especially fitting a Mediterranean or Spanish home décor!

One of the biggest design trends right now is jungalow interiors. It combines low-key design elements with lush green plants to bring in that sense of nature and add oxygen into the room - both literally and figuratively! If you struggle to keep plants alive, you can still add that feeling of fresh lively greenery to your space.

Deep Forest Green and White Bathtub Surround Tile

You can use the vibrant jewel tones of emerald green tones with La Riviera Quetzal 2.5x8 to add a Mediterranean elegance to your cooking zone, or use brighter shades with a glass green subway tile such as Glacier Breeze 4x16 Polished Glass Tile to evoke a cheerful summery feeling in the kitchen that lasts all year long! 

When you feel like you want to feel closer to nature, green tiles  go a long way to help you feel like you’re in an outdoor oasis. Immerse yourself in the green tones of Mother Nature with your bathroom décor– you can use pops of sea green tile to lend an open and airy feel to a room, or go with the deep forest green tones such as in White & Green Bricks Carrara & Glass Mosaic Tile for a more dramatic statement. We promise you, starting your day in a room surrounded by green is sure to restore your energy and brighten your mood! 

Lastly, pair green tiles with wooden tones to establish a more organic aesthetic! This is a gorgeous twist on Scandinavian interiors, combining light colors to keep the look fresh, airy, and soft. Blonde wood countertops, live edge wood details, and the subtle gloss of our green glazed ceramic tile are a soothing combination that imparts a sense of Zen minimalism to your bathroom.

Zen Bathroom Design with Light Green Ceramic Tile and Natural Wood Vanity

Exotic Purple

If you adore the color purple, why not dedicate an area in your bathroom that can become your happy place to relax and rejuvenate? Regardless of which shade you like, purple makes a striking color choice due to its connection with spirituality and exotic things found in nature, such as tropical birds and flowers. 

Indeed, purple is a hot shade for kitchens and bathrooms – from lilac to deep plum tones, purple tiles can infuse any space with a calm and mystical atmosphere!

Royal Purple Bathroom Tile with White Walls for a Regal Bathtub

What do you think about this dazzling purple tile that creates a gemstone design around the tub? Whether you choose to go with one wall as a focal point, a full backsplash behind the vanity, or design a purple kitchen backsplash with crisp white cabinets, you can use the power of purple tiles  to instantly evoke a different mood in the room. You don’t need to have purple tile on every single surface. Limit it to a single wall, then contrast with a different type of tile just like in this bathroom - it’s still impactful but not overwhelming. This shade immediately evokes royalty, and who doesn’t want to feel like a queen when they’re getting ready to greet the day or unwind before bed? 

Spring-Like Pink

Symbolizing love, kindness, and femininity in décor, pink is no longer what it used to be! Aside from being a color associated with the innocence of childhood, or our grandma’s old bathroom décor from the 1950’s, pink is now a hot shade that can be an inspiration for retro to chic bathroom décor! 

Pink Gemstone Look Glass Tile Wall for a Girl's Bathroom

From millennial pinks to various tones of rose and peach, pink tiles now look less sweet but more sophisticated! Whether you prefer square pink ceramic tiles for a playful Mid-Century Modern  feel or go with the  bubblegum tones of Diamond Pink Glass Pebble Mosaic Tile for a happy and chic décor, pink tiles are sure to be a design eye candy in kitchens and bathrooms! 

Blush Pink Bathroom Tile with Minimalist Mid-Century Style

If you’re a true pink fan, then bring the color blast you crave with a bright hot pink tile to your kitchen backsplash design! Give it just a hint - apply a tiny band of pink tiles and pair them with whites, greys or beiges to bring a delicate rosiness to your room! 

Energizing Orange 

Imagine the soft energy found in the last rays of sunset. Similarly, orange hues in décor are warm and uplifting too, just like the shades in the last moments of a beautiful sunset!

From burnt orange to bold tangerine, there are limitless ways to inject vibrant orange into your home in a bright and energetic way. Since orange is a combination of red and yellow, it brings all the vivacity and warmth of both colors – bonus!

Orange tiles are great to use in rooms that are gathering spots in your home - such as in the kitchen or living area. Known as a color that can stimulate appetite, as well as improving the communication and harmony of your space, a kitchen with orange tiles can quickly become the hot spot for the family and friends to gather in your home! 

While it encompasses the energy of red, there’s the happiness of yellow in it in a more attention-grabbing way! 

Designing a bathroom with orange mosaic tiles is another great way to bring this color to your home – imagine starting your day on a positive note once you take a shower surrounded with some bold tangerine color, like this one!

If the thought of orange alone does not fit your minimalist style, try starting off small and with lighter shades to help you feel more open. Or set a two-tone wall design in uplifting oranges and white, placing the orange tiles at the bottom of a wall design!

Other Ways to Play with Color in your Tiled Designs

If an entire wall of vibrant color feels like it might overwhelm your space, there’s plenty of ways to add a pop of your favorite hue to liven up the room! Just like an accent pillow can introduce creative colors and textures to your couch or bedroom, so can a tiled insert, strip, or niche liven up a room with other textiles.

Introduce a jewel tone pop of color to a shower wall with this Glossy Gold Hexagon mosaic tile. The result is eye-catching and enticing without dominating neutral or monochrome décor in your bathroom or shower!

You can also consider adding a playful color beneath your feet! A colored flooring design is a great way to add personality to a room. 

The geometric patterns and mix of blue tones in this porcelain wood look tile allows it to add a unique flooring detail

The geometric patterns and mix of blue tones in this Melange porcelain wood look tile allows it to add a unique flooring detail. It’s eye-catching and full of personality but can play nicely with other design elements blend in as a chic floor!

You can even choose a colorful design with more than one primary hue if you want to really get creative! Whether you’re blending multiple different colors of tile or choosing a multicolor mosaic where they’re already paired together, this is a fun way to personalize a colorful installation even further.

Our Mixed Color Bubble mosaic tile skillfully combines shades of blue, amber, green, and yellow to create a beautiful effectOur Mixed Color Bubble mosaic tile skillfully combines shades of blue, amber, green, and yellow to create a beautiful effect that can completely change based on the color of your grout!

Get Creative with Custom Mosaic Artwork

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect color or mix of shades to complement your home décor and fulfill your vision, there’s always the option to have a piece custom made! 

Custom Made Glass Tile Mosaic Mural

The benefit of creating a custom mosaic piece is the level of personalization you can add - just like tinting a bespoke paint color to perfectly suit your space, you can work with our design team to select the right mix of shades and colors to create something totally unique! 

It becomes not only a stunning focal point in your home, but a treasured design element since it was made just for you. The best part of a custom mosaic design? You can add one anywhere! Whether you want to give your entryway floor a completely unique pattern or decorate your living room with a tiled mosaic wall or fireplace, dress up your pool for a luxurious backyard retreat, or give your bathroom a royal touch, you can have a mural made that will complement any space in your home or business!

Custom Sunflower Mosaic Tile Mural

See more custom mosaic mural designs!


Glass Aqua Herringbone Kitchen Backsplash Tile
This cheerful kitchen adds a dose of happy color with an Aqua Herringbone glass mosaic backsplash 

So much of our life is out of our control, but our home is a place where we have total power over. Whether you have a minimalistic approach or love the ‘more is more’ home design, why not use color to lift your design to a mood-altering one? After all, your home is your sanctuary, and you deserve to be happy in it! 

We hope these cheerful spaces inspired you to get started for your own colorful tile project. 

So, which one is your happiest color? Let us know in the comment section below!

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