Colors | Orange Tile

Combining red’s power with yellow’s positive energy, orange is a captivating color that brings warmth and positivity to any space you let it in! Whether you’re looking for some warm vibes, an inviting feel, or just a pop of color for your residential or commercial design, let orange tiles add some zest to your space! 

Our favorite ways to decorate with orange tile? There are numerous creative ideas to sprinkle this friendly color throughout your residential and commercial design without going overboard! To awaken your inner chef and boost inspiration in the kitchen, infuse your space bright and friendly color with orange backsplash tiles such as our Deep Orange Foil Glossy and Frosted Square Mosaic Tile and uplift spirits in the kitchen! Make sure to pair it with black, brown or white cabinets to minimize color clashes and let your signature orange design stand out!

How about giving your morning routine a lift with some orange bathroom tile? Energize your mornings with a touch of bold color in the shower– use Glacier Orange 1” x 1” Polished Glass Tile for shower walls or Glacier Orange 1” x 1” Frosted Glass Tile on the shower floor for extra slip-resistance thanks to the matte finish. Maximize the effect of orange decor by accenting with textiles in a tangerine or red color – including bathroom rugs, towels, or shower curtains to tie in your happy color scheme!

You don’t have to commit to a space with orange color all around. Go with a muted color kitchen backsplash and jazz it up with an accent strip using these vibrant designs to set off the warm natural stone colors in Calacatta Gold, or channel festive fall colors all year round by pairing it with black marble! Not sure about committing to a colorful shower? Infuse just the right amount of color using these glass mosaic tiles for a vertical or horizontal strip around the shower, or just inside the niche!

Whether you’re designing your home or a commercial space, the sunset colors of these tiles can be incorporated into many décor styles – you can create a bold take minimalistic style when combining coral hues with white and grey cabinets or countertops, a vintage farmhouse effect when accenting white furniture and wooden countertops! Orange and black is another powerful combination – bring together the cheerfulness of orange glass and the drama of dark furniture to give your room a touch of class!

Whether you’re designing a residential or commercial space, you can enjoy a cheerful space with some orange tile in the décor that is definitely out of the box!